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Best Hats For Bald Guys – Complete Buying Guide 2024

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Baldness? That’s no shame. That’s part of growing up and getting older. While no one wants to be accused of hat fishing, putting on a hat is one of the best ways to elevate your style and keep you on trend. Yes, it will also help you avoid exposing your bald head.

So, “What is hat fishing?” you ask. That’s when someone uses a hat to cover up their hair loss. This makes them more alluring to people who are attracted to lustrous hair. While you may have to adjust to seeing a bald guy in the mirror, remember that baldness can be attractive. Think Chris Daughtry, Vin Diesel, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Proud baldie or adjusting to the new you, there are days when you will want to change your look and show other aspects of yourself. That’s when a hat comes in handy. The question is, what are the best hats for bald men?

Top 3 Hats for Bald Guys

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Nike Men Dri-FIT Tech Golf Cap

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.6 stars


2. Kangol Men, Women Tropic 504 Ventair

4.7 stars


3. Kangol Men, Women Cotton Twill Army Cap

4.5 stars

Cotton, Spandex

6 Best Hats for Bald Guys: Top Choices & Reviews 2022

1. Nike Men Dri-FIT Tech Golf Cap

If you want a casual look and yet stand out among the crowd on a summer day, the Dri-FIT Tech Golf Cap by Nike fits the occasion. The polyester material of this cap enables you to endure the summer heat even under the sun.

Nike has been producing quality footwear and sportswear for decades. Their headgear is also much-applauded by the fashion-conscious. Although pricier than other brands, you will not regret purchasing this cap for its functionality and quality.

The embroidered eyelets are spaced evenly, so your head breathes naturally. When you sweat, the Dri-FIT technology diminishes moisture. The hoop is laser cut and fits snugly to the loop to give you a custom fit.


  • The hat comes in five colors (Red, Black, Dark Grey, Midnight Navy, and White).
  • Dri-Fit fabric keeps your head cool.
  • Stays put on your head because of the advanced hoop and loop closure.
  • Classic look – The swoosh is an iconic Nike emblem..
  • Soft, absorbent sweatband.
  • Ideal for both men and women.


  • Not ideal for winter as a standalone headgear.
  • Best to use in casual wear.
  • Pricy, but more cost-effective.


2. Kangol Men, Women Tropic 504 Ventair

Being bald is a fashion statement nowadays! What better way to express your style than with a flat top hat, like the Kangol Tropic Ventair?

The Ventair by Kangol is a unisex headgear that you can wear casually or inside any establishment. This fashionable hat comes in 15 different colors and a wide range of sizes. It also has an adjustable sweatband that ensures the perfect fit.

The cap is made from a polyester blend thick enough to keep you warm in cool weather. If you travel a lot and need to keep the hat in a bag, you can fold it without damaging the shape.


  • Best to wear during summer and spring weather.
  • Goes well with both casual and formal attire.
  • Comes in more than a dozen colors.
  • The cap is unisex.
  • 70 years experience.
  • Quality assured.


  • Hand washable only.
  • Not the best alternative for shaved heads during winter.
  • More expensive than a bull/golf cap.


3. Kangol Men, Women Cotton Twill Army Cap

If you want more head security (excuse the pun), the Kangol Cotton Twill Army Cap fits right! This Kangol cotton army hat is cheaper than its polyester counterpart but will serve you well.

The hat comes in seven colors; beige, black, brown, green, white, gray, and navy. So you can match or contrast the color of your hat with the rest of your outfit. This military-themed cap has a secret pocket inside the top panel. You can hide extra bills and other small items in this compartment when you are on the go.

Made popular because of their unique shape, attractive look, and practical attributes, ladies also love the Kangol Army Cap. Look no farther for a timeless piece that you can wear with any casual or outdoor clothing ensemble.


  • Made from durable fabric.
  • A classic military-style hat.
  • For both men and women (unisex).
  • Lightweight but won’t easily topple in a strong wind.
  • Comes in several sizes.
  • More advisable for sunny weather.
  • The fit is adjustable.
  • Provides sun protection.


  • Not advisable for bleaching, dry cleaning, and ironing.
  • Also, not recommended for tumble drying.
  • Not really for cold weather conditions.


4. The North Face Jim Beanie

The Beanie hat is one of the most popular caps for bald men. The North Face Jim Beanie is the most iconic casual look for winter because more men (and women) like to wear them.

The Beanie Hat is lightweight, compact, and will keep you warm in cold weather. This wool-blend knit beanie also has a soft fleece ear band that provides warmth during freezing weather without being scratchy. The cap fits different shaped and sized heads because the fabric is stretchy.

So, if you are experiencing cold weather most of the year, one or two of these caps will provide you with excellent protection. Moreover, North Face Jim Beanie will not cost you much, as these beanies are very reasonably priced.


  • Very comfortable, lightweight, and soft.
  • Really durable headgear.
  • Made for both men and women (unisex).
  • The Beanie is flexible if you want to uncover your ears.
  • Stretchable – fits large and small heads.
  • Ideal for a cold early morning run.


  • Only inside the headband is lined with fleece.
  • Not thick enough for an extreme environment.


5. VOBOOM Men Newsboy Cap Cotton Flat Ivy Gatsby Driving Hat

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

One of the most reasonably priced caps on our list is the VOBOOM Gatsby Driving Hat, made from 100% cotton. Although this driving hat costs much less than other hats of its type, the material is soft and comfortable.

The Men Newsboy Cotton Cap is an Irish-inspired flat cap well-loved for its various uses. Aside from driving, the hat can be worn for any other outdoor activities like fishing and traveling. It comes in five colors: black, brown, dark gray, light gray, and navy. You can choose your favorite colors to match your lifestyle.

The cotton flat Gatsby Cap comes in one size, but do not worry about the fit. It has adjustable belt buckles on its sides that stretch from 22.4 to 23.6 inches (57 to 60cm.) of head sizes.


  • Very practical for everyday, outdoor, or indoor use.
  • Multi-purpose – ideal for driving, hunting, golf, camping, etc.
  • Size is adjustable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • The buckles will not touch your head.


  • Most recommended for men drivers.
  • Not ideal for summer.


6. Pineapple&Star Sun Straw Fedora Beach Hat Fine Braid UPF50+ Unisex

If you want a more natural material for a hat, the Pineapple&Star Sun Straw Fedora Hat may interest you. This Fine Braid Straw Hat is perfect for both men and women who love fashion. Although this Fedora-type hat is a bit pricier than some other brands, the high-quality material speaks for itself.

The ultra-lightweight Pineapple&Star Hat protects you from the sun’s UV rays; the proof is its UPF 50+ certification. A UPF rating of 50 is the highest protection provided by fabric from the sun’s radiation. Moreover, although the material is fine, it allows more air to circulate and let your head breathe.

Unlike with hats delivered from other sellers, this Fedora comes with a crash-free hat protector. The cardboard protector keeps the hat from becoming misshapen during transit. This packaging method is exclusive to Amazon customers.


  • Breathable material. Knitted of fine straw.
  • Certified to UPF 50+ (Protection from UV rays).
  • Finer quality straw compared to other brands.
  • Includes a detachable chin cord strap.
  • Fitted with hook-and-loop fasteners (also known as Velcro).
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The fine paper straw is blended with polyester to make it softer.
  • Not advisable for winter use.


Should Bald Guys Wear Hats?

Why not? You don’t have to, but wearing one can enhance your looks. Remember that hats are functional accessories worn by people, bald or not, to complete their outfits.

Many bald guys see wearing a hat as more than protection for their pates. There are so many reasons to wear hats, fashion statements, protection, warmth. Why should bald men be exempt? And for those still adjusting to hair loss, a hat can be a real confidence booster.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Hats For Bald Guys

Hat for bald man

Some bald or balding guys go through emotional distress on how they look with a receding hairline. Some try to wear hats to conceal baldness, while some just let it go and enjoy how nature works!

If you want headgear that hides baldness and enhances looks, these are the things to consider:

1. Comfortability

Find a hat in which you are comfortable. A single hat may not be enough for an entire year. You could consider having different ones for the cold season and hot weather.

2.  One that suits your lifestyle

If you are an athlete, maybe the best hat for you is a baseball cap. Alternatively, a flat top may be the right hat for you if you wish to promote a heartthrob image. Just remember to select your hats based on both functionality and style.

3. Build an image while concealing the head condition

If you want to avoid any perceived stigma from being bald, you can hide your baldness with hats. Wear hats that you think best describe you and make them a part of your style. In this way, you create your own image of yourself without the ill effects on your personality.

4. Formal or Casual?

Personality experts advise bald guys to own more than one hat, especially when they are frequently outdoors. Try to have both casual and formal hats that will match any occasion.

Top Five Men Hat Styles for Modern Bald Guys

1. Flat Top Cap

The classic flat cap is a favorite among celebrities and social media characters. The flat top is the more suitable formal hat for bald men during summer or spring.

Some famous bald men still use this hat during winter because of the classic look. However, flat caps have no cheek, ear, or neck protection for frigid weather.

2. Beanie

Bald Europeans preferred the Beanie to most other hats. Beanie hats are for a casual look and will keep your shaved head and ears warm during winter.

3. Fedora Hat

This hat style suits formal attire and goes well in spring and summertime. The Fedora has a crown and soft brim that stands out among other hats.

The Fedora is mostly a felt cap that feels very smooth when worn.

4. Army Cap

Once popular with military personnel, the Army Cap is now becoming a fashion statement for bald guys. The cap is suitable for any season, but most bald guys wear the hat during sunny days to block the glaring sunlight.

5. Golf Cap (or Baseball Cap)

Popular with athletes and celebrities, the Golf Cap comes in many variants. The cap gives bald men a more casual sporty appearance when they wear it.


1. What Hats Should Guys Wear?

More studies have shown that wearing hats make a man look more attractive, especially bald ones. But what type of hats should a man wear.

As discussed above, the hats that should be worn on occasion depend on a guy’s lifestyle. Apart from considering the event, he can choose a signature hat to promote his fashion sense.

But the choice becomes more functional if he chooses the one that suits the weather or the situation. Like wearing a golf cap during summer, a Beanie in the winter, or a flat cap for casual winter wear.

2. How Do You Keep a Bald Head Warm?

If you want your bald head to keep warm, you will definitely need the best hat for bald guys. Your choice should be based on:

  •  the quality, warmth, comfort and softness of the hat’s fabric;
  • the hat’s fit and;
  • any other personal style preferences.

But the most appropriate hat for bald guys to wear during colder weather is the Beanie.

3. Does Wearing Hats Speed Up Balding?

There is no study providing evidence in support of this myth. Some dermatologists suggest that wearing tight or hot hats could decrease blood flow to the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out.

More experts believe that hair loss is natural and healthy. Healthy men and women usually shed 100 strands of hair every day.

But when the hair loss exceeds the expected amount, some of the possible culprits are genetics, hormonal changes, and medical conditions.


There are so many reasons to wear hats that we actually don’t need baldness to be one of them. Whether or not they are experiencing hair loss, both men and women wear hats for function and style. Baldness can add a bit more motivation so let’s answer the question, “Which hat do we think is best for bald men?”

The Kangol Cotton Twill Army Cap is probably the best hat to use by bald men.

The spandex-cotton twill material of Kangol lets your head breathe in hot weather but warms you in a chilly climate. Just make sure your hat is comfortable and not too tight.

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