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How To Cover Bikini Nipples? All The Tips You Need!

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Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Bikini nipples, is also referred to as ‘areola peeking through’ and is an embarrassing problem for some women, especially those who wear bikinis or swimsuits. While it’s a natural process that happens to a lot of women, it’s still a big deal for many, and they really want to know how to hide these bumps.

Bikini Nipple is a common problem experienced by most women; some might feel embarrassed, while others shrug it off. However, you no longer need to experience this problem and should know how to cover bikini nipples. If you still want to wear bikinis, you can do something about it!

While you might think that it’s impossible to prevent your nipples from showing through your bikini top or bra, there are actually some things that you can do.


When Swimming Becomes A Problem… we have answers! 


How to cover my nipples if my swimsuit has no padding?

Nipple covers like these here are used to conceal our nipples. They are designed to prevent the nipple from opening and to give the bust a smooth line when we put on clothing. Something is employed to help secure them under the clothing. They are referred to as adhesives. Nonetheless, they can be used just once and discarded or repurposed for a limited amount of time.

How to cover nipples when swimming

The most suitable method to hide your nipples in a swimsuit when you are not wearing a bra is to wear the nipple covers as mentioned above. When worn correctly, they cover your areola, and your nipples will be protected from public view. Even if you are wearing a bra with your swimwear, the nipple covers may still be worn.

Do I need to buy waterproof nipple covers when I go swimming? 

Yes, you should. Choose the nipple covers made from silicone as this is the most common material used due to silicone being waterproof. Silicone is moisture resistant, does not absorb Ultraviolet radiation, and does not get heated. Additionally, they are the optimal thickness for superior nipple protection. The adhesion of silicone nipple covers would prevent them from slipping while you’re swimming. This may be in the swimming pool or the ocean.

Are nipple covers and nipple pasties the same thing? 

Yes, pasties are also referred to as petals or nipple covers. Nipple pasties are tiny adhesive cups that are used to hide the nipple and your areola. They are excellent for wearing under low-cut or skin-revealing clothes that make it impossible to wear a bra. Pasties, in contrast to a conventional bra, do not provide any support.

Will Nipple Covers or Pasties fit me? 

Nipple pasties are frequently marketed as one-size-fits-all items, and with a circumference of about three inches, they are the perfect size for women that wear an A and, B-, or C-cup bras. Pasties that are about four inches wide are also available, which may be more suitable for individuals who have a D cup.

If you have issues with finding well-fitted swimsuits or clothes in general, check out these articles on how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms and how to get rid of camel toe in bathing suits.

Are Nipple Covers Reusable? 

The majority of the time, fabric nipple pasties are intended to be used just once. You may, however, purchase reusable fabric pasties that can be used about 10 times before needing to be replaced. Conversely, silicone pasties can nearly always be cleaned and re-used due to their water-resistant nature.

What is the maximum amount of time that Nipple Covers may be used?

It is believed that putting on silicone nipple covers will keep you comfortable for four to six hours at a time. When you’re through wearing them, remove the covers and wash them with soap before allowing them to air dry. The ideal option is to purchase more than just one nipple cover so that you may swap them out at different times.

Check out this video on how to keep your nipple covers clean.

What Are The Alternatives To Wearing Nipple Covers?

If you don’t have a nipple cover, you can use normal, medical, or silicone tape and cross it over your nipples.

It’s also possible to use a piece of tape, starting from beneath your breast and pulling it all the way to your collarbone.

Is it okay to put tape on your nipples?

Taping your nips is fine as long as they do not cause you irritation. If they do, it is not recommended that they be worn. Additionally, it is not recommended if you have stray hairs in the region since removing them may be very unpleasant.

What can I use to tape my nipples?

Small strips of kinesiology tape may be used to keep your nipples from being overly chaffed. This is a good pick for a large number of females. Additionally, scotch tape and band-aids are utilized. These tapes are economical and simple to use. You may experiment with several kinds to see which one is most comfortable for you.

Is it bad to wear Band-Aids on nipples?

It’s not terrible as long as you don’t wear them for an extended period of time; I’d say a day or two is sufficient, but any more than that can cause damage, as mine did; I wore bandaids for nearly two months, which resulted in moderately severe damage; I would say, just be cautious. These here are pretty good as they are hypoallergenic.

What other ways can you cover bikini nipples? 

The bikini may be padded if you want. Bikinis with underwire are also available to purchase. Take a look at this one here that can help to cover you up. To prevent your nipples from protruding out, the cups must be thick enough. Check out the best bras for nipple coverage here.

Instead of giving up your beloved bikini, try pairing it with a cover-up or wrap dress!

6 Alternative Ways to Cover Up 

wear a bikini cover up, swimsuit pareo

These tips are not just for bikini nipples but also for other types of clothing for the office or for socializing.

1. Try a scarf or shawl 

When sitting behind a desk where the air conditioning gives the impression that you are seated in a snow-covered region, your nipples hardening is almost certain. Wear a scarf or a shawl to combat this. In such circumstances, a scarf or a shawl is the most useful item that can be brought to your aid.

2. You could try cotton balls with a jacket.

This is one of my favorite methods; just take two cotton balls and distribute them equally over your nipples while wearing your undergarment. What else can you do to conceal those protruding nipples? Wearing a jacket or a wrap prevents this from happening and adds zing to your look. As a result, you probably will be making a fashion statement.

3. Wear dark or multicolored shirts

If you have a predisposition for nipple erections with the smallest change in temperature, or even in other circumstances, it is advisable to go for multicolored tops with big designs. Single-colored shirts direct attention to the breast, where even the smallest alterations are instantly apparent. Diverse colors and patterns draw focus away from your breasts.

4. Maintain an open hairstyle

This technique was given to me by another one of my coworkers. When the workplace air conditioning becomes too much to handle, and nipple hardness is unavoidable, let your hair down. Brush your hair and let it flow over your shoulder and over your chest. This is one unavoidable benefit of having long hair.

5. Warm them up

Go to the bathroom and rub your breasts. Circularly massage your nipples to warm them up and assist the erection in settling.

6. Choose cotton bras

Because satin or lycra bras adhere to your body, they cause your nipple to protrude out. Choose cotton bras to hide the embarrassment for a longer period of time.

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Embrace Yourself

Will I be judged if I do not cover my nipples? 

Keep in mind that trying to cover your bikini nipples is an individual decision. For whatever reason, you may not desire the protruding of your nipples is your personal choice. Instead of hiding your nipples or giving in to societal beliefs, don’t hide your nipples if you are comfortable with the way they are.


Knowing how to cover bikini nipples is such a straightforward process that it may be completed in a matter of minutes and it is not expensive. If you desire to have the best time at the beach or pool party, you may either use a padded bra (which is not really recommended) or or buy some silicone nipple covers to hide your nipples in a swimsuit.

If nipple covers or padded bras are not your thing, why not try nipple tapes or band-aids. Just make sure to not wear them for too long to avoid any irritation.

That being said, keep in mind that when swimming, using silicone nipple covers is the most effective way of concealing your nipples.

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