All That You Need to Know About Kibbe Body Types

The fashion industry is growing exponentially. And women are becoming more and more sensitive and careful towards their bodies. Due to which women can now choose their outfits according to body type. This is one of the most important things when it comes to fashion. If you are unaware of your body type. Then Kibbe body types is a very famous concept to determine what type of body you possess.

How Kibbe Body Types Came Into Existence?

In the year 1980, David Kibbe wrote a book named Metamorphosis. He was an image professional in New York City. In that book, he explained different body types based on the kibbe body type theory. There are a total of 13 kibbe body types explained in the book of David kibbe. At that time people were only aware of few basic body types.

These basic body types are according to the size of bust, waist, and hip. But kibbe body types describe your shape differently. It talks about the structure of your body such as the shoulders, bones, facial features, skin flesh, etc.

How Do Kibbe Body Types Differentiate Between Body Structures? 

Kibbe body types describe the characteristics of your body. This is in the form of yin and yang characters. It is the basic concept by which you can determine the type of body you have. Here, Yin stands for feminine characters, and yang is for masculine characters. To determine the body types, you have to observe every part of your body.

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Yin and Yang's characters help you to determine your particular kibbe body type. You can also take a quiz on kibbe body type which will give you a better idea. When you find out your body type then you will find a great wardrobe. As you all know that the total number of kibbe body types is about 13.

Multiple Kibble Body Types:

The kibbe body types are mainly distributed in five families or categories which are

  • Classic
  • Natural
  • Dramatic
  • Neutral
  • Gemini

The other 8 body types are the combination of the five main families. These 8 body types will have both yin and yang characters in different ways. All the types are explained in the metamorphosis book of David Kibbe.

Following is the brief information about all kibbe body types and how to determine your body types –

1. Romantic

This body type is all about the yin characters. The people in this body type have a soft bone structure and they have extreme yin characters.

2. Theoretical Romantic

This body type is somewhat different from the romantic body type. People with Theoretical Romantic body types come with a combination of yang and soft yin. They will have the best-featured face, sharp bones, and soft skin flesh.

3. Soft Gemini

In this body type, you will have a yin size. But along with that you also get the yang body structure. You will have petit and balanced features on your body. People with Soft Gemini body type have a round face and angular features.

4. Gemini

You will see the combination of a yin face and a yang body feature in the Gemini body type. Round face, the sharp and straight position of the body are the features of this body type.

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5. Flamboyant Gemini

This body type is all about the combination of balanced and drama characters. You will find something in their body feature which is exaggerated in all the situation. As the name suggests Flamboyant Gemini always stands out of the crowd.

4. Soft Classic

If you have this body type then your body structure is the combination of balanced yang and Yin characteristics. You will have a symmetrical body type and a round face with good features.

5. Classic

People with a classic body type have a decent combination of yin and yang characters. This makes their face in even proportions. This is one of the refined and balanced body types among the others.

6. Dramatic Classic

In this body type, you will find a mixture of balanced yin characters and yang characters. You will have a symmetrical body and balanced yin characters with a round face and soft features. The person with a Dramatic classic body type also carries the muscular yang body.

7. Soft Natural  

If you have this body type then you have the extra round face with the edges. You also have the soft characters with light boned.

8. Natural

You will find different features in this type of body. It is a combination of hand and masculine body. You will also find blunt edges in people with Natural body type.

9. Flamboyant Natural

This body type has a combination of yang and softness. People with natural flamboyant body types have a softness to their skin. What’s more, they are commonly tall.

10. Soft dramatic

People with Soft Dramatic kibble body types are a combination of yin and drama. They have great yin features. This includes a round face and angular features coupled with dramatic muscles.

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11. Dramatic

This kibble body type is all about the yang character. You will find masculine, sleek, and tall features in people with dramatic body types.


1. What are the kibbe body types?

Kibbe's body types are based on the book written by David Kibbe. The name of the book is Metamorphosis in which kibbe explained the basic theory of kibbe body types. He also explains different body types in his book.  Here he differentiates based on body structure and other features of your body. You will find over 13 kibbe body types that can help you in dressing better.

2. How do you dress a kibbe?

Based on kibbe body types theory. First, you have to take a kibbe quiz which will give you an idea about your body type. You should know that your wardrobe should be according to your body types. After you complete the kibbe quiz you will get some idea about how to dress a kibbe.

3. Why is Gemini's body type?

Gemini's body type is all about the combination of yin face and yang body. The yin characters will determine the feminine characters. Whereas, the yang characters will determine the masculine character or energy. In this body type, you will have strong features, a round face structure, sharp and straight lines.

4. Can Gemini’s be tall?

If you have the Gemini kibbe body type then you have long legs and arms but you will have small feet and hands. These characters will make you tall and this is one of the great features of the Gemini.

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