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Jeans FAQs

What is ksubi jeans?

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Last Updated on January 24, 2022 by Sarah Keene

Ksubi is an Australian fashion label founded in 1999 on Sydney’s northern beaches. The label can be found in premium stores across Australia, North America and Europe.

Is ksubi a designer brand?

Created as a culture of fashion, music and art Ksubi’s individuality and authenticity developed the Australian designer denim label into a luxury street-style brand with international presence and a cult following. Tsubi, as it was then, gained a reputation for cool, distressed denim with relaxed fits.

How do ksubi jeans run?

Based on the customer reviews, Ksubi clothing fits mostly true to size. Some people suggest sizing down when it comes to their baggier styles of jeans and skirts.

Where are ksubi jeans made?

Ksubi has grown since first opening in Australia to an internationally recognised brand. Now based and produced in Los Angeles, Ksubi has kept its appeal and aesthetic by staying true to creating the perfect fit in denim for men and women.

Are Ksubi jeans cool?

The high-waisted denim is designed with a comfortable, straight-leg fit that’s utterly cool, but that’s not all. … As Ksubi puts it best, “Renowned for its signature denim and deliberate unfussy style, the irreverent brand remains uninfluenced by consumer trends and chooses instead to set its own agenda.”

Is Ksubi a quality?

Ksubi denim is high quality and lasts forever. Poor quality fabric and finishing. I would expect jeans of this price to be made well, although my Levi jeans are much much better quality. The fabric feels a bit flimsy for 100% cotton and the zipper feels cheap.

Are Ksubi jeans made in China?

99% cotton, 1% elastan. Made in China.

What does the Ksubi logo mean?

The logo showcases the word “ksubi” in a very unusual script. … Here are some of the words the brand uses to describe itself on its website: “deliberate unfussy style,” “irreverent,” “uninfluenced by consumer trends,” “progressive shapes and fabrications,” “raw finishes.”

Is Ksubi ethical?

Ksubi is rated ‘Not good enough’ based on information from our own research.

Do ksubi fit true to size?

Ksubi is one of the most well-known Australian fashion brands in the world. … Just like AKINGS, KSUBI jeans are true-to-its size.

Can you tailor ksubi jeans?

The Ksubi Jeans Sizing Guide If the length of the jeans is too long, bring them to a trusted tailor or seamstress for custom-alterations.

What is Ksubi known for?

Renowned for its signature denim and deliberate unfussy style, the irreverent brand remains uninfluenced by consumer trends and chooses instead to set its own agenda.

Who created Ksubi?

Ksubi was founded by Gareth Moody, Dan Single, and George Gorrow in 1999 to fulfill a desire for jeans with a good fit.

Is Ksubi a good brand Reddit?

They’re a fashion first brand who will put emphasis on styling and cuts over quality. If you’re fine with that, and many are, then they’re a perfectly fine brand.

Do all ksubi jeans come with Pocket tag?

ksubi on Instagram: “KEEP OR TEAR ++ Our pocket flag comes with all our jeans ++ How do you wear yours ++ Ksubi.com”

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