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Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts to Prevent Bouncing [Full Guide & Useful Tips]

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Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Shopping for a sports bra is definitely more fun than shopping for regular, everyday wear bras. And I think it’s mainly because buying activewear is always a fun experience. You get to choose from so many different sporty styles, patterns, color combinations, etc. Even the fit feels the most comfortable. But is this true for all shapes and sizes of breasts?

When your breast size is above regular, finding even normal bras is difficult, let alone sports bras. You don’t want your plus-size bosoms to get smooshed inside a sports bra. Because there’s nothing more uncomfortable, unhealthy, and even painful than this. And if you go for a size too loose, then you’re giving up on support. This, no doubt, paves the way for premature sagging.

Now the good news is that there are sports bras that do more than just accommodate bigger breasts. However, they’re not easy to find. Heavy research and a lot of time spent online reading reviews – that’s what it took for me to bring to you the best sports bras for large breasts. These styles are functional and visually appealing, plus they support your breasts like no other.


Top 3 Sports Bras That Fit Large Breasts

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Anita Women’s Momentum Sport Bra

#1 – Editor’s Choice

4.4 stars

Polyester, Nylon,  Elastane

2. Playtex Play Outgoer Full Coverage Bra


4.3 stars

Polyester, Spandex

3. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra


4.3 stars

Nylon, Spandex

8 Best Sports Bras That Fit Large Breasts

1. Anita Women’s Momentum Sport Bra

Anita Women’s Momentum Sport Bra

Separate your boobs and stop the jiggle with this Anita Women’s Momentum Sport Bra. Its maximum support and moisture management make it a very suitable choice for all kinds of exercises.

Be it sprinting or lifting weights, the bra minimizes bouncing and makes you feel secure. Even if you have tender boobs because of breastfeeding! And the best part is that all this comfort and support are a part of the experience without an underwire.

Key Features

  • Wire-free support bra ideal for big-busted women
  • Stretchy enough to accommodate the shape of your breasts
  • Moisture management wicks away sweat and prevents odor


2. Playtex Play Outgoer Full Coverage Bra

Playtex Play Outgoer Full Coverage Bra

In the mood for an ultra-supportive and inexpensive sports bra for your DDs? Then this Playtex Play Outgoer is just for you. It supports and holds bigger bosoms so much so that your side boob also gets tucked away comfortably. And that too with enough breathing space for your breasts.

Taller sides enable full coverage, fuller cups offer proper shaping, and wide straps release shoulder pressure. Also, back fat is a common concern among women, which is why there are smoothing bras that minimize back bulges. In that case, this Playtex has a smoothing back design as well to conceal those visible back rolls.

Moving on, this is the perfect sports bra that keeps all of you covered during even long workout sessions.

Key Features

  • Higher sides for full coverage of large breasts
  • Wider straps keep from digging into the skin
  • Rounder cup frame causes no spillage
  • Lightly padded with cushioned underwire for support and shaping


3. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra

Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra

No more uni-boob with this Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra. The thing encapsulates all of your breast tissue, no matter how large. Even side boob is well contained and supported. Speaking of support, there’s no amount of bouncing while exercising. And you don’t even feel the need to adjust the bra during your workouts.

There’s an inner sling that provides additional support in the case of G and H cup sizes. Your breast shape could be round, east/west, fuller at the top, or pendulous. This bra is highly recommended for all full-figured and full-busted women.

Key Features

  • 2-ply fabric cups prevent bouncy boobs
  • Moisture-wicking fabric and mesh back
  • Close-set straps for preventing slippage
  • Outside underwire frame minimizes chafing


4. Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

At the risk of sounding too bold and honest, let me tell you that you could have double D breasts where each boob is the size of a toddler’s head and you’d still not complain about the fit of this one. The Panache Underwired Sports Bra is perfect for long, full breasts. And it takes you through high-impact exercises as well.

The bra encapsulates your every breast to lift, support, and shape it from all sides. And you can convert the adjustable back into racerback for running. Features like mesh shoulder panels for ventilation and cushioned shoulder straps for comfort seem even more practical in the case of larger breasts.

Key Features

  • Smooth inner molded cups minimize friction
  • Silicone-wrapped underwire and firm underband
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with cooling mesh panels
  • Wide, padded straps reduce shoulder pressure


5. Freya Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Freya Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra

If you have big breasts, then you’re likely to be surprised when you put on this Freya sports bra. But surprised in a good way of course. The unbelievable support and comfort of the full coverage bra make you feel light. Just put it on and try jumping in front of the mirror. And you won’t take time to notice that even though there is movement, it’s minimal.

The wider curvature underwire is the thing responsible for all the supportive, comfortable fit. Then there’s the Coolmax fabric that wicks away moisture. If you ask me, it’s the perfect option for busty gals!

Key Features

  • Double fabric lends firm support
  • Coolmax offers moisture-wicking properties
  • Mesh panels for cool comfort
  • Padded straps and wider curvature underwire ensure comfort


6. Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Glamorise bras always make it to every list of bras for plus-size breasts. So why would I leave out their Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra! Agreed that the band of the bra isn’t too forgiving in terms of stretch. But when the bra feels so super-comfortable to run in, nothing else can get in the way.

The wide band makes sure your shoulders don’t feel the pressure of your large chest. At the same time, the adjustable, breathable mesh front panel ensures bounce control. So be it running, cycling, walking, or doing yoga, the bra stays in place and keeps your breasts that way too.

Key Features

  • 2-way back stretch for freedom of movement
  • Straps are wide, padded, and adjustable
  • Reinforced wire-free cups provide lift and support
  • Mesh front panel offers bounce control


7. New Balance Women’s Shockingly Unshocking Bra

New Balance Women’s Shockingly Unshocking Bra

You don’t complain about the sports bra confining large boobs when you’re wearing it for simply just lounging at home. I mean of course the sports bra is going to confine your breasts in such a scenario. After all, it was made to do just that, but during a workout. Because no woman wants her twins to keep jumping around when running or even lifting.

That’s the kind of support and comfort you’re looking at with this compression workout bra by New Balance. It’s plenty lightweight, adjustable, and moisture-wicking. In my opinion, the most comfortable so far, especially in terms of fit.

Key Features

  • Compression support ideal for high-impact activities
  • Molded cups shape and support
  • Front-adjustable straps for customizing fit easily
  • Breathable mesh panels and moisture-wicking


8. Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size Wonderwire Sports Bra

Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size Wonderwire Sports Bra

You know the sports bra can support your big bust if it allows you to jump without making you feel like your girls are going to rip off your chest. And with the Glamorise Wonderwire Sports Bra, you can not only jump but also do jumping jacks and run. All thanks to the exclusive Wonderwrie technology that consists of an underwire with cushioned comfort.

Even the straps are wide enough to give you the best fit for your large breasts. And the blend of fabrics keeps you cool with its breathable, moisture-wicking properties.

Key Features

  • Double-layered, non-stretch, seamless cups
  • Straps are wide and adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics
  • High-bounce control for full-figured women


How Your Breast Size Affects Your Workout

No matter your age, the size of your breasts can interfere with your exercise habits. So much so that some women decide to not work out at all and lead a sedentary lifestyle just because of the discomfort they feel in the chest when performing a simple activity like jogging. And this is not such an uncommon occurrence by the way.

The breast tissue, particularly when large, should never be unsupported. When it is, at the time of running, what happens is your breasts bounce up and down. They even bounce from side to side. And in the case of a bigger bust, this upward, downward, and side-to-side movement is even more pronounced i.e. even more painful.

Breast soreness, after all, is common among women marathon runners, even those with smaller breasts. So it’s not surprising that many women opt out of participating in various physical activities because of the size of their breasts, which acts as a potential barrier.


Why Are Sports Bras So Important for Large Breasts?

If your breast size is above average, then you already know the answer to this. Either way, let me discuss some of the most important advantages of wearing a sports bra if you have large breasts.

Avoid Discomfort

Sometimes even low-impact activities like walking cause a lot of discomfort in the breasts. More often than not, it’s because your breasts aren’t supported and held in place. And to make matters worse, maybe your current bra is also not designed properly.

So why not buy large breast-friendly sports bras that hold all of your breast tissue! These hold the chest firmly, thus paving the way for a comfortable workout experience.

Minimize Breast Pain

It’s only natural for breast ligaments to move sideways and up and down during movements. And even more so in the case of larger breast tissue, right? That means a more painful and uncomfortable experience.

Whether your exercise session is rigorous or not, breast pain after a workout is common among women. So to keep this kind of pain and soreness at bay, wearing a proper-fitting sports bra is a must. Simply because it restricts the up, down, and side-to-side movement of your breast tissue. And that means no bouncy boobs.

Reduces Sagging of Breasts

Breasts naturally sag as you age. Several factors play a part in the inevitable process of sagging. But just because it is natural or inevitable doesn’t mean you cannot control how much you sag. In fact, you can even postpone the saggy effect by making sure your breasts are well-supported when performing movements.


Things to Look for In Sports Bras Suitable for Large Breasts

If the sports bra is doing more harm than good, meaning if you have to keep adjusting it all the time while working out or your boobs are getting squished in there with no breathing room, then what’s the point!

So it’s best to avoid common complaints like these by making sure the sports bra you choose meets the following criteria.

High-Impact Sports Bra

There’s compression, high-impact, and regular. The compression kind works best for women with smaller breasts. As for larger boobs, high-impact sports bras are the most suitable since they encapsulate all of the breast tissue. Therefore, supporting fuller breasts during a high-intensity workout.

As for regular sports bras, they deliver a combination of adequate compression and support.

Adjustable Straps

Sports bras not designed with adjustable straps are the pullover kind, right? It’s highly likely that these bra straps tend to lose elasticity. And with no adjustability, the fit is bound to get compromised even more over time. In that case, adjustable and even wide straps for proper support and fit are very important if you have a larger chest size.

Cup Size

But sports bras, at least most of them, come in small, medium, and large sizes. So what do you do? You keep looking for brands that offer proper cup sizes, like the ones I’ve reviewed in this post. Only when you get your proper cup size can there be no spillage.

Wide Band and Panels

Firstly, the underband, only if wide enough, supports the shape and size of bigger breasts. And then come the back and side panels for preventing spillage and enhancing fit.

If the band stretches at least 1/2 an inch when you pull it from the middle, then know that the sports bra is perfect for you. And if not or if it’s more than half, then go up or down a size.


How To Pick The Right Sports Bra?



You wear a sports bra for nothing but comfort and support when taking up activities like running, cycling, lifting weights, etc. So what’s the point of this when the bra is a shabby-looking, unsupportive thing inside your activewear. It’s only going to cause more discomfort, which is something your large breasts don’t need at all.

Instead, go for a functional, breathable, supportive, comfortable, and moisture-wicking high-impact sports bra. One that’s designed by a brand that offers larger sizes. So your boobs are held in place yet not squished or constricted.

The goal here is to keep the ligaments of your breasts from moving too much and becoming weak and damaged. So you can prevent saggy breasts from turning into reality.


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