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7 Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge And Enjoy The Beach With Confidence (2024 Reviews)

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Are you problematic about your tummy bulge whenever you are on a beach? Well, all of us do have issues about our appearance in a bathing suit. One of these issues is the bulging tummy.

But can you do something about it on short notice? The answer is, yes!

You can’t surely wear shapewear on the beach to hide your tummy bulge. But there are proper bathing suits that can do the job. Here are seven of the best swimsuits to hide tummy bulges and make your day more confident!

Top 3 Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.6 stars

Nylon, Spandex

2. PERONA Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit One Piece

4.4 stars

Nylon, Spandex

3. HAIVIDO V Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

4.3 stars

Nylon, Spandex

7 Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge You Should Know: Reviews 2022

Tips: Each product has a size chart in the link. You can base your size on these charts for a perfect fit. Fortunately, the following products offer more than dozens of colors and designs (unless otherwise specified) so there is a small possibility that you find the same color and style from other beachgoers where you are.

1. Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear

If you want a colorful and elegant designs swimsuit yet control your tummy very well, the Tempt Me Women One-Piece Swimwear will get you covered! But it also has a one-color variant that will suit your lifestyle. The style comes with a high-neck plunge design that will show some bust skin through a transparent (see-through) mesh insert.

This Ruched Monokini has a hook and an eye closure on the back of the neck, which secures you from wardrobe malfunctions. The top has a built-in padded push-up bra that enhances your bust without wearing your own brassiere.

The ruched waist construction of Tempt Me swimwear allows more tummy control while giving your butt a sexy look!


  • The back has a deep plunge design but without see-through mesh fabric.
  • The fabric is stretchy, so the swimsuit defines your curves.
  • A one-piece swimsuit that accentuates your sexiness while being covered-up.
  • Also, available in plus-sizes.


  • Going to the bathroom might take some time.


2. PERONA Women’s Tummy Control Swimsuit One Piece

If you want vintage designs for your swimwear, the Perona Swimsuit One-Piece Bathing Suit might end your search. This one-piece swimsuit features classic but modern touch designs that you will cherish.

The bathing suit is constructed with front ruche and interior squeezing mesh that provides effective tummy control. The ruched front will hide whatever bulge you have in your tummy while compressing them softly.

The backless swimsuit has a plunging V-neckline that enhances cleavage. The bottom is a bikini-style cut that covers your butt firmly. The colorful and classic designs suit every body type while camouflaging your tummy to give it more curves.


  • The swimsuit has wide straps to help you secure your breasts.
  • The retro prints are combined with clouds or flowers for a unique design.
  • It has a built-in wireless bra with soft paddings making you more comfortable.
  • The material is breathable and won’t stick to your skin.


  • This stretchy fabric may lose its elasticity over time.


3. HAIVIDO V Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The HAIVIDO V Neck One Piece Swimsuit is probably one of that swimwear that focuses on ladies’s body contour. ‘Wonder why? Well, this halter V-neck style swimsuit is cut to show your curves no matter what size you are. This bathing suit is 80% nylon and 20% spandex that hug beautifully on your body.

Moreover, the swimwear has removable soft cups with adjustable shoulder straps for a more girlish look. The front panel has a polyester lining that controls the tummy well. The side panels and the front ruche create an impression of a curvy figure.

You can wear this intimate apparel quickly by just pulling the strap out, holding the strap behind the neck, and tying the ends of the strap! That’s it! You’re done in an instant!


  • The design comes in more than a dozen styles to match your lifestyle.
  • You can pick a design (like the Halter 6 & 7) if you want the Rule of Thirds.
  • This is swimwear that offers ruched front panels for a more intimate look.
  • The colors are mostly dark, some with prints.


  • No light color available.


4. Upopby Women’s Vintage Tummy-Control One-Piece Swimsuits Monokini

The Upopby Monokini Push-up Bathing Suits have the qualities in a swimsuit that you are looking for. This swimwear is 100% polyester as its front lining while the outer part is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. The elastic fiber will keep your tummy under control while you still feel comfortable and refresh.

It is a one-piece bathing suit that has a conventional style but is constructed in modern ways. The bodysuit features a high back cut that will show your sexy silhouette. The fabric is ruched in the torso down to the navel giving your body a raunchy look.

The square neck Upopby Vintage Tummy Control Swimsuit is a good choice if you are frequently on the beach, swimming pool, and on any vacation.


  • The swimwear has adjustable straps for ease of use.
  • The swimwear comes in various colors and styles that are loved for generations.
  • It has removable padded push-ups that protect and support your boobs.
  • Its classic style is one of the most sought-after designs.Ideal for plus-size women.


  • The padded push-up has no steel wires.
  • Thin pads are used in push-ups.


5. Hilor Women’s One-Piece Swimsuits One-Shoulder Asymmetric Ruffle Monokinis

Do you want more floral designs on your swimwear? How about a romantic ruffled one-shoulder swimsuit to accentuate your happy lifestyle? Well, we can recommend the Hilor One-Piece Bathing Suits that come in more than 30 colors and styles!

This swimsuit offers great concealment to your tummy bulges when you are on the beach. The asymmetric one-shoulder neckline will make you sexier while being covered on the torso. These modern monokinis also have enough leg openings to cover your butt without being lousy.

If you love the feel of one-piece off-shoulder swimwear, this is it! The Hilor Monokinis is 82% nylon and 18% spandex that sure to last long even after multiple wears.


  • The ruffle trim on the off-shoulder will look nice even for plus-size women.
  • The bodysuit has removable bra padding for added comfort.
  • Its front-ruched design gives more tummy control.
  • The design fits petite but curvy women.


  • Women with long torsos should buy one to two sizes up.


6. Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Black Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Hate those tummy bulges while on the beach? Then, consider buying two or more of the Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Slimming V-neck Bikini and be different from the rest! This Black Halter One-piece Bathing Suit Bikini has a distinguishable front V-neck with double-sling designs.

The one-piece bikini has wireless and soft bra padding to support your boobs no matter how deep you swim. This intimate swimwear has stitches that so dense, you can move in any way you want without ripping off the garment. The all-around stretch keeps your body supported, especially your tummy.

The lining is 95% polyester with 5% spandex while the outer shell is 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The fabric blend is so durable and breathable that you can wear the suit for longer periods.


  • The swimwear comes in floral, safari, classic, and plain designs
  • The well-designed straps provide the needed push for a perfect look.
  • The color won’t fade even if you swim in a chlorinated pool.
  • The halter neck is adjustable to keep your breasts supported.


  • It is advised you pick the right size.


7. SouqFone Swimsuits Two-Piece Bathing Suits

If you don’t want a one-piece swimsuit, try the SouqFone Two Piece Bathing Suit High-Waist. This ruffled bikini set comes in various styles made up of different colors and prints. Each set has different upper and bottom colors and designs to give you more freedom in expressing yourself.

The Tankini top has a flounce (a wide strip of fabric) design with removable paddings that are so soft and provide maximum support to your breasts. The front has wide straps while the back has two adjustable straps to hold the bust firmly. The straps also push up your chest.

On the other hand, the ruched bottom is a high-waist bikini that stretches to provide firm support to your tummy and belly. This bathing is a great way of expressing yourself on the beach, at a swimming party, and even on regular summer vacations.


  • The bikini set comes in more than two dozen styles and prints.
  • The various colors and designs give you more options.
  • Wear as they are or as a crop top on the shoulders with a maxi skirt.
  • You can wear the swimwear at home during summer or whenever you like.


  • The bathing suit cannot be ordered separately.


Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge – An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

As you could see, there are many options when buying a swimsuit for tummy control. But don’t stop ‘till here. We all have imperfections, but when you are out there on the beach and in other vacation places (like a resort with a swimming pool), we dress as appropriate. Some show of skin is really inevitable.

If you don’t want to show your tummy bulges, like most of us will, wearing a one-piece swimsuit is likely the more appropriate option. If so, you can choose a full-body bathing suit with a ruched front design, like the swimwear we featured above.

If you don’t like one-piece swimwear, you can opt for a two-piece variant, but with a flounce design to camouflage your belly, like the SouqFone Two-Piece Bathing Suits.

What To Look For In A Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge?

1. Look for better coverage

When you have tummy bulges, it is more likely that you have other issues with fats, like love handles or sagging breasts. You can buy swimwear that not only hides belly fats but also conceal your other imperfections on the upper part of the body.

In this sense, a full-body swimsuit is the better option. A one-piece swimwear can cover up most of your body. This style also has push-ups that will support your breasts and elastic legs that cover your butt.

2. Settle for quality of construction.

One thing great about ruffled and ruched swimwear is that they camouflage for any bulge lingering beneath the suit. So, look for these designs on your next buy of a bathing suit for hiding tummy bulges. Monokinis are also a smart choice if you want to flaunt your back.

3. Choose the level of flexibility

Most swimsuits nowadays have more elastane than before. The high level of elasticity creates more slimming and hugging fits to the wearer that you end up without noticing any lump on your belly. But be careful what you choose, settle for the one that you are slimmer but comfortable with.

4. Can you choose a swimsuit depending on your body shape?

Yes, you can do this! For example, if you have a not-so-endowed butt, choose a two-piece swimsuit designed with details such as wavy edges or pleats, to cover your small buttocks. If you have smaller boobs, pick a bathing suit that has push-ups or ruffles to enhance the appearance of your breasts.

In some other cases like having a smaller waist but with bigger hips and shoulders [pear-shaped ], choose a one-piece bathing suit with a deep V-neck style. This way, people will take attention to your well-defined lines and curves.

Swimsuit Colors And Styles Guaranteed To Make You Look Skinnier

1. Black or dark colors do it best!

Swimsuits with dark colors sometimes do the trick of hiding unwanted tummy bulges. The color is ideally gorgeous and it helps conceal the notable areas of your body.

2. The one-piece bathing suit is the one!

The one-piece swimwear is the favorite choice of most women with tummy bulges. Choose a full-body swimsuit that has a ruched design in the torso to camouflage your tummy bulges.

3. Monokinis with colorful stripes work wonders.

If you don’t have back body issues, the monokinis might take the attention of people away from your tummy. The high-neck design will accentuate your bust contour to make you look skinnier.

4. The halter-neck style is superb!

The halter neck-style swimsuit is one of the best ways to make you look skinnier on the beach. Most of these styles have wide straps that make your boobs and shoulders more slender.

Do You Want To Look And Feel Fabulous At The Beach? Here Are More Tips.

Here are some tips on how you could be more stunning while on the beach:

  • Vertical lines on your swimwear will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Ruffles and other frills add up to your gorgeousness. These embellishments may up the ante if you have wide shoulders and narrow hips.
  • A V-neck swimwear with thick straps will make your broad shoulder narrower.


1. How do you hide belly fat in a swimsuit?

You can hide your belly fat by wearing a ruched full-body bathing suit. By this, your tummy will be camouflaged by the wrinkles on the fabric.

2. What is the best swimsuit to hide your tummy?

It’s a one-piece swimsuit with either a V-neck or halter style neckline! But if you wish to wear a two-piece bikini, make sure that you choose either a monokini or a tankini with flounce fabric to hide your tummy.

3. How do you cover up fat in a swimsuit?

Prints and patterns distract people more than a bathing suit with a plain design. So, a floral pattern or stunning safari prints (for example) make some eyes wonders.

4. What color bathing suit makes you look skinnier?

The light top and darker bottom make an illusion of a trimmer tummy. Most people will be attracted to the lighter shade of your swimsuit and they will forget about your tummy.

5. What kind of swimsuit makes you look thinner?

A swimsuit with tiered ruffles or tiered tankini top will make a great illusion of a flatter tummy. So does a Peplum tankini; if you do not want to wear a one-piece bathing suit.


We find all the featured swimwear above as some of the best swimsuits to hide tummy bulges. So, we narrow down your search among the dozens of bathing suit brands. But we can’t just sit here and pinpoint you to the best of the best (at least according to our taste).

We find the one-piece Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear as the most appropriate swimwear to conceal belly fats.  This swimwear also conforms to the rule of thirds (like the Diamond, Skies, Rainbow, and Clouds colors).

We also like our cleavage being enhanced while hiding the tummy bulge effectively!

By the way, if you find the Haivido V-neck One-Piece Swimsuit interesting, try the Print Halter 6 or 7. They are also one of our favorites.

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