Best Tips That Show Off Your Junk & Make Your Bulge Look Bigger!

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Bulges are the visible outline of a person’s penis seen through their pants. The size of men’s masculinity has long been a source of concern for men. Among their peers, most men judge their self-worth and masculinity by the size of their penis.

A man always desires a giant crotch, but most men are unsure how to increase the size of their bulge. The majority of men will do anything in their power to make their bulge look bigger, giving the perception that they are well-endowed. Wearing bulge-enhancing, padded underwear, putting on extra underwear, or changing their seating position are just a few ways men use to make bulge look bigger so that they appear well-endowed.

This article will share some of the best tips that show off your junk and make your bulge look better. So let’s get started.


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1. Put On Bulge-Enhancing Underwear

By gently lifting your genitalia, this type of underwear produces a bulge in your private area. Bulge-enhancing underwear aims to boost your manhood by enhancing your bulge.

By maintaining the height of your genitalia, they prevent them from sagging. A bulge is created in your underwear when you lift and push your genitals forward. As soon as you start attracting attention, your confidence and self-esteem grow.

Several varieties of bulge increasing underwear are available right now, and we’ll go over the most popular and widely available below.

C Ring Underwear

As surprising as it may seem, C-ring underwear is more common than you’d imagine. Underwear with C-rings is popular with guys who want to increase the length and shape of their shaft.

Underwear designed to fit C rings is optimally shaped and orientated towards a man’s penis. It elevates the shaft and balls above and away from the crotch’s center. In regular underwear, your testicles tend to cling to your legs.

On the front pouch of the underwear, this ring is fastened. It’s the part of your underwear that adheres to your penis and keeps your testicles in place on the inside. Generally, men’s underwear has an inside pouch that appears to be distinct.

Consequently, the C ring no longer feels irritating or pokey as it is not in the case. Despite its small size, the inside bag comfortably holds the ring. And once you’ve put it on, you can stuff your belongings through the ring, which is soft and anti-chafing.

As far as your “manhood” is concerned, it appears that it has improved. Your entire personality has been altered as a result. Adding a sexual appeal to your image can’t be denied.

Padded Underwear

A padded undergarment makes your manhood appear more extensive as it is made with multilayer technology. You can choose between permanent and removable pads for these underpants. On the front area of permanently padded underwear is a soft material sewn over the area covering the penis. This option comes with a removable soft yet firm pouch located underneath the front portion of your end, where your penis will be enclosed. It’s made to last and to be washable.

Although most men prefer to wear underwear with an opening in the front, the padded underpants are perfect for them since they will meet their need for improved or unobtrusive permeability down there. The purpose of padded pouch underwear is to make you look fuller and rounder in the pouch area. There are soft, washable paddings that is usually inserted into the front pouch and can be removed.

Some underwear also provided padding for the butt area, so if you sit all day on a bike or a motorcycle, you can cushion your butt from feeling sore by cushioning your underwear on that side too.

Here’s a good model you can try BRODDLE Men’s Package and Butt Padded Underwear Enhancing Trunks


Adjustable Pouch Underwear

Underwear pouches for men are becoming increasingly popular due to their variety. Men’s underwear collections tend to include these popular design characteristics. Additionally, they come in various sizes, which makes this category a win-win.

Bulge boosting pouches are designed to give your manhood extra lift and support. This type of underwear expands the manhood by lifting it higher and outwards. Slings, C-rings, and U-shaped cloth panels are the most typical ways employed; however, there are others.

A men’s underwear uses a revolutionary pouch to keep a man’s parts separate, resulting in a dry environment all day long. As a result of the breathable panel, air flows freely, eliminating the sticking issue most men encounter, which often leads to awkward “adjustments.”

For the best pouch underwear, you can definitely try DAVID ARCHY Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear. David Archy is one of the best-reviewed pouch underwear brands online and one of the cheapest, with over 6,800 reviews and a near-perfect rating on Amazon.

Featuring ultra-soft micro modal fabric that feels cool to the touch while remaining silky smooth. There will be no scratching or pulling due to the comfortable and robust waistband and seams. You will love the enhancement, no doubt. If you’re looking for longer leg underwear, don’t hesitate to check out the David Archy Separate Pouches Boxer Briefs.

Y-Type Briefs

The purpose of Y-type briefs is to support and lift your package, resulting in a bulge in the front. Choose a speedo-style underwear brief since it emphasizes the front half of your manhood. If you want to make your package look bigger, this is a good briefs model to try!

Push Up Underwear

Push-up underwear is comprised of a U-shaped strap; which is enclosed within a pouch at the front of the underwear. The U-shaped strap grips your assets and pulls them upward, keeping them together. This pushing and lifting give you the appearance of having an enormous manhood.


2. Wear Tight-fitting Underwear and Pants

When you wear tight pants or underwear, your penis gets shrink-wrapped and bulges out on your pants. The best way to achieve this look is to wear a Speedo first, followed by underwear, and then light, thin, and tight trousers.


3. Put On Extra Underwear

Putting on more underwear will make your bulge appear more extensive, creating the impression that you have a larger penis.


4. Wear Tight-Fitting Jeans

Wearing tight-fitting jeans makes your manhood obvious. This will cause your trousers to bulge on the front. With tight-fitting pants and padded underwear, you’re sure to see people taking a closer look at you.


5. The Tuck and Lift Modeling Trick

This is a super effective method to show off your junk. There are three steps to it, and they are as follows:

  • Step One: Put on your underwear and straighten your penis immediately after putting it on.
  • Step Two: Lift your penis and testicles a little bit.
  • Step Three: Put your underwear over it gently.

This will make a huge difference. The more confident and attractive you appear, the better. Just be cautious when pulling your jeans up to avoid getting injured.


6. Pack Your Penis and Testicles to One Side 

You can keep your penis and your testicles all on one side. Therefore, the bulge appears more noticeable, fuller, and larger.


7. Purchase Size-enhancing Speedo Bulge

Also called briefs pad bulge, a large speedo bulge works to enhance your junk. Contrasting the speedo color with your skin tone is more effective. For example, a white speedo contracting with your bronzed skin will help to stand out your bulge.


8. Wear Adjustable Leather Cock-strap

You can wear adjustable leather cock-straps (G-string) to hold your penis erect. In addition, you can wear them at the base of your scrotum and penis each day. This will result in the pushing of your manhood forward and away from your body.


9. Wear a Cock Ring

Similarly, using a cock ring is an attractive option when it comes to short-term bulging. When you wear a cock ring, blood fills your penis, making it appear larger.


10. Fit Yourself Out

Maintaining good health and achieving a sexually desirable body shape requires exercise. Your lower abdominal fat may cause your manhood to appear smaller. Abs and pelvic exercises can help you lose fat under your waistline. You will notice as time goes on that your manhood grows, resulting in a bulge, especially if you wear tight-fitting trousers.


11. Seat With Your Legs Apart As Much As Possible

As your thighs squeeze your genitalia upwards, this is one of the best positions to maximize your manhood exposure. Conversely, standing with one leg crossed casually in front of the other can result in your manhood projecting outward by the force of the crossed leg.


12. Try Amino Acids

Amino acids naturally help to build muscle. Creating muscles isn’t the only thing they do. They contribute to the penetration and growth of vitamins and minerals inside the body. In addition, they maintain healthy blood vessels with a steady flow rate. You will appear to have a larger penis when more blood flows to it. When amino acids are consumed, their effects do not appear immediately.

There is no short-term fix and no gimmick here. In fact, amino acids are necessary for cell growth and muscle growth. In spite of the fact that the penis is an organ rather than a muscle, amino acids help it appear more prominent. You should try amino acids. They’re natural and good for your health, and even if they don’t help you gain a bigger penis, they’ll further improve your health overall.


Quick FAQ 

How Can I Make My Bulge Look Bigger?

Here is a list of ways you can try to show your junk:

  • Wear supportive, push-up underwear.
  • Wear padded underwear
  • Place your penis and testicles on one side.
  • Wear light, thin and tight trousers.
  • Use extra underwear.
  • Buy a male size-enhancing Speedo bulge.
  • Try the tuck and lift modeling trick.
  • Wear a cockring.
  • Make your scrotum and penis more comfortable with an adjustable cockstrap.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to get into shape
  • Keep your legs apart while sitting
  • Amino acids might be beneficial.



There you have it. You can apply these tips to make your bulge look bigger. We believe our mentioned tips that show off your junk will help you in this regard.

Self-confidence is important and if these tips help make your bulge look bigger and make you feel better at the same time… we’re happy to help!

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  1. Wear NO underwear, wear a cock ring on the shaft only, Wear 100% Cotton Denim or Chinos because 100% Cotton doesn’t Strech around your package, it cradles it and projects it. Wear lighter shades,
    Don’t do drugs or Alcohol, Eat healthy, eat fruits and vegetables, juicing helps, mix in herbal supplements, lift weights and avoid soy, extra salt and processed foods.

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