How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms the Most Easily On Your Own?

Choosing a swimsuit for your body type sometimes feels like a very challenging experience. But then you somehow manage to find a proper-fitting, supportive, and even comfortable bathing suit. However, as time goes by, the bottoms begin to sag. Or maybe you just wound up buying a pretty suit with too large bottoms.

Whatever the scenario, if the common denominator is a pair of saggy bottoms, here’s how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms.

And here’s one quick tip for women looking for swimwear that sort of balances out their proportions. Go for high-waist bottoms since they add dimension. But choose a ruched-style swimsuit if you’re heavier at the top.

The material often used for swimsuits is not easy to work with, right? You can’t re-structure your swimwear, or even make the slightest modifications because of the quality and texture of the fabric. But then that’s just what it looks like.

Once you know HOW to make the changes, it doesn’t take a very long time to bring the size down, adjust the legs, alter a strap, etc.

Here are the most common reasons why women alter their swimsuits.

Too Big

Sometimes the bathing suit can feel very big in size. And it’s probably because you’ve lost weight. Or because, at the time of buying, there just wasn’t a smaller size available at such a discounted rate. Whatever the case, you now have a swimsuit that looks too big and also unflattering.

So it’s only natural to want to size down. But you can’t shrink the size if your swimwear’s material has stretched out over time. After all, swimsuits losing their elasticity due to wear is only common. So you can’t really make amends when that happens. You just have to go and get a new one.

Too Small

Agreed that a large swimsuit can feel very uncomfortable and maybe even look a bit off. But the same can be said about one that’s too small. The level of discomfort you have to deal with when the sizing is too small can ruin your experience entirely.

Did you know that swimsuits, more often than not, have a certain amount of integrated seam allowance? So you can indeed loosen this up in order to make a little room for your natural curves.

And if not that, then there’s another option too. Placing strategic panels!

Too Boring

Many women don’t necessarily want to alter their swimsuit because it’s too big or small. They simply want to add a different life to it altogether. After all, it is boring to wear the same style again and again. You can always buy new swimwear and experiment with different styles. But why not get a little creative with the one you already own!

For example, making high-waist bottoms into low-waist, changing a two-piece into a one-piece, etc.

Fixing the Saggy Bottoms of Your Swimsuit

Fixing the Saggy Bottoms of Your Swimsuit

1. Add Elastic to the Waist

It’s a very simple thing to do. Start by creating a lining to install the elastic band along the waistband of your swimsuit bottoms. Cut the band by a few inches, shorter than the waistline in order to make the band more snug-fitting. Just don’t make it very tight because you don’t want your swimsuit to feel uncomfortable or even to be see-through.

2. Get Matching Straps

Find a material that matches the one your swimsuit is made of. Attach one piece on one side and the other on the second side of your swimwear. This helps in transforming it into a tie-style bikini. But, more importantly, it keeps everything in place. At the same time, making your beach look more stylish.

3. Attach Drawstrings to the Waist

What to do when your bikini bottoms start to sag? Just like the first method of adding an elastic band to the waist, you begin by creating a lining along the waistband of your swimsuit bottoms. But instead of the elastic band, attach drawstrings. So you can tie your bikini bottoms, thus keep them in place.

And just to make the whole thing easier, attach a safety pin at the end of that drawstring.

4. Scrunch Up the Bottoms

Now here’s another brilliant idea - scrunching up the bottoms of your bikini. Meaning creating a ruffled design. It’s the most effective and common way of fixing saggy swimwear bottoms. But not many know how to go about it.

So here are the step-by-step instructions.

  • Pick a matching thread. Feed it into the needle hole, tie some knots, and then get started.
  • You begin halfway down along the backside of your bikini bottoms. This should be the center in terms of the width of your swimsuit. After all, you don’t want your one butt cheek to look smaller or bigger than the other.
  • Once in the center, poke the needle through from the inside, so the tail end or knots of the thread don’t show on the outside. And then poke the needle back through the fabric. The distance between the first and second poke being roughly 1 cm. And this gives you the first scrunch.
  • Keep scrunching 5-6 times more. Stop once you’re 1.5 inches away from the top. And also keep in mind to avoid pulling too tight during the scrunching part.
  • After 5 to 6 scrunches, feed that thread back through the holes. You can repeat this 3-4 times, which keeps the scrunches from falling out.
  • Now tie the end with the beginning of the thread and that’s about it.

5. Sew-In the Waist

By far, this is the easiest of all the methods for fixing the saggy bottoms of your swimsuit. All you have to do is fold in the waist section and sew that part to accommodate your waist. Don’t sew too tight as that might lead to the stitching coming undone at a time when it’s just not convenient.

This is a very useful approach for when you even gain some weight in the future.

6. Resize the Swimsuit Bottoms

Now this one’s a bit tricky because when not done right, you could turn your swimwear into something unwearable entirely. On that note, a basic understanding of tailoring skills does go a long way here. You have to cut your bikini bottoms and then sew the cut-up pieces back together.

Just to avoid ruining your swimsuit altogether, take proper measurements at least twice before cutting. So you don’t feel the need to replace it in case something goes wrong. Measure your waist, hips, etc. properly. And always leave some room for alteration in the future because weight fluctuations are a part of life.

Tips for Maintaining/Caring For Your Bottoms to Keep Them From Sagging

Know that you can increase the shape-retention capacity of your swimsuit. Do that keeping in mind the following instructions.

  • Did you know that tanning products can actually break down swimsuit elasticity? It’s the oil present in tanning formulas that does this.
  • It’s in the best interest of the durability of your bikini to wash it right after the swim. Or at least rinse it to get rid of minerals and salt.
  • Swimming pool chlorine also affects the stretchability of swimwear, thus making it sag over time.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners for washing. And always wash your bathing suit in cold water. If you’re washing it in the machine, which is not as friendly as hand-washing, then use the gentle cycle. Also, don’t forget to place it in the mesh bag.
  • Likewise, don’t place the swimsuit in the dryer as this too can wear out the elasticity. Instead, hang it to dry.


So there are plenty of ways for you to fix your saggy swimwear bottoms. And also so many different tips to keep in mind to keep your swimsuit from sagging in the first place.

But what you should remember is that the material of bikinis and bathing suits is prone to wearing and stretching out over time. You can indeed take steps to prevent this from happening too soon, but you certainly can’t avoid it altogether. Especially if you hit the pool or beach more frequently!

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