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How to put on faja shapewear?

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How do you put on fajas?

Is faja hard to put on?

Putting your everyday use faja on! There are little steps to put them on, and you can figure your own way around it once you get used to it, and some people can be comfortable doing some things other people don’t. … First: You need to have a clean dry skin to avoid the faja sticking to the skin while putting it on.

How are fajas supposed to fit?

It is low compression, meaning it will fit loosely on your body, not tight. It is NOT meant to fit like shapewear or a waist trainer. In addition to your Stage 1 faja, the BBL package comes with lipo foams and an abdominal board.

Does wearing a faja help lose weight?

Myth: Do Colombian fajas help you to lose weight? False. Colombian girdles don’t help you to lose weight but dropping measurements. The fajas effect is more visual but your weight will be the same.

Can a Faja shape your body without surgery?

Fajas can be used for every day as well you do not need to have surgery in order to use a faja . Using a faja will help over all with your shape and compression , Fajas hold you in and give you a smooth look !

What Is a Stage 2 Faja?

Stage 2 Compression fajas are high compression and it is the faja you will be suing for 6 months to 1 year or longer . These fajas are made with special high compression material that help in shaping the body after your procedure , also helps with controlling the swelling and discomfort .

How many hours a day should you wear a faja?

It is recommended to start with 2 hours and work your way up to 8 Hours. Fajas can be worn as long as 12 hours a day, however DO NOT wear your faja while sleeping. Once your faja begins to feel more “comfortable” it is time to graduate to the next set of clasps making the faja feel tight once again.

How can I hide my faja line?

Whether you choose to layer with a tank top, camisole, or a pair of leggings, that extra layer of fabric can mask the lines of the compression garment. This is much easier to do during the winter months, but you can still wear lighter layers during the warmer months.

How can I make my faja more comfortable?

  1. Adjustable Compression Hooks: If you feel like your faja is too tight or too loose, you can always adjust it with the different hooks that come with your faja.
  2. Lipo Foam: if you had liposuction or a BBL, then lipo foam is the product to elevate your faja experience.

How long does it take for a Faja to shape your body?

How long until I will see results? There is no exact time frame because each person wears their waist trainers differently. Many of our faja clients have lost anywhere from 0.5 – 5 inches in their waist within a 3 month period.

Does wearing a Faja help flatten your stomach?

Laskowski, M.D. Although you may appear thinner when you wear a girdle, the girdle doesn’t strengthen or tone your abdominal muscles. Girdles just temporarily compress and redistribute fat and skin around the abdomen.

Can a tight Faja ruin bbl?

It’s important for your compression garments fit snugly but it should never be tight or uncomfortable. This can restrict blood flow to the area and damage the transferred fat cells.

Is a Faja the same as a waist trainer?

Stage 1 Fajas: These are used for post-surgery care and shapewear. It’s a safe garment that works best for plastic surgery recovery, made for healing and reshaping. Waist Trainers: Can be worn while working and relaxing. These products do not reduce a person’s body fat, but rather contour a body for a slimmer waist.

What is a Stage 3 Faja?

Stage 3: 6-12 weeks post OP (Strong Compression) This is the sculpting phase. You will need your body to have recovered at least 90% of the trauma caused by surgery. On this stage you will downsize again from previous garments and assist the body to have that flat and even shape desired.

Can shapewear reshape your body permanently?

The answer is an unequivocal no. Shapewear is intended for instant slimming and control underneath your clothing. … So while it’s true that shapewear can flatter your body, it absolutely cannot permanently reshape your body.

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