9 Best Cowboy Hats for Rain: Top Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

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Cowboy hats are becoming the hot craze in fashion in 2022, especially for women! But still, the men will not let these hats go unnoticed! The American-style cowboy hat has a wide brim with a high crown is getting much attention nowadays.

The cowboy hats were typically worn by cowboys in Wild West America while herding cattle. The hats protect these ranchers from the heat of the sun and the rain. Today, the cowboy hats evolved terrifically that more trendsetters want to emulate!

In this article, we feature ten of the best cowboy hats for rain with different styles and materials to serve you better any way you want.

Top 3 Cowboy Hats for Rain

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Kangaroo Cowboy Hat

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.2 stars


2. Stetson Men Bozeman Outdoor Hat

4.6 stars


3. Cowboy Shop Hat Rain Protector

4.5 stars


9 Best Cowboy Hats for Rain- Reviews 2022

1. Kangaroo Cowboy Hat

One of the most recognizable hats for real cowboys is the Kangaroo Cowboy Hat by Livingstone. The good thing about this cowboy hat is its unisex use. The hat comes in black but with available colors such as pink and brown. The simple yet classy look makes this hat the favorite of real cowboys.

However, the hat is also perfect for cosplays: a costume at a party; and other important events. The lightweight hat is built with durability fit for adults and even for bigger kids. The hat is of felt, a light, water-resistant, and smooth fabric, so your head will be well taken care of when raining.


  • The hat has an inner circumference of 21 ¾ inches that will fit most heads.
  • The cowboy hat comes in three colors that will blend well on any occasion.
  • The felt material is harder to tear than other fabrics.


  • Ideal for special day use or as a costume hat than for everyday wear.


2. Stetson Men Bozeman Outdoor Hat

If you want a cowboy hat made from wool, the Stetson Men Bozeman Outdoor Hat is a clever choice. Wool material is highly resistant to water. If it becomes wet due to rain, it tends to retain its original shape when it dries. So you do not need to reshape the hat when soaked.

So, if you are always working and frequently outside the house, this wool hat will take care of your head no matter what! This cowboy hat has a teardrop pinch front crown with a leather hatband. The sweatband dries, so it will not smell.


  • The cowboy hat has a three and ¼-inch brim and a 4-inch crown.
  • The hat is 100% wool with a leather hatband.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • If the hat becomes dirty, it needs dry cleaning, not washing.


3. Cowboy Shop Hat Rain Protector

If you want bargain price cowboy hat, the Cowboy Shop Hat Rain Protector is worth every penny. However, this hat is not stand-alone. Meaning, you can use it as a protector for felt or straw hats, so they will not get soaked for a long time.

This protector hat is vinyl with an elastic closure and has proven to resist rainwater. The vinyl hat has an instant form-fitting brim that can be folded and put into the pocket. The rain protector means of use is by putting it on the brim. It will not pull the brim out of shape.


  • This hat protector is handy: you can put it on a pouch or in your pocket.
  • Ideal to use in rain, snow, and dust to keep your hat always looking new.
  • The cover comes in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes.


  • The pack comes with only one hat protector.


4. Montana Crushable Wool Felt Western Style Cowboy Hat by Silver Canyon

Silver Canyon’s Montana Western Style Cowboy Hat is a 100% Australian wool felt cowboy hat you can use either for sun and rain or as a fashion accessory. The Montana-inspired cowboy hat is a Western-style headpiece that is crushable.

Being crushable means that you can fold it, sit on it, crumple it, and yet go into the original shape when you need it! You can even put the hat into your coat pocket or bag and jerk it to bring it back to its original form.


  • The hat has a faux-leather band and feathers.
  • Available colors: pecan, tan, brown, black, grey, silver, and olive.
  • Wool lasts longer than other hat materials.
  • The cowboy hat is highly water-repellant.


  • The first wear may not fit your head.


5. Outback Trading Company Unisex 1480 Kodiak UPF 50 Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Western Cotton Oilskin Hat

One of the better rain hats you can buy online is the Outback Trading Company Western Cotton Oilskin Hat. The hat is 100% cotton but built with a water-resistant feature even on heavy rains. The cotton hat is waterproof and a Fedora-style headpiece, so your head will not soak even during a heavy pour.

The Kodiak 1480 by the Outback Trading Company features a four ½-inch reinforced crown for toughness. It also has a wire brim for customized shaping. The hat comes with a chin cord to keep the hat in place in any weather.


  • The cotton oilskin hat is ideal for both men and women with the smallest size of 7.
  • The cowboy hat has a UPF50 rating: the maximum sun protection achievable for fabrics.
  • The headgear has a sweatband that is moisture-wicking to keep the head dry.


  • For dry cleaning only.


6. Weathered Outback Outdoorsmen Shapeable Hat, Silver Canyon

If you want a more rugged cowboy hat that will not fade over time, the Silver Canyon Weathered Outback Outdoorsmen Shapeable Hat is a smart option. This brown cowboy hat is one of those classic-style hats that are best to wear outdoors and outback. The hat is 100% cotton but water repellent and breathable compared to other brands.

You will love the classic pinch front crease that is outback-inspired! The brim has a wire that makes the hat shapeable whenever it gets crumpled due to storage or folded. It has a sweatband inside and eyelets on the crown for breathability.


  • The weathered cotton fabric is tearing and water-resistant for longer shelf life.
  • The hat is Western-style with a four and ¼ -inch crown and two and ½-inch rolled brim.
  • The headgear has an adjustable chin strap.


  • The cowboy hat comes only in the color brown.


7. Stetson Men Powder River 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat

The Men Powder River is Stetson 4X authentic Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat has the finest craftsmanship. The Powder River boasts of the handsome mink-hued buffalo felt with the feel and durability, unlike wool.

The expertly crafted hat has four and ¾ inches of pinch front crease crown with a 4-inch brim. The Powder River is just one of Stetson’s hats that use authentic buffalo felt as a material. It is what Stetson’s quality and branding are all about: The crown is a classic cattleman hat crease featuring orange wraps and antique Conchos.


  • The high-quality hat is water-resistant, has the feel, and striking style.
  • The Conchos is in a gold tone.
  • It is finished with a Stetson buffalo hat tack.
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.


  • The crown and brim width may vary slightly from the photos.


8. American Hat Makers Stockade Vegan Cowboy Hat — Handcrafted, Waxed Cotton

One of the sought-after brands in cowboy hats is the American Hat Maker. Its bestseller, the Stockade Vegan Cowboy Hat is an all-time favorite by nature lovers because of its unique features. Each hat is handcrafted by some of America’s leading artisans. Most of all, the hat is waxed cotton and uses vegan-friendly materials.

The hat has a hook-and-loop closure with sweat liners for a perfect fit. The inside has a Velcro sizing option where you can adjust the size. The hat size is adjustable by using multi-size sweatbands. Additionally, this cowboy hat is ideal for both men and women.


  • The hat is lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort.
  • It is not only waterproof, but also has UV sun protection.
  • The sweat liner is a soft surface next to the skin providing long-lasting comfort.


  • Not provided with chin strap.


9. Stetson Men Apache 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat – Sbapch-754007

Stetson still rules the authentic cowboy hats collection in buffalo fur felt material. The Stetson Men Apache 4X Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat comes with the legendary Stetson cowboy hatbox. The Stetson Apache is one of the leading products in the American Buffalo Collection series that boasts of the 4X buffalo fur felt and the classic Western-style tradition.

No matter how you look at this hat, it is one of the most affordable Stetson hats in the market today with one of the finest qualities. The Apache features silver gear with a buffalo clasp at the hatband. The brim is 4 inches wide, enough to shield your face from sun glare.


  • The cowboy hat is guaranteed to be weatherproof.
  • Ideal wearing rain or shine without the possibility of a bad smell.
  • The matching hatband has a buckle.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • The hat comes only in black.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Cowboy Hat for Rain

1. Brim size and shape matter.

The brim is the ledge of a hat that protrudes from the base of the crown. A wider brim offers a larger shade on the face, ears, and neck. Wider brim also protects you from the rain.

When buying a cowboy hat, consider the size and shape of the brim. If you are more concerned about the rain; you can pick the one with a large brim. For the standard size of cowboy hats, check out this sizing chart

2. Material

The truth is: not all cowboy hats cope well in the rain. That is why it is recommended that you do not stay long outside when it is raining. However, wool felt hats are easily shaped and reshaped all over again after being wet.

Straw hats are maintainable but may not allow reshaping. Fur-based felt has higher quality with more durability. The cowboy hat materials that are waterproof are cotton oilskin and leather.

3. Pick the color you want.

Most cowboy hats come in darker colors. Those with lighter colors are for women. However, if you are not sure what color to buy, you may consider the shade that goes well with your outfit.

How to Choose the Right One

1. Adjustability counts.

Each brand has its size chart because fitting varies among them. A cowboy hat should feel snug; but not too tight on your head. However, some brands have adjustable sweatbands that you could adjust in case the hat does not fit anymore due to haircuts, etc.

2. Post-rain maintenance.

If you are caught wearing a cowboy hat in the rain, wool and felt should be tapped gently until dry. Even if the hat could be reshaped: it must be stored dry. Straw hats, on the other hand, will return to their original shape when dried. However, it needs reshaping when still wet.

3. Materials Used in Cowboy Hats 

One of the most common materials used in cowboy hats is wool felt. This fur-based material is one of the best protections against rain and sun rays. Another fine material is straw, which may be natural or synthetic. Straws are interweaving into a brimmed hat for sun and rain protection.

Moreover, a fur felt hat is also one of the best in protecting people from the rain and the sun. Also, cotton is now becoming more popular, which is made into a hat with oilskin to make it water-proof.

4. Features of Good Cowboy Hats

It is better to pick a cowboy hat that will fulfill your needs and not just as a fashion statement. For example, if your place is always windy, choose a hat that has a chin strap to keep it in place.

The sweatband is another feature and style in top-of-the-line hats. The sweatband keeps you dry and cool in any weather condition. Moreover, some premium hats offer UV rays protection to keep your face and neck from the harmful effects of the sun.


1. Can you wear a cowboy hat in the rain?

As we have stated above, not all cowboy hats cope well in the rain. However, most cowboy hats are water-repellent, but not completely water-proof. You can wear a cowboy hat in the rain but it will not protect your head for a long time.

Fortunately, cotton hats with oilskin are waterproof, while those made from wool and felt could protect you briefly from rain or snow.

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2. Will rain ruin a felt cowboy hat?

A little rain shower, drizzle, and small snowfall will not destroy most felt hats. However, heavy rain and thick snowfall with thunderstorms are not safe for felt hats.

3. Are felt cowboys hats waterproof?

Felt cowboy hats are light, smooth, and are harder to tear compared to other fabrics . However, a felt material is naturally water-resistant, but not waterproof. Felt hats can deflect rainwater but they will not withstand water when soaked to it for a long time.

4. Why do you put a cowboy hat upside down?

By doing this, you let your hat dry by letting the air out of the fabric. Moreover, putting the hat upside down will keep the brim shape intact.

5. Do you have to be a cowboy to wear a cowboy hat?

Not exactly! Nowadays, cowboy hats are becoming a bold fashion statement that even non-cowboys love to wear on certain occasions (like cosplays and costume parties, etc.). But the main purpose of this hat is to protect the wearer from the searing daylight and abrupt rain in the field, mostly in a cattle ranch.


Nowadays, the cowboy hat is not just a necessity for cattle ranchers like the good old days in the Wild West America. Today, it is becoming a hot fashion trend defining the classic look outdoors.

From our point of view, we find the Stetson Men Bozeman Outdoor Hat as the best cowboy hat for rain because of its outstanding features and affordable price. We also love the color black!

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