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Swimwear Trends That Will Make You Look Amazing This Summer

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Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Summer is upon us, and many are already planning to purchase a new swimsuit or two for their beach or resort vacations. In fact, the swimsuit market is continuously growing and is projected to register a CAGR of 6.38% within the next five years. This is mainly because of the industry becoming more inclusive, and there’s a wide range of swimwear styles for all shapes and sizes.

Currently, there’s swimwear for plus sized individuals, as well as swimsuits for those with bigger thighs. Moreover, the changing trends in swimwear means that people can’t help but buy at least one new suit each year. To look amazing on the beach or pool this summer, here are the top swimwear trends that are worth checking out.

The Cut-out One Piece

A cut-out style swimsuit is a creative way to look sexy and daring, and it flatters most body types. It is very trendy because it is a way to show some skin that doesn’t involve wearing a thong bikini or a low-cut top. And with Dua Lipa posting a photo of her in a one-piece swimsuit with a cutout at the waist on Instagram, this trend will not go away any time soon.

If you want to get the singer’s swimsuit look, you can check out Frankies Bikinis’ Cash Terry One Piece Swimsuit in Dolphin. You can also try the Swiminista Delightful One Piece and Madewell’s Second Wave Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit.

Cable Knits and Ribbed Fabrics

One of the great things about cable knits and ribbed fabrics is that they are stretchy, which make them comfortable and accommodating to different shapes. Swimsuits in these materials provide a sweet and unique look. They are also luxuriously soft to the touch.

Many swimsuit styles are already using these materials. For women with big busts, wearing bikini tops with adjustable coverage in this material can be a confidence-booster because they can be both sexy and comfortable. This swimsuit trend will definitely add some much-needed new texture to your swimsuit collection.

Sparkly and Shiny Fabrics

Another trend when it comes to materials for swimsuits is the sparkly fabric. It will definitely make you stand out and shine. If you want to have some extra glitz while lounging at the beach, then this is the swimsuit trend for you.

Khloe Kardashian already has an Instagram post showing off a new and very sparkly swimsuit set from her Good American fashion line, so you can check that out. For other options, you can try Quiksilver Womens’ Classic Bandeau Bikini Top and Classic High Waisted Bikini Bottoms or Triangl’s Vinca – Chee Sparkle.

Statement Florals

Florals are timeless and they’re fun to wear, especially during summer. Some of them can look basic, but it all depends on the colors and type of prints that you choose. This summer, go for tropical prints, bright floral colors, and vine or cluster patterns.

You can check out J. Crew’s Cross-Back Underwire Bikini Top and String Hipster Full-Coverage Ruffle Bottom in Liberty Meadow Song Floral, Kenny Flowers’ Bali Underwire One Piece, and Kaiso Swim’s Monarch.

Be beach-ready with the right swimwear. Check out any of the trends above to look your best for your summer holiday.

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