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10 Best Swimsuits For Big Thighs: Do You Want To Show Them Or Not?

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Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Sarah Keene

Every woman has the right to show off whatever God-given physique they have. They even have the right to hide them. Like when they have big thighs.

Most women like to flaunt their bigger thighs when wearing bathing suits on the beach. While some do the opposite. But do you know that there are swimsuits that can enhance your big thighs and there are some that can hide them?

So, whatever you prefer, we will show you some of the best swimsuits for big thighs for show or not!


Top 3 Swimsuits for Big Thighs

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Tempt Me Women High-Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.6 stars

Nylon, Spandex

2. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-up Swimsuit Retro One-Piece Skirtini Cover-up Swimdress (FBA)

4.5 stars

Nylon, Elastane

3. OMKAGI Women’s 2-Piece Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits

4.2 stars

Polyester, Spandex

10 Best Swimsuits for Big Thighs – Reviews 2022

Note: Each product has a size chart in the link. You can base your size (after you measure your bust, waist, and hip) on these charts for a perfect fit.

1. Tempt Me Women High-Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear

If you want to flaunt your big thigh on the beach but allow you to look sexier, try wearing the Tempt Me High-Neck Plunge Ruched Swimwear. This elegant bathing suit has a high-neck design but with a deep plunge back feature and plunging neckline baring some skin on your cleavage covered with a see-through mesh fabric.

This MonokiniOne-Piece Swimsuit enhances the appearance of your big thigh as well as covering up for your tummy. It also has a ruched waist to hide any fat below your breasts.

The provided hook and eye closures on the back of the neck ensure that you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction on a crowded beach. If you don’t want their attention on your thigh, the deep meshed plunging neckline will make a scene.


  • This one-piece Monokini emphasizes the thighs.
  • Easy to use hook and eye closure.
  • The swimwear is 82% nylon and 18% spandex.
  • The stretchy fabric will give credence to your curves.
  • Comes in various patterns and prints.


  • Visiting the bathroom may take some time.


2. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-up Swimsuit Retro One-Piece Skirtini Cover-up Swimdress (FBA)

If you want to hide your big thigh on the beach, there are so many ways to do (or wear, for that matter!). For one, you can wear the one-piece COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-up Swimsuit, also called a skirtini or a swimdress for today’s fashion lingo. This swimdress has built-in shorts under the skirt but they appear as a single suit.

This halter-neck bathing suit has a drawstring closure with adjustable halter straps. The straps are wide enough to enable a smooth feel on your neck. The old-fashioned style skirt has a modern twist and with skimpy coverage.


  • This retro skirt pin-up swimsuit is 82% nylon and 18% elastane.
  • The supportive halter neck straps are comfortable and soft to the neck.
  • It has removable pads to support your bust.
  • It offers a flattering fit on your waist.


  • You need to wear panties underneath the shorts.
  • The pads won’t fit bigger boobs but can be removed at will.


3. OMKAGI Women’s 2-Piece Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

Do you feel like showing your big asset to the world? Maybe a 2-piece bathing suit will make your day? Like the OMKAGI off-shoulder High-Waist Bathing Suit. This bandeau-style bikini swimsuit is high-cut, so you can flaunt those thighs with confidence!

The OMKAGI Bikini Two-Piece Swimsuit comes in more than 40 colors, prints, and designs, so there is a minimal possibility you someone with the same outfit. This 2-piece bandeau swimwear is not only ideal for beach parties; you can also wear it in SPAs, beach & pool, and other summer getaways and holidays.


  • It comes in various prints/styles: such as floral, leopard, plain, and others.
  • The bikini is light to feel especially when you have bigger thighs.
  • Comfortable to swim and walk along the beach.


  • Order size up if you have bigger boobs.
  • Offers less coverage but not too cheeky.


4. Astylish Women’s Push-up Two-Piece Bikini Swimsuits

The Astylish Padded Swimwear Bathing Suit is a swimsuit that could make your thigh more visible. But if you want that opulence displayed on public view because you are proud of it, then go ahead! This two-piece bikini will attract more attention! The bathing suit is 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which makes it more skin-huggable.

But it doesn’t end that way. You see, this Astylish Bikini Swimsuit has a ruffle design both on the bottom and top, while the adjustable spaghetti straps have padded push-up for bust support. The ruffle covers for fats along the bust line and love handles.


  • The swimwear has a retro style feature more women love.
  • The bathing suit is stretchy, soft, and easy to dry.
  • The bikini top has a crisscross back and pushes up rims.
  • It comes in several styles, prints, and designs.


  • The bottom is prone to wedging for women with big butt.


5. Daci Monokini plus-size One-Piece High-Neck Mesh Swimsuit

Some women with big thighs are plus-size; one of the best swimwear for them is the Daci plus-size One-Piece High-Neck Swimsuit. This high-neck see-through mesh swimwear has a neck hook closure providing more support to your bust. The deep plunge mesh cutout gives a silhouette of your cleavage without baring it all.

The one-piece Monokini has an open back design for a more stylish feature and will show your flawless backside. If you prefer a more daring outfit this summer, this Daci Monokini One-piece Swimsuit is your secret weapon…but maybe you should show it anyway.


  • The padded and removable push-up bra has no underwire.
  • Also best for tummy control and hiding belly fat.
  • Easy to wear on and off because of the hook closure.
  • Bare more on your thigh.


  • The deep plunge back has no mesh fabric.
  • Machine washes with cold water.


6. Zeraca One-Piece Surplice Neckline High-Waist Monokini Swimsuit

The leg holes of the zeraca One-Piece High-waist Swimsuit is not a high-cut design, but it will surely enhance the appearance of your thighs. This is mainly because of its soft spandex blend, which has a four-way stretch that creates a more comfortable feel. The halter-style Monokini swimsuit is 86% polyester and 14% elastane on its main fabric while the lining is 100% cotton.

The zeraca Halter One-piece Bathing Suit has a surplice neckline with adjustable halter straps tie at the neck and adjustable straps tie under the chest. The modest coverage on your bottom will give your thigh more legroom.


  • The seamless stitching on leg holes defines your thighs well.
  • The cotton lining gives the fabric its cooler sensation.
  • The fabric won’t fade on the pool’s chlorine content.
  • It comes in plain dark colors and printed designs.


  • There are few colors, prints, and styles available.
  • The padded bra is not enough to support big breasts.


7. CUPSHE Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Wrap

If you want a more feminine look while flaunting your admirable big thigh, the CUPSHE One-Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Wrap with cross shoulder straps is not a bad idea! This textured beach swimwear is a special fabric with 95% polyester and only 5% spandex. This means that you won’t constrict any part of your body if you pick the right size.

This bathing suit has ruffles as a front design that makes you look lovelier while concealing some tummy fats. The cross shoulder straps have a lining to protect your skin. Any way you look at it, the CUPSHE Ruffle Wrap Swimwear makes you sexier even if you have big thighs.


  • It has a removable padding bra for enhancing cleavage.
  • The special fabric is more breathable than other brands.
  • The high-cut design boosts your thighs’ profile.
  • The one-piece bathing suit covers the tummy and belly well.


  • It comes only in plain colors of dark and light.
  • The straps are thinner but accentuate the profile of the shoulders.


8. Wavely Ruffle Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuits

When you are plus-size and you want a swimsuit that won’t amplify your big figure, the Wavely Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuit is the better alternative. This colorful bathing suit comes in floral prints (about ten designs) that will camouflage your bulges and love handles. The ruffled top adds to a classier look.

The Wavely Women Tummy Control Ruffle Swimwear surprisingly costs lower than other brands. It has thin shoulder straps that are removable and adjustable giving the best support for the bust. It also has a push-up padded bra that won’t show your big breasts.


  • The swimwear has a lace-up closure with floral printing flounce.
  • It has a simple design but refreshes the eyes during the summer heat.
  • The low-cut leg holes modestly intensify your big thighs.
  • The stretchy fabric flattens the abs and tummy.


  • The swimwear has no cups, just a padded bra.


9. Zando Swimsuits for Women Two-Piece Bathing Suits

Another two-piece swimwear on our list is the Zando Tummy-Control Tankini Top with Boyshorts. If you don’t want their attention on your big thighs, this two-piece Tankini might do the trick. The bathing suit is a combination of polyamide and spandex that is easy to dry, soft to the skin, and breathable.

The modest Tankini top swimdress gives superb tummy control while the Boyshorts have a longer inseam, so they cover your thighs without bulges on your legs. The top’s deep back has adjustable shoulder straps while the front has a removable padded soft bra for adequate bust support.


  • The bathing suit comes in elegant floral prints.
  • It provides maximum movement even underwater.
  • The tankini has wide straps for smooth hugging on the shoulders.
  • The first-rate materials bringing soft and pleasant feelings.


  • It is better to order a size larger if you have larger breasts.


10. Dixperfect Two Pieces Bikini Crop Top Sets

If you want more skin to bare showing how intimate your thighs are, then, you should wear the Dixperfect Two Pieces Bikini Crop Top with a high-waist cut cheeky bottom. Yes, that’s right! You will look super sexy wearing this crop top sets bathing suit! But that’s if you flaunt those big thighs, which you consider your assets.

This Swimsuit Sports Style Low Scoop Crop-Top is what the Kardashians like to wear when they are out on the beach. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford them. The truth is the pair is one of the cheapest swimsuits around. The top has thick straps with a skin-hugging bust band for ample breast support while the bottom is a high-waist bikini.


  • It is very comfortable to wear considering the high-cut.
  • The fabric is 82% nylon and 18% spandex.
  • The bottom has a thick waistband for better waist hugging.
  • The suit comes in twenty (20) designs and prints.


  • The bikini is prone to wedgies, so always look out!
  • The top has no padding but full-lined for better bust support.


Best Swimsuit For Big Thighs – Optimum Buyer’s Guide

1. Choose the best style/cut.

If you have big thighs, there could only be two choices where you can feel comfortable wearing: one-piece or two-piece bathing suits. It depends on how you would like your thighs to be treated. Show them to all proudly or keep them out of sight.

If you like to flaunt your big thighs, wear a two-piece or one-piece with a high-cut bikini or leg holes to hug your thighs snugly (like the Monokini or the Tankini). However, if you prefer not being seen, pick a swimdress, a skirtini, or a boyshorts-type of swimwear. Both styles suit plus-size women with impressive thighs!

2. Pick the neckline type that best suits you.

We assume that most women on the beach or in a private pool want to emphasize their big thighs. In this case, once you decide what cut you want, pick the nicest neckline for you. Some of the best choices are the halter-type, adjustable ties, cross shoulder straps, high-neck, or nothing at all (like the bandeau).

3. Stretchy but comfy and flat!

Swimsuits typically have elastane (such as Spandex) blended with other fabrics such as nylon and polyester (these materials are waterproof). Swimwear with a heavy concentration of elastane tends to fit the body snugly. But pick the one that has enough elasticity to hug your thighs without lumps.

What To Look For In A Swimsuit For Big Thighs

1. The materials matter most.

If you think all swimsuits are all the same, think again! Bathing suits are typically made from nylon or polyester blended with spandex (the stretchy fabric). The nylon blends are very soft, have average durability, rarely chlorine resistance, and stretch more than polyester.

On the other hand, the polyester blends are not too soft, have very good durability, chlorine-proof, and have an average stretch.

2. Look for dark color bathing suits with colorful prints.

Darker bathing suits tend to hide lumps and bulges on the body. Those with colorful and stylish prints (such as floral and other vibrant designs) are most likely to enhance the looks of bigger thighs.


1. How do you make your thighs look smaller in a bathing suit?

If you want your big thighs to look smaller in a swimsuit, there are some tricks. Here are some of them:

  • Wear a dark color bathing suit.
  • A high-cut bathing suit offers more legroom and is less constricting for bigger thighs.
  • One-piece or two-piece bathing suits with adjustable lace-ups sometimes do the trick.

2. How do you hide belly fat in a swimsuit?

A swimsuit with a tiered ruffle is one of the best ways to conceal your belly fat. That counts for any body type.

3. How do you look good in a swimsuit when you are fat?

That’s what every woman wants! If you have broad shoulders and bigger arms, the best to wear is a swimsuit with a plunging neckline. This way, you can make your torso appears slender while taking their attention away from your arms and shoulders.

4. What bathing suits make you look thinner?

Dark colors seem to be more figure-flattening and create a solid silhouette that makes you appear thinner in a swimsuit. Moreover, if you have big boobs, a halter-top will also make you look slimmer. Ruched swimwear also streamlines your silhouette (5).

5. What is the best swimsuit to hide your tummy?

A one-piece ruched or ruffled bathing suit does the best job of hiding your tummy. Combine that with a V-neck or halter-style neckline and you have a tummy that seems flat. But if you prefer a two-piece bikini, a flounce monokini is one of the better alternatives.


So, now you have a peek at some of the best swimsuits for big thighs, maybe it’s time we pick the one that stands out?

We find the CUPSHE Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Wrap as the swimsuit to wear if you want to flaunt your big thighs and yet cover the tummy bulges and love handles effectively. The ruffles at the front hide more fats while the thin crossed shoulder straps highlight a more seductive silhouette.

We do love the Dark Green and Black colors!

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