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Best Swimsuit for Cellulite Thighs You Won’t Regret Wearing! (Reviews 2024)

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Sarah Keene

The captivating scenery on the beach and its pristine ocean waters are just some of the best experiences during the summer months. But what if you have un-appealing cellulite on your thighs? Do you still want to wear your favorite swimsuit when you still do not have those flabby thighs?

Gladly, there are too many swimsuits out there that could cover up your cellulite thighs.

Like shapewear for big thighs, the best swimsuit for hiding cellulite thighs is readily available on the market; you just need to look for the one that fits you well.

Here are nine of the leading brands.

Top 3 Swimsuits For Cellulite Thighs

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-Up Swimsuit Retro One-Piece Skirtini

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.5 stars
Nylon, Elastane

2. Ekouaer Women Short Sarongs Beach Wrap Sheer Bikini Wraps

4.6 stars

3. American Trends Women’s Bathing Suit One-Piece Swimsuits for Women Tummy Control

4.2 stars
Polyester, Spandex

9 Best Swimsuits For Cellulite Thighs – Top Reviews Of 2022

Tips: Each product has a size chart in the link. You can base your size on these charts for a perfect fit.

1. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-Up Swimsuit Retro One-Piece Skirtini

If you want to cover your cellulite thighs while on the beach, one of the best to wear is the skirtini COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-Up Swimsuit. This swimdress is a one-piece swimsuit that comes in assorted colors and style, so you can have a collection in your wardrobe.

The skirted swimsuit has a vintage retro design that you would love wearing while it hides your annoying cellulite. The one-piece bathing suit is 82% nylon and 18% elastane, just enough to free those bulging cellulite, and makes you feel comfortable in public.


  • The swimwear is boyshort-style with adjustable halter-neck straps.
  • The style ranges from floral, stripes, solid colors, and polka dots.
  • It comes with a drawstring closure via the halter straps.
  • The sailor pin-up swimwear has more than 20 styles to choose from.


  • Women under 5-foot tall may have a hard time finding the right fit.


2. Ekouaer Women Short Sarongs Beach Wrap Sheer Bikini Wraps

If you just want a beach wrap to cover up your cellulite on your thighs, maybe you need the Ekouaer Short Sarongs Bikini Wraps Chiffon Cover-Ups. You can also use this chiffon cover-up on your top if you want to and wear it as an accessory on your bra. The sheer bikini wrap is 100% polyester and see-through.

The Short Sarongs Beach Wrap by Ekouaer covers the thighs, butt, and hips quite well. Its versatility of use makes the bikini beach wrap a must for fashionable women who want to hide something below their hips while still being gorgeous! The sarong wrap comes in sizes that fit swimwear from small to 3XL.


  • You can choose the color you want to match your swimwear.
  • The fabric is tear-free, crumple-free, and wrinkle-free.
  • The beach wrap may fall above the knee depending on your height.
  • You can use the chiffon wrap for a flattering look on your tummy or belly.


  • If you tie the sarong higher, your cellulite on your thighs may show.
  • Not to wear as a standalone suit.


3. American Trends Women’s Bathing Suit One-Piece Swimsuits for Women Tummy Control

If you want a more athletic look while hiding your cellulite on your thighs, wear the well-loved American Trends One-Piece Swimsuit. This swim dress fits women well with a high waistline that also creates a more flattering look for a curvier body. The materials are high-quality polyester and spandex that provide enough elasticity.

The bathing suit has a soft padded bra with a round neck mesh design. The sides and back also have mesh fabric for a more feminine look and breathable feature. The American Trends Athletic & Slimming Swimdress is ideal for any occasion on the beach or in a private pool, spa, beach party, island hopping, and other water adventures.


  • The swimwear has built-in boyshorts to cover more of your cellulite.
  • Comes in solid colors or with two dark hues combinations.
  • The one-piece swimsuit has a U-back design.
  • The soft padded bra gathers your breasts.


  • The dress length falls just under the thigh level.


4. Zando Women’s Athletic One-Piece Swimdress

The Zando Women’s Athletic One-piece Swimdress not only hides your cellulite thighs. The swimsuit also covers your tummy fat, love handles, and even muffin tops! So, how’s that for multi-tasking swimwear? The bathing suit has top-notch breathable and lightweight materials because it is a combination of elastane and polyester.

The Zando Slimming Skirt Bathing Suit Dress has removable padded push-up bras that provide cleavage if you are well-endowed up there. The retro-style swimwear has adjustable and thicker straps to keep the dress in place even if you swim heavily.


  • One of the best swim dresses for covering cellulite on thighs.
  • Also, great for tummy control and covering the belly.
  • The swimwear comes with boyshorts bottom & skirts.
  • The trimming swim dress comes in retro floral prints in dazzling colors.


  • May not be comfortable with obese women.


5. LALAGEN Women’s Halter Swimdress Plus-Size Two-Piece Swimsuit Tankini Set

Plus-size women will surely love the support and intimacy of the LALAGEN Halter Two-Piece Swimdress because of its high-waist and cutout back designs. The tankini set bathing set has a long dress top with a halter neck that makes you slimmer in swimwear. It is 82% nylon and 18% spandex for a soft and smooth fit.

The LALAGEN Tankini has an underwire and molded cups to add support to your bulging bust and provide wonderful cleavage. The separate boyshorts bottom matches the color of the top to create a continuous curvy silhouette, unlike any other tankinis.


  • The neck-straps are wide and soft to wrap around your neck.
  • The long top dress accentuates the elongated torso.
  • The mesh and wide straps provide a halter neck design.
  • The molded cups and wired bras give more support.


  • The boyshorts’ colors are un-interchangeable with the tops.


6. COCOPEAR Women’s Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Floral Skirted Swimsuit (FBA)

If you want a simple yet stylish swimsuit to cover cellulite on thighs, try the COCOPEAR Crossover One-Piece Swimsuit with floral and tribal prints or solid color designs. The endless choice of colors and prints will separate you from the rest of the crowd.

This crossover one-piece swimsuit is a combination of elastane and nylon. The fabrics make it more comfortable and breathable to wear on the beach or just lying around in a pool. If you do not want to wear the underwire cups, you can remove them any time you please.


  • Some items have different top and bottom designs (such as Red Stripe Blue, etc.)
  • The molded and underlined bras are soft and gentle to your boobs.
  • Also, best for hiding tummy bulges, muffin tops, and love handles.
  • Available in small to 5-XL sizes (US size).


  • For hand washing only with cold water.


7. Daci Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuit High-Neck Plunge Mesh

If you do not have much cellulite on your thighs but you are plus-size, maybe you could wear a more revealing swimsuit. You might consider the Daci Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuit High-Neck Plunge Mesh where the attention could focus on your cleavage. The deep plunge with see-through mesh might do the trick of taking off their attention to your thighs.

Wearing the Daci One-Piece Swimwear has an open back design that highlights your beautiful backside. It has a hook closure that makes wearing it easier and provides ample support. This cut-out monokini has a removable and padded push-up bra that is wireless for more comfortable support.


  • The high-neck closure allows for more bracing of the bust.
  • It has more than 20 styles and designs (such as floral prints and solid colors).
  • The ruffled front hides fat below the bust line.
  • Also, best for tummy control and covering belly fats.


  • Provides less coverage for severe cellulite thighs.


8. Aleumdr Women’s Floral Printed Racerback Padded Cami Tankini Top Set Swimsuits

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The Aleumdr Racerback Cami Tankini Swimsuits is the ultimate solution for your cellulite on thighs while wearing a swimsuit on a beach. The tankini has swim capris to complete the set. The two-piece tankini set is a halter-cross with a backless design to make your appearance more desirable on the beach or at home during summer.

The racer-back swimsuit is highly stretchy but is comfortable, breathable, and soft to the skin. It has double lingerie straps with pull-on closure for easy wearing. The design comes in floral prints enhancing a more feminine look.


  • The cami tankini comes in sizes ranging from S to XXXL.
  • The racer-back design conforms to your body on the move.
  • The unitard two-piece swimsuit is water-resistant so you could swim with ease.
  • The removable padding is wireless.


  • The straps are not adjustable.


9. SHEKINI Women’s One-Piece Skirt Swimsuit Ruched Retro Swimdress

The beauty about the SKEKINI One-piece Retro Swimdress is its ruched front (especially the tummy part. This bathing suit will not only cover your cellulite on your thighs but will also conceal tummy fat and muffin tops. The one-piece skirt swimdress is 82% nylon and 18% spandex while the lining is 93% polyester and just 7% spandex.

Yes, unlike thin swim dresses, the SHEKINI is thicker because of their two-ply fabrics that are quick-drying but breathable, soft, and smooth to the body. It has removable padding ideal for women with big breasts. This skirt swimdress will make you look slimmer on the waist.


  • The swimdress has built-in boyshorts that add cellulite coverage.
  • The bathing suit offers more than a dozen colors and prints.
  • It has a V-neck and A-line skirt designs for a more feminine you.


  • The wide straps are not adjustable, so better order the right fit.


Best Swimsuits For Cellulite Thighs – The Ultimate Buying Guide

1. Thigh coverage

If you want to hide your cellulite on thighs under a swimsuit, you better choose the one that will do the job well. But if you want both style and coverage, you can pick a swimdress that will make you look more gorgeous. A Capri-type of swimwear will surely do the job, but are you comfortable with it?

2. Comfortability

Like just what we reiterated above, choose a bathing suit that will cover your thighs. But the comfort it will bring must be your number one priority. If you are not comfortable with a Capri, especially when you are swimming, you can opt for a swimdress with built-in boyshorts that will also hide your cellulite.

3. Consider your body shape or type

The annoying dimples on the thighs affect everyone. Even those who are lean and skinny can have cellulite. Your body type says a lot about the severity of these lumps. So, choose the best swimsuit that will suit your body type.

If you have bigger hips, go for swimwear that fits and hugs your hips well. If not, you will end up with squeeze thighs that exposed the cellulite noticeably.

4. Price

Price is not the sole basis in buying the best swimwear for covering up cellulite on thighs. High price does not always equate to quality. But consider your budget first and then go for the best swimsuit that you think satisfies the above criteria. You can even decide to buy more than one as a spare.

What Is Cellulite On Thighs?

Cellulite is usually the dimpled-looking skin that appears mostly in the thigh area that may result from loss of collagen, aging, family history, poor lymphatic drainage, and other factors. Medical practitioners say they are harmless and more prevalent in women. Also, water retention in the body contributes to the formation of cellulite.

How To Reduce Cellulite On Thighs

Massaging the affected part may help in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Massage may improve lymphatic drainage and can aid in stretching the skin tissue. Some people used massage creams that offer the same benefits.

The more long-term solution would be drinking more water and gaining weight loss to lose excess body fat. But anyone can have cellulite even if they are not overweight. The best thing to do is to tone the muscles through exercise and a proper diet.


1. How do you hide cellulite in a bathing suit?

Covering the body you are not comfortable with during a vacation or a visit to a beach might be an instant solution to this problem. Hiding cellulite using a bathing suit is not rocket science.

The secret lies on a swimsuit bottom that has built-in tummy control and high-waist. Furthermore, a bathing suit with skirted or boyshorts bottom will do the trick. While you are not in the water, you can wrap a sarong around your bottom to cover your thighs.

2. How do you hide cellulite on your thighs?

If you are planning a vacation on a beach in a few days and you want to hide or at least minimize the appearance of your cellulite on thighs when wearing a swimsuit, here are some hacks:

  • Protect your thighs from the sun’s UV rays which make the cellulite more visible and difficult to hide.
  • Have a shower and scrub cellulite with a loofah or exfoliating cream/lotion. The lotion will smooth your thighs and minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
  • To cover up the cellulite, apply a self-tanner to the legs, thighs, and other problem spots. If you can afford it, visit a salon for professional tanning treatment.
  • To tighten your skin temporarily, apply an anti-cellulite cream or lotion to the troubled areas.

3. Can you lose cellulite in two weeks?

Experts say you cannot completely get rid of cellulite, but you can reduce the dimpled appearance in two weeks. However, you need a serious or strict exercise regimen, such as cardio-vascular exercises, and other calorie-burning workouts.

Aside from the tips we gave above, watch this video to guide you on your intense workout to tone down cellulite in two weeks:

4. What are the best leggings to hide cellulite?

The best leggings to help with cellulite are those that offer graduated compression. These types of garments help in the flow of blood and lymph from the heart to the feet, thighs, hips, and calves.

Some of the best leggings to hide cellulite are those with dark colors (black is number one). Dark colors tend to slim and flatter almost all body types.

‘Want to know more about the best anti-cellulite leggings? Click here.

5. How do I get rid of cellulite and flabby thighs?

Aside from the exercises, workouts, and proper diet that we mentioned above, you can get rid of (or minimize the appearance) of cellulite and flabby thighs by doing certain leg and gluteus exercises. Such exercises include squats, jump squats, step-ups, gluteus/leg kickbacks, and side lunges, to name just a few.


If you are still in doubt on what the best swimsuit for cellulite on thighs is, let us tell you this: pick the COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin-Up Swimsuit Retro One-Piece Skirtini. This swimdress is the best bargain you can buy because of its outstanding features.

You can pair it with the Ekouaer Women Short Sarongs Beach Wrap as a matching cover-up with your swimsuit.

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