Our Team

There aren’t many websites that are not only designed beautifully but are also rich in content. The main reason for this is the team behind, who works day and night for the blog. It is because of their hard work that the website is what it is.

A good team is very important if you want to run a successful website in the beauty industry. The tag team of Sarah Keene and Stephanie William is more than enough to achieve that. With a handful of experience, both of the members are expert authors in the Fashion niche. This helps them in creating meaningful and relatable content for the website. Below is a minor brief about both of our team members.

Sarah Keene

Sarah Keene is an experienced fashion expert and also one of the primary authors for this blog. With a wide experience of over 7 years in the beauty industry. She makes sure all the content on this website is rich in content. With many conventional blogs to her name, Sarah Keene is one of the best authors in the beauty industry.

Stephanie William

Stephanie William is also an expert in the fashion industry. She is the 2nd author of the website. With an experience of over 5 years, Stephanie is a part of the beauty industry for a very long. She carries expert knowledge in the fashion niche. Also, she writes blogs related to skincare. She has also worked as a bride's makeup artist. This has given her practical knowledge about all skincare and beauty products.