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Best Underwear For Big Dicks (With Outstanding Features)

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Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Are you a man well-endowed down there? Being a guy with a big dick sometimes makes life more miserable, especially when your huge package is being pressed-hard by your poorly designed underwear.

Those who aren’t blessed down there wish they were. And the men who are wish they knew where to find the best underwear for their larger than life companion.

Like hats for bald men or shapewear for back fat, undies for men with large packages should consider the best underwear for big dicks for their health and proper hygiene.

The majority of men’s underwear is mass-produced and it is intended for men with average-sized penises. So, if you don’t fit into that category, then you’re probably not wearing the proper type of underwear. This article will show why you need specialized underwear if you have larger-than-normal genitals.

You’re very likely to be suffering from overstuffing and, as a result, discomfort. And, more often than not, this appears in a visible bulge down below. However, it is not supposed to be this way, so you can avoid it. And here’s how you do it.

But, before I go further, let me answer two frequently asked questions…

How Can You Tell If You Have A Big Penis?

It is difficult to tell how big or how small a man package is. The legit size of a penis is measured when it is erect. So, others may not know the size of your junk, not unless you show them or if they see you in underwear while you have a hard erection.

However, every man can tell his size. Is it small, medium, or large? Some men try to estimate the size of their shaft by depending on their underwear.

If your dick protrudes up to the waistband when erect, the penis is considered large. Penises that fall below this measurement are small in size, while that fall in-between is medium size.

But your underwear should not be the basis for telling the size of your junk. Some men wear underwear that does not correspond to the needs of their genitalia (the penis and scrotum). We will discuss the best undies for big dicks and the average size of a penis later.

Additionally, a man’s genitalia also include the scrotum. You should also consider the size of your testes when buying the right underwear. More of this, later!

What is the Average Size of a Penis?

best underwear for big dicks

The penis sizes vary widely depending on genetics, race, diet, built, and sometimes, medical conditions. But recent studies suggest that the average erect penis has a length of 12.9 to 13.97cm (5.1-5.5 inches), which is the Medium size.

Penises falling below the average size are small, while those above this measurement are large. However, some experts consider large penises with a length of 7 inches and above.

On the other hand, the erect penis girth (penis circumference) averages 11.66cm (4.59 inches).

If you are like most men, you want to show off your junk and make your bulge look bigger! There’s no reason to underestimate the size of your manhood. You might think it’s small or medium-sized. Here’s how you can figure out what the correct answer is. All you have to do is examine yourself naked in front of the mirror with a measuring tape.

Start at the base of your shaft and work your way up to the tip. A flaccid penis measures 3.75 inches (9 centimetres) on average. When erect, it measures between 5 and 7 inches. That equates to 13 to 18 centimetres.

Top 3 Underwear For Men With Big Dicks

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.6 stars

Nylon, Spandex

2. DAVID ARCHY Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear Micro Modal Trunks Separate Pouches with Fly

4.3 stars

Modal, Spandex

3. Under Armour Men’s Original Series 3” Boxerjock

4.4 stars

Polyester, Elastane

Best Underwear For Men With Big Dicks- Reviews 2022

Note: Each brand has a standard size chart (unless otherwise specified) in every link. You can base your size on this chart for a perfect fit. But be honest, measure your true-size to get the best results.

1. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

Are you a man on the go or active most of the day, while at the same time having a big package? You need underwear that will fully support your bulging dick. The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief is what you need.

If you have big junk than an average male while you want to keep it properly: this boxer brief holds big dicks firmly. ExOfficio Boxers are 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex that breathes through its mesh fabric, enhancing moisture-wicking capability to keep you dry.

This underwear is ideal for men frequently on a trip, especially by plane, and other activities (such as hiking, trekking, exploring, etc.). The light material lets you pack the undies quickly without too much space on your luggage.


  • The best underwear for big dick men who travels a lot.
  • Quick to dry because of the light & breathable materials.
  • The spandex gives a tight grip on the waist.
  • The pouch is diamond-style to accommodate a big dick.
  • When the penis is flaccid, it rests with your balls on the pouch.
  • It is odor-resistant because of the application of the Silvadur technology.
  • Ideal for men with large dick and big butt.


  • The fabric may fade when sun-dried more often.
  • No size chart on the link, but you can check it out on ExOfficio’s website.


2. DAVID ARCHY Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear Micro Modal Trunks Separate Pouches with Fly

The David Archy Men’s Underwear has two pouches that make it more superior to ordinary boxer briefs. But that is not all! This trunk has a micro modal material that is very soft and cool to the skin. The intimate undie provides a dry feeling for well-endowed men on a workout or even on ordinary days.

The dual-pouch design separates the genitals, so they remain dry and breathable all day long. The innovative panel lets air flow unobstructed with any movement (or the lack of it) that you make. Unlike other materials, the micro modal fabric is silkier: it is super soft to the skin.

This dual pouch underwear provides maximum comfort and style where other brands lack. But no matter how you move, the David Archy Dual Pouch Trunks ensure that your big dick is well-protected separately.


  • The favorite underwear by athletes who sweat heavily.
  • The waistband lasts longer than any other brand.
  • Each pack comes with four briefs with like colors.
  • For a manlier look, the colors come in dark or purely white.
  • The elastic will not fade away after multiple washes.
  • The pouch has a fly for easy peeing.


  • The underwear is more expensive than other brands on our list.
  • The smallest size is a 28 to the 30-inch waistline.


3. Under Armour Men’s Original Series 3” Boxerjock

If you want underwear that will not put your big junk in any harm, the Under Armour Boxerjock is the right thing to wear. It has anti-odor and antimicrobial properties that will not let bacteria ruined your huge dick. The underwear is a combination of boxer and jockey briefs that fits men with the waist as large as their thighs.

The Under Armour is synonymous with quality, which is why the Original Series 3” Boxerjock remains one of the best-selling underwear for men since 2015. This sexy undie is 90% polyester and 10% elastane: a lightweight blend yet can support a dick as long as 7 inches when erect.

The articulated mesh fly panel has a 4-way stretch that lets you move in any direction without a hitch. The material absorbs sweat and moisture fast, which keeps you dry even when working out. The waistband is wide enough to hug your waist softly without irritating it.


  • Ideal for athletes with a bigger penis that is always hard.
  • The 3-inch waistband is not prone to rolling down.
  • It comes in three assorted colors of dark & light hues.
  • The inseam is shorter with a mesh fly panel.
  • The garment is machine washable & quick to dry.
  • It has smooth HeatGear fabric that suits both warm and cold weather.


  • Not recommended for taller men.
  • It has a shorter inseam.
  • Not recommended for guys with big scrotum.


4. DAVID ARCHY Men’s Underwear Bamboo Rayon Breathable Ultra Soft Comfort Lightweight Pouch Briefs

If you do not want a boxer brief, but you are well-endowed, the DAVID ARCHY Bamboo Rayon Pouch Briefs will make you sexier. This intimate underwear has a wide waistband and a larger pouch to support your bulging jack. This ultimate underwear for big dicks is 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex.

The rayon fabric is a derivative from bamboo, made into soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking underwear. This David Archy Pouch Brief has awarded by NBC News of America: the Best Men’s Underwear in 2020. So, you got a hint as to its versatility and quality.

The Rayon David Archy Briefs will not wedge in-between your buttocks because the leg openings are flat to hug your thigh. The stay-put waistband has the iconic logo wide enough to avoid body friction that prevents chafing and rollover.


  • The brief has a U-shape pouch large enough to support an erect penis.
  • The U-pouch is roomy and will not constrict huge erection.
  • The wide stay-put waistband will not roll down even after several washes.
  • It covers the butt and hips in full with one-piece & clean-cut construction.
  • Best to wear under jeans, denim, and other casual & formal wear.
  • No annoying to wear while jogging, running, or playing basketball.


  • The underwear has no fly.


5. Calvin Klein Men’s Iron Strength Micro Boxer Brief

Do you want a contoured pouch for your underwear? Well, the Calvin Klein Micro Boxer Brief is also better at handling a big package. This top-of-the-line boxer brief is 91% nylon and 9% elastane making it more comfortable for a bulging dick during unexpected times.

The pair of Iron Strength Boxer Briefs from CK has a longer inseam, so do not be afraid that your opulent genitals will show off on heavy movement. The wide waistband with the iconic CK logo (two-toned) stays firm and stretchable even if you have a bigger waist.

The contoured pouch gives you extra comfort and convenience: as the roomy slot will prevent you from adjusting your large package frequently. The briefs come in three colors (Black, Blue, and White) to accentuate your lifestyle and skin tone.


  • The boxer briefs have a pull-on closure.
  • The longer inseam will prevent wedging and chafing.
  • The extended leg length defines your body silhouette.
  • When paired with shorts, a bigger package is almost unnoticeable.
  • The microfiber separates moisture from the body.
  • It keeps you cool and dries the whole day.


  • The pack has one brief.
  • More pricy, but the quality speaks for itself.
  • Machine washable without bleaching.


6. Under Armour Tech Men’s Boxerjock 3-inch 2-Pack Underwear

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The sweat-wicking Under Armour Tech Boxerjock adopts the keep-you-cool technology that turned this undie into the underwear of the future. This modern underwear for men with big dicks is one of those undergarments with anti-odor capability, which prevents the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.

You might be surprised to find out that this UA Boxerjock (a combination boxer & jockey) has a 3-inch waistband and longer inseam than the Under Armour Original Boxerjock. The wider band keeps the underwear stays put without crumpling. It also has the iconic UA print in the metallic wordmark.

The pouch has a gusset to provide more support on your swelling junk and prevents rubbing against your testes. The extra room allows for fresh air to circulate the genitals, so your big package stays dry and cool; which help prevent jock itch. This underwear is 84% polyester and 16% elastane for the perfect stretch.


  • The fabric has moisture-wicking property.
  • The breathable cloth does not sag after multiple wears.
  • No need for ironing to kill bacteria.
  • Ideal for men with a big butt, not just a large dick.
  • The back and side are seamless for added comfort.
  • Constructed with a combination mesh fly panel & gusset.


  • A pack contains two briefs only.
  • One of the most expensive underwear on this list.


7. 2(X)IST Men’s Essential Cotton No Show Brief

If you want underwear with many colors to choose from and could handle your huge package well, the 2(X)IST Men’s Essential Cotton Brief is what you need. The diverse colors that range from dark (Black, Navy, Charcoal, etc.) to light (Orange, White, Yellow, etc.) will match your lifestyle.

Furthermore, this intimate underwear is 100% combed cotton and has a pouch without a fly. But the briefs provide a full back coverage without the possibility of wedging and chafing. The thick elastic waistband has the iconic 2(X)IST logo and provides the stretchability and comfort you need.

This brief underwear has a pull-on closure, so you will not have a hard time visiting the bathroom often. The back is seamless for added comfort and convenience. The Original Control Pouch wholly supports your big dick when erect. It is the best alternative underwear if you do not want the fit of a boxer brief.


  • The side seam is 3.5 inches for L size (2.5 inches for M size).
  • The pack of three has assorted colors to match with your outerwear.
  • The undie sits below the hip, which remains hidden on low-rise pants.
  • The Original Control Pouch reduces compression on your big genitals.
  • The high-cut leg allows for free movement.


  • No-fly on the pouch.
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.


Best Underwear For Big Dicks – Ultimate Buying Guide

Struggling to find the perfect pair of underwear because you have a decently sized package isn’t the worst problem in the world – but it’s enough of an annoyance that millions of men around the world are driven insane in their search for underwear that fits them well.

There are various underwear styles for men, but only a few are qualified to work well with guys who possess big dicks. Here are some of the few choices that you could buy if you have a well-endowed package.

1. Trunks

The trunks are one of the best options to wear when you have a big junk. Trunks have similar security as briefs, but they provide more coverage on your legs and form-fits the body snuggly.

Compared to boxer briefs, the trunks are better for men who have a leaner build but well-endowed down there.

2. Boxers

Boxer shorts enhance the fresh and convenient feeling of being well-endowed. It is because boxers do not constrain big penises like briefs. This underwear style is best to wear while at home where your big dick can relax.

One of the downsides of boxer shorts is their loose leg openings. But if you have a big dick and at the same time have large muscular legs, the boxers are an ideal fit.

3. Briefs

The briefs are the best in supporting bigger dick as long as they have a roomy pouch. If your genitals are big, you cannot just wear ordinary briefs. Moreover, briefs keep everything organized. The best thing about stretch briefs is how comfortable they are.

Spandex and cotton are frequently used in the material mix. You can count on your endowment to be at ease. Because of the stretchy fit, which expands to accommodate your bulky penis. Rather than squeezing it and causing discomfort.

Not all briefs possess the same rise or waistband. In that case, low-rise undies are the way to go. This is accurate if you have a big penis to support and conceal from the public. There’s no hiding that the combination of low-rise and power stretch adds depth and comfort.

Regardless of the size of your penis, your manly bits are given adequate space. Furthermore, this type of underwear can be worn with both formal and casual clothing for all-day comfort.

4. Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs are a combination of briefs, boxers, and trunks. Boxer briefs commonly have a longer inseam than trunks.

The boxer briefs have the flexibility and coverage the same as boxers while getting your big dick and balls secure as briefs.  Go for boxer briefs if you have bigger thighs or a large build.

Briefs vs Boxers – Which Is Better for men with large penises?

This comparison or debate between if to purchase briefs and boxers is not new. Without a doubt, both sides present compelling arguments. That explains why the confusion persists.

The advantage of boxers is that they provide a more relaxed fit. At the same time, they give your legs more mobility. But there’s no denying that baggy boxers don’t keep wedgies at bay.

Briefs, on the other hand, are the most suitable for structure and support. The contemporary designs have a more contoured shape. This results in a better fit in the front. As a result, your assets do not appear flat, nor do they protrude in an obvious way.

Features To Look For When Buying Underwear For Big Dicks

the best underwear

1. Odor-resistant property

Most underwear today has odor-resistant and moisture-wicking properties that keep the wearer fresh and dry for extended periods. No matter how they move or what activity they do. The odor-resistant property will keep you clean all day.

2. Better Pouch Design

Your most comfortable option is a pair of roomy undies. A separate pouch provides additional storage space.

The pouch’s purpose is to keep your penis safe and secure inside. This is especially useful for men who lead busy and active lives. This explains why pouch support underwear is such a popular and practical choice for gym and exercise wear.

Therefore, the answer to the question does a pouch matter? Yes. Not all well-endowed men have the same curvature and girth on their package. Look for underwear with a pouch that has a design or contour that could support an erect penis.

3. Material/Durability

Some of the best materials for undies are cotton, polyester, modal, and nylon blended with spandex or other stretchable materials. Pick a material that is soft, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable. Also, find the best waistband that will keep your undie in place all the time.

Tips for Caring for Your Underwear

There’s more to caring for your underwear than you might think. Underwear for big genitals necessitates special care and attention. Because if you don’t, they will lose shape faster, becoming saggy and unsupportive.

Never mix colours when washing your underwear. The whites are with the whites. And all of the coloured ones are kept separate. Temperature is also important. Underwear fabric differs from denim in that it is easily affected by temperature changes.

A gentle wash cycle can effectively clean underwear. A stronger, deeper cleaning cycle is required for denim. The same is true for drying your underwear in an air dryer. It is best to avoid drying your underwear in the dryer. Underwear that is air-dried has a longer shelf life.


Men put on their underwear daily. Then why not give it some thought before purchasing it? Especially if you’re dealing with a huge penis!

The majority of men are wearing underwear that is not the correct style, fit, or size. Only recently have online discussions and reviews begun to change this. More men are becoming conscious of this issue.

So, if you’re well-endowed down there, you can’t just go out and buy some undies. Or even the commercial styles that are available. Because all of these are intended for manhoods of average size, make sure that stretch, support, comfort, and the presence of a pouch are all considered.

Do you know our top pick for the best underwear for big dicks?

It is the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer BriefIf you are on the go most of the time, this underwear is for you. The ExOfficio Boxer Brief has one of the lightest materials around, yet it offers tons of benefits and durability.

This boxer brief maintains better hygiene and will keep you dry even while sitting on a plane or playing basketball in the neighborhood.

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