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What Is A Jeggings? And why you need one!

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Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Have you ever wondered why jeggings are so trendy this season? Despite the fact that jeggings aren’t the most appropriate formal clothing, more and more individuals appear to be wearing them to the office and, obviously, to parties.

Have you considered whether you should wear jeggings this season? This post contains all of the information you need to know about jeggings.


What Is A Jeggings?

So, what is a jeggings is a question that is frequently asked on google, when in fact we should say, what are jeggings?

The word “jeggings” is a combinaison of the words “jeans” and “leggings”. We’ll detail below all the differences between leggings, jeggings, jeans and skinny jeans.  Let’s get started!


What Is The Difference Between Jeggings And Leggings?

When it comes to jeggings vs leggings, leggings are snug and cover the legs and are constructed of a soft fabric, while jeggings are manufactured with a coarser substance and give the appearance of thin jeans.

Leggings are a must-have item that has been around for a long time. They are very soft and allow for effortless movement. They come in a variety of patterns and colours and may be linked with virtually anything. Leggings and jeggings are quite similar.

The material selected is not as gentle as leggings, but it is still extremely comfortable to wear. Jeggings have a denim jeans type appearance to them, which makes them more comfortable to wear than jeans.


How Are Jeggings Different From Jeans?

The major real distinction seems to be that jeggings are just a combination of jeans with leggings, whereas jeans remain considered a single garment.

Jeggings are also more comfortable and form-fitting than jeans, which only come in a limited number of sizes.

Jeans have genuine and operational zippers and pant fasteners, while jeggings don’t have the aforementioned features. Some jeggings do feature a fake zipper for a more authentic appearance.

Because of the material combination, jeggings are more stretchy than jeans. Jeggings have much more spandex over denim, while jeans have the reverse.


Are Jeggings The Same As Skinny Jeans?

When it relates to jeggings vs skinny jeans, skinny jeans are often constructed of a thicker material and feature front and rear pockets. Jeggings have the appearance of skinny jeans but are constructed of a thinner material. They often feature genuine rear pockets but fake stitched front pockets.

They may feature a zipper in the front, similar to skinnies, but they may also have a fake stitched appearance. Jeggings seldom, if ever, feature belt loops. You should wear both  as skin tight as possible, with jeggings allowing you to go down by at least one size due to the greater Lycra content.

Jeggings are skin tight all the way down to the ankle. Pair jeggings with a lengthy cardigan and a waist belt for a figure-enhancing effect. Your ankles should appear as though you’ve been soaked in paint, skinny jeans can occasionally have a little space around the ankles, but not much, maybe one inch.


Are Jeggings Real Jeans?

Jeggings are not the same as jeans. The major difference in the two is that jeggings are a combination of jeans with leggings, whereas jeans are considered an independent garment.

Jeggings are also more comfortable and form-fitting than jeans, which only come in a limited number of sizes.

As a result, Jeggings are officially neither jeans nor leggings. When shopping for jeggings, choose a pair that is more jean-like than legging-like. The cloth should be a little heavier. Yes, it’ll be flexible, but the jeggings should have a zip to maintain the appearance of denim jeans.


Reasons To Wear Jeggings

These trousers are very comfortable due to the elastic and fresh cloth from which they are constructed. This makes them suitable for usage at any hour of day.

Unlike jeans or traditional jeans, jeggings provide a casual appearance in a less stiff material that allows for more mobility. Jeggings, like jeans, come in a variety of styles, including classic, black, washed, decorated, and distressed.

Jeggings are excellent for travel and conserving closet space since they are lightweight and compact in size. Furthermore, the material used to make them does not wrinkle, so you can bid farewell to the iron.


Do Jeggings Look Good On Everyone?


Buying jeggings when you’re plus size may seem like a no, and I’m here to inform you that’s really not the case!

As long as you dress them appropriately, jeggings can be very appealing for all body shapes, even plus size.The jeggings are loosely fitted to the body, giving the appearance of thin jeans. Its form and material suit a wide range of figures.

The Jeggings will  adapt to your shape regardless of if you are thin, curvaceous, or a size XL. They are very flattering on both tall and short ladies. You may make your legs seem longer by combining these pants in different ways.


How Do You Wear Jeggings?

To offset the tight fitting pants, wear a boxy or trapeze top. This will provide the appearance of a defined waist and lengthier legs.

Plus-size women may also wear a billowy shirt or a loose/slouchy tunic. Here are some additional fashion suggestions:

Wear a thin, colourful belt over a longer tunic top and jeggings to emphasise the waistline for an hourglass shape. To achieve an hourglass shape and balance proportions, combine jeggings with a lengthy, button-up shirt and a fitted blazer.

A peplum shirt is also a good option to wear with jeggings since it hides the tummy and lengthens the torso. Pair jeggings with a longer cardigan and a waist belt for a figure-flattering effect.

There’s also a new trend for ballerina jeans and because of their stretchiness compared to jeans, jeggings are great for that too!

Check out some more styling tips for jeggings below


Which Shoes Should I Wear With Jeggings?


Whenever it concerns shoes and jeggings, the options are limitless and entirely dependent on the occasion.

Pair jeggings with nude-colored heels for a far more put-together, professional appearance. Opt for pointed toe heels if possible, since these will help in giving you a slim appearance.

Because jeggings already extend the legs, wearing them with naked heels creates the appearance of even longer legs! For an office appearance, pair them with a tunic or shirt and a fitted jacket.

When sporting jeggings, leggings, or skinny jeans, always pick a pointed toe type for the most appealing appearance. This will aid in creating the slimmest visual impression for the legs. Boots and jeggings seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Combine jeggings with riding boots, ankle boots, high – heeled boots, and virtually any other kind of footwear.



Jeggings are the perfect compromise with both leggings and jeans for your wardrobe. It should be a must-have item in your wardrobe since it provides optimum flexibility and movement.

It’s precisely what you’re looking for to enhance your silhouette since they suit the body without constricting. You’ll get the look of thin jeans in a far more comfortable way.

It is very useful; it is excellent for travel because they do not wrinkle, they take up little space, and you do not have to worry about stretching or ironing them. It is very versatile when combined with other garments.

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