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Underwear FAQs

What is underwear in german?

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Sarah Keene

For panties, the German word “die Unterhose” is used. However, Google Translate says that “Höschen” is the better option.

Subsequently, what is PAD in German? noun. 1. (= stuffing) (for comfort etc) Polster nt ; (for protection) Schützer m; (in bra) Einlage f ; (= brake pad etc) Belag m ; (esp US: = sanitary pad) Damenbinde f.

Considering this, what does Deb mean in German? volume_up. Debütantin {f} deb (also: newcomer, debutante, newcomer making her debut)

Also know, what are German trousers? Lederhosen (/ˈleɪdərˌhoʊzən/; German pronunciation: [ˈleːdɐˌhoːzn̩], lit. ‘leather breeches’; singular in German usage: Lederhose) are short or knee-length leather breeches that are worn as traditional garments in some regions of German-speaking countries.

Correspondingly, what underwear do German guys wear? “Less is more” – when it comes to underwear preferences in Germany, this common saying simply doesn’t hold true. Men prefer boxer shorts with a comfortable cut. In second and third place are slim-fitting hipster shorts and boxers with a longer leg. Women most prefer to wear slips or hipster briefs.

Is Schiesser made in Germany?

SCHIESSER: THE traditional company from Germany We are constantly developing products that offer you only the best comfort together with the highest quality materials. Discover our range here in our online shop and create the perfect moment with SCHIESSER.

Are pads available in Germany?

Are sanitary pads available in Germany? – Quora. Don’t worry. Yes, everywhere, any time. At least, for a little more money at any 24/12 filling stations, pharmacies, or in bigger cities by some automats next to railway or bus stations .

What does Linux deb mean?

So, deb is an abbreviation for Debian package, as opposed to source package. You can install a downloaded Debian package using dpkg in a terminal: dpkg -i *. … deb is the path and name of the package you downloaded).

What is a deb in England?

A debutante (/ˈdɛbjʊtɑːnt/ DEB-yuu-tahnt; from French: débutante [debytɑ̃t], “female beginner”) or deb is a young woman of aristocratic or upper-class family background who has reached maturity and, as a new adult, comes out into society at a formal “debut” (UK: /ˈdeɪbjuː, ˈdɛbjuː/ DAY-bew, DEB-yoo, US: /deɪˈbjuː/ day- …

What is T shirt in German?

More German words for T-shirt. das T-Shirt noun. tee-shirt. Kurzarm-Shirt.

What is the German dress called?

A dirndl is the name of a woman’s dress traditionally worn in southern Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Alpine regions of Italy. The dirndl is a folk costume (in German – Tracht), and today is generally regarded as a traditional dress for women and girls in the Alps.

Do men wear underwear under lederhosen?

Lederhosen should fit snugly and sometimes there really isn’t enough room for underwear, especially not for boxer shorts with oodles of material. … As a matter of course, men went commando in their lederhosen in those days.

Do you wear pants under lederhosen?

According to some German media and blogs, the soft texture and comfort of lederhosen lends itself to being worn without underpants. Focus Online, for instance, recently visited Munich’s Oktoberfest and found several men who swore by a leather-to-skin rule, to facilitate ease of access after they’d had a few beers.

Can guys wear briefs?

Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or heading out for a night with the guys, both briefs and boxer briefs are your guys when you’re wearing straight, slim or skinny bottoms. Wear them with anything from your slim-fitting jeans to your straight-cut chinos and tailored dress pants.

Does Schiesser ship to USA?

We ship worldwide and free of charge.

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