Best Underwear For Wedgies (For Him & Her): Finest Reviews 2024

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No matter what your butt size or your gender is, everybody is prone to underwear wedgies. Remember one time when you are on a date in a restaurant when your underwear starts to wedge between your buttocks?

It’s a very embarrassing experience, isn’t it? But how do you find the best underwear for wedgies?

Wedgies are the foremost problem in men’s & women’s underwear. As your underwear gets old, so does its elasticity and quality. Some of the most common underwear for men is briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers.

For women, the most preferred underwear for wedgies is panties, hipsters, control briefs, and others. Unlike slimming shapewear, underwear for wedgies is meant for utmost comfort and provides self-confidence for wearers.

A wedgie is a condition when underwear gets stuck in-between your butt cheek naturally.

This article will tackle the best underwear for wedgies (for men & women) and give you comprehensive reviews on most-sought after products. Here goes!

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. 5Mayi Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton

#1 – Editor’s Choice (For Men)
4.4 stars
Natural cotton, Spandex

2. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Full Brief

#1 – Editor’s Choice (For Women)
4.4 stars

7 Best Underwear For Wedgies (For Him & Her)/ Top Reviews 2022

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Note: Each product has a standard size in the link. You can base your size on these charts.

For Men

1. 5Mayi Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton

The open fly pouch 5Mayi Men Boxer Briefs is one of the best examples of wedgie-proof underwear. Do you know why? An extra cut on the middle of the pouch prevents your ‘thing’ from coming out (in case it’s too huge!).

Not only that! This boxer under linen is 95% natural cotton and 5% Spandex, one of the best blends in stretchable underwear. One of 5Mayi’s healthy tips on these boxer shorts is to buy a larger size pack if you have a muscular leg, that’s better said than done!

Anyways, this underwear pack comes in five boxer shorts where you can choose sizes from S, M, L, XL, and XXL. But take note that these jockeys follow Standard American Size. If you have a waist measurement of 30-32 inches, the right size for you is small.


  • The fabric is hypoallergenic and super soft.
  • The ergonomic design ply pouch offers more legroom for your ‘thing’.
  • The cutting line on the pouch allows you to fix your ‘bulges’.
  • It has a 1.35-inch-wide waistband that never folds (unless too old).
  • The shorts are not high-waist, so they will not show under a t-shirt, etc.
  • Most packs come in different colors for more personal choice.


  • Needs to measure your legs’ circumference before buying.


2. Hanes Ultimate Men 7-Pack Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs

Hanes makes a clothing brand for more than 120 years; it is no wonder that their underwear lines rule the market both for men & women for quite some time. But the brand’s popularity doesn’t entail a higher price on its products, like the Ultimate Men Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs that come in a pack of seven.

These Hanes Briefs are praised by more men because of their softness (ring-spun cotton fabric) and comfortable (stretchy) waist and leg bands. The sewing pattern and construction of this pre-shrunk underwear is a conventional men’s style that they loved for decades.

The brief’s closure is pull-on, while this intimate underwear will not pinch nor bind on the legs or the waist. The waistband will not roll down even when used every day (after washing, that is).


  • A complete set of underwear for a week’s use.
  • Choose among three colors (White, Black/Gray, & Blues).
  • Ideal for everyday use in the office, gym, party, etc.
  • The white fabric is the most preferred color.
  • The material is 100% cotton and not synthetic.
  • It lasts longer than any other brands when properly taken care of.


  • White fabric is too clear, it can get easily dirty.
  • The underwear is machine washable.


3. Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classics Boxer Briefs

One of the best cotton underwear for men is the classic Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs. This pack of five might be more costly compared to other cut & brands, but the price equates to quality. CK is also one of the most sought-after brands in men’s fashion.

That is what Calvin Klein is all about; it not only fulfills functional wear but also delivers fashionable designs. The waistband has a classic CK logo that everybody adores. The waistband is firm but soft elastic that is smooth to the waist.

This underwear is best to pair with your jersey, denim, or jeans, and any formal or casual wear. The fine cotton fabric is breathable, especially in hot weather; it’s like wearing an ordinary brief.


  • Feels cool even in thick jeans, you will not sweat inside.
  • It comes in dozens of colors (from dark to light).
  • Each pack has combinations of light & dark colors.
  • The boxer briefs are machine washable.
  • The firmer waistband will not roll down with heavy movement.
  • The legs are also reinforced with elastics.
  • The brief is knitted that’s why skin breathes.


  • Not to be ironed in any way.
  • Quite pricy compared to its close competitor.


4. New Balance Men 6″ Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch

New Balance is also popularly known as a maker of athletic shoes, but does it deliver quality underwear? We are sure of that. You see, some people we knew are avid wearers of the New Balance Men 6-inch Boxer Brief with a fly front pouch.

The pouch keeps your phallus in place even when hardly erected. This tag-less underwear comes in a pack of three in different color combinations (dark to light colors). The colors range from black, blue, light gray, yellow, to indigo.

The New Balance 6-inch Boxer is 90% polyester and 10% Spandex, so you will expect a tight squeeze, but soft. The breathable briefs are proven effective against wedgies (except when the boxers are too old and already loose) and will not roll on the band. You can pick your size basing on true measurements.


  • It will keep you dry & sweat-free because of the ergonomic mesh gusset design.
  • The waistband doesn’t roll down; the leg band seams the thighs.
  • The briefs are ideal for both outdoor & indoor activities.
  • This underwear is also better to wear when sleeping.
  • The soft cotton-polyester keeps the bad odor away.
  • Also protects the scrotum even with frequent movement.
  • It has a thick elastic waistband for more comfort.


  • Machine washable with like colors.
  • Not for tumbling dry and ironing.


For Women

5. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Full Brief – Bamboo Viscose – Comfy Full-Coverage Underwear

Have you tried to wear undies made from natural elements? If not, we will introduce you to the Body Ecowear Women Underwear from Boody! If you are a nature-lover, you will surely love this full-brief panty made from bamboo viscose.

You heard it right! This Boody Comfy Full-Coverage Underwear is 80% bamboo, 13% nylon, and 7% Spandex. The bamboo fabric lets your body breathe the way it is not covered. The breathable bamboo will keep you fresh all day & night.

To prevent the underwear from wedging, the soft & stretchable Spandex will do the trick. The body coverage of the Boody Comfy Bamboo Viscose is mesmerizing! It covers almost the entire butt while hugging it softly and prevents wedgies.

The full-brief panty is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial properties that suit women who are frequently suffering from UTI and skin allergies. A very smart choice, indeed!


  • The same comfortable fit and feel as boyshorts.
  • The fabric is smoother & silkier than ordinary hipsters.
  • Covers your buttocks and hugs the legs preventing wedgies.
  • Fits women of any size and curve.No crotch insert or gusset seam.
  • Sewing is barely noticeable.
  • The material lasts longer than other brands.
  • No panty lines are visible on outerwear.


  • Not advisable for machine drying and ironing.


6. Bali Women’s Microfiber Hipster

If you prefer a hipster as underwear, the Bali Women Microfiber Hipster is an essential choice. No matter how you move, this hipster keeps you covered, so wedging is almost impossible! This Bali Women Underwear is 90% nylon and 10% Spandex.

The nylon is microfiber, which is finer than ordinary fabric. The fine fabric is super soft; you will not feel you are wearing one. How about the fit? It will surely hug your whole bum, thighs, and legs, unlike any other hipster.

The Bali Microfiber Hipster comes in many colors & styles, including a lace-style band. The price varies as the color and style vary, but the range starts lower than most underwear. Some colors available are Black, Nude, White, Blue, and Beige. This intimate hipster is too sexy on the looks!


  • The same comfortable fit and feel as boyshorts.
  • The fabric is smoother & silkier than ordinary hipsters.
  • Covers your buttocks and hugs the legs preventing wedgies.
  • Fits women of any size and curve.
  • No crotch insert or gusset seam.
  • Sewing is barely noticeable.
  • The material lasts longer than other brands.
  • No panty lines are visible on outerwear.


  • Not advisable for machine drying and ironing.


7. Wingslove Women Comfort Soft Cotton Plus Size Underwear High-Cut Brief Panty

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

Every woman likes her underwear in place and no wedgies. That is why the Wingslove High-Cut Brief Panty is one of the best-selling brands on our list. This soft cotton plus size underwear covers more of your butt than any other brand in its category.

But the high-cut design lets you look sexier and more modern. The double-layer crotch catches your private part-whole and protects your privacy too well. The thin elastic waistband also looks sexier and is covered with cotton fabric so it’s smooth and comfortable on your waist.

Who says there is no underwear that’s sexy? The Wingslove Plus Size Brief Panty is the one to brag about. This comfortably soft cotton underwear is, fortunately, one of the cheapest in its class but will not sacrifice your comfort & style.


  • This high-cut panty brief is 100% cotton.
  • The waistband is stretchable more than twice.
  • The soft cotton hugs the body that prevents wedging.
  • No wrinkling or folding at the backside.
  • The crotch is insert-free, so it doesn’t bunch up.
  • Ideal for plus size women.Machine washable with warm water.


  • For separate washing from other dark color fabric.


Best Underwear For Wedgies – Ultimate Buying Guide

1. For Women

best underwear for wedgies

Women’s underwear for wedgies is slightly different from men’s. But the options for both have many similarities.

More women prefer to wear classic briefs and high-rise hipsters. Wearing lacy panties is another top choice. But the briefs and hipsters ring loudly as the premium women’s underwear for wedgies. However, the briefs are more comfortable for more women because they are not only better against wedgies, they are also more pleasant to wear.

Panty briefs also act as shapewear while giving a more intimate look. The briefs for women are not too tight and do not have uncomfy crotch insert, unlike other styles. Moreover, this underwear goes with almost everything from jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.

On the other hand, the well-loved high-rise hipsters are the favorite of women on workout and those who wear leggings. The seamless hipsters feel too light to the skin.

2. For Men

underwear for wedgies men

Boxer briefs have the best features of briefs & boxers combined. This undergarment for men is tight but with spacious construction and breathability. This underwear style is sexier for most small or large built men.

But if you do not prefer boxer briefs, you can choose either briefs or boxers. However, briefs do have a high tendency to wedge on you as the underwear gets older. But briefs offer more intimate moments as you become sexier, especially if you sleep on your undie with your partner.

On the other hand, the boxers have a shorter rib length compared to boxer briefs. Unfortunately, boxers have a higher possibility of wedging because they bunch up easily to intense movement.


Tips for Preventing Wedgies

These tips may apply to both men & women who are tired of pulling their underwear in public or in places where it is too annoying.

  • Wear the right size of underwear.
  • Replace old underwear or once the elastic waistband starts to loosen.
  • Make sure that the leg holes are still elastic.
  • Avoid wearing thongs/G-Strings.
  • Make sure that the leg holes are still elastic.
  • Never wear underwear with too tight or too loose a waist or leg band.
  • Prefer a cotton material.


What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Underwear For Wedgies

Again, this advice is true for both men’s & women’s underwear.


1. Style

The selection of the best style of underwear for wedgies will define your personality. So, the next time you pick underwear, be sure that you like the style.


2. Construction

Look for generous cuts. Wedgie-free underwear usually comes with full coverage of your butt and genitalia. The full-butt coverage plus the ideal blend of material and seamless sewing offer more safety from wedging.


3. Material

Experts believe that the most comfortable material for underwear is cotton. But you still have other options where you will feel more enjoyable (like a blend with spandex, nylon, bamboo, modal, microfiber, etc.).


4. Cost

Men’s & women’s underwear may last for years, but as a rule of thumb, we should replace our underwear once every 6 to 12 months.


But the lifespan depends upon how often you wash & wear your underwear. Quality also plays a major role in prolonging the life of your underwear. Although most underwear is affordable, pick the one that is more cost-effective.


How To Find the Right Corset Size?

The rule of thumb for corset sizing is as follows: If you have a waist size less than 38 inches, pick a corset 4 to 7 inches smaller than your waist. If your waist is more than 38 inches, select a corset 7 to 10 inches smaller.


What Causes Wedgies & How To Fix It?

Most underwear has a poor design, inferior fabric, substandard elastics, or bad sewing (pattern), so they tend to wedge on your butt over time.

Most low to mid-rise underwear is sometimes the cause of wedgies for tall women. But if you stand 5’5” or shorter; a mid-rise waistband is an ideal option. Also, women with round butt are more prone to wedging.

For men, a wedgie may also mean something is too big or too small and there is not enough space or length but more fabric. As a result, the underwear bunches up. To avoid wedging, pick underwear that gives extra size, like a pouch on the crotch.



Now you know that boxer briefs are the ‘in’ thing nowadays. We recommend the 5Mayi Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton, the best underwear for wedgies (for him).

The cotton material is so soft & comfy, while the pouch is big enough for bulges. Consequently, the diverse colors will let you pick the right tone for your lifestyle.

For ladies, the Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Full Brief is the ideal choice. We love its boyshorts feel while it is less prone to wedgies.


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