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Best answer: Can hiv survive on underwear

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Sarah Keene

The answer is no. HIV cannot be transmitted this way. The virus does not live well outside the body, so even if there was HIV present, it would be unable to infect you.

You asked, can HIV virus survive on clothes? You cannot get HIV from washing clothes belonging to a person who has the virus. HIV cannot be transmitted through touch and isn’t present in sweat. It also doesn’t survive outside of the body.

Moreover, how long does HIV live outside the body on clothes? In general, the virus doesn’t live long once it’s outside of a human body. Studies show that HIV grown in the lab, when placed on a surface, loses most of its ability to infect — 90% to 99% — within several hours.

In this regard, does HIV die when dry? HIV can’t survive for long in the environment. When fluid leaves the body and is exposed to air, it begins to dry up. As drying occurs, the virus becomes damaged and can become inactive. Once inactive, HIV is “dead” and no longer infectious.

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