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What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby?

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Do you have choices on what to wear when you are a short girl? Of course, you have! But how about when you are both short and chubby?

Is it possible that you can look taller and slimmer at the same time by wearing the right outfit?

Everyone, no matter what his or her physical appearance is, has the right to look nice and lovely by picking the right wardrobe for the occasion.

If you are a chubby girl, there are several types of shapewear that you can wear underneath your clothing to slim out those fats and chunks of skin. However, you need to choose the right outer garments to enhance your look and make the illusion that you are taller and slimmer.

This article will advise you what best to wear if you are short and chubby.


Who Is Considered Short And Chubby?

Look here, girls! We are not being rude or discriminating, but sometimes we must face the truth and accept them as facts of life! But don’t be insecure with your body. Everybody has her own qualities; we just need to cherish them and make them great!

In the United States, the average height for women is about 5’4” (165 cm.). The most used method in measuring body fat is the BMI, explained below. You can calculate your BMI and know if you are chubby by using a BMI calculator on our provided link below.


Body Mass Index (BMI): What It Means?

The BMI is the measure of fat in the body based on weight and height applying to both men and women. However, the index is not an indicator of the state of the heath of a person. To calculate your BMI, check below:

For Metric Units BMI = your weight (kg) / [your height (m)]2
For English Units BMI = weight (lb.) / [height (in)]2 x 703

BMI Categories: The resulting index will be your indicator that can mean either of the following:

Underweight = <18.5

Normal weight = 18.5 to 24.9

Overweight = 25 to 29.9

Obese = BMI of 30 and up

To calculate you’re BMI: click here.



What Kind Of Dress Should A Short Chubby Girl Wear?

If you are chubby and short (in height), there are several ways to express yourself by wearing the right attire for the right occasion. Here are just some of them:


1. Choose dresses with vertical lines and patterns.

Wearing dresses with vertical patterns and lines that point to the earth gives you the illusion of height and slimmer posture. The vertical lines will provide downward and upward elongations that will trick the eyes to look away from your broad contour.

However, you better avoid oversized dresses and choose the one that won’t show your body silhouette.


2. Prefer maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses are ankle or floor-length informal attires that are form-fitting at the top while loose and float at the bottom. These dresses are cut to drift along with the body’s silhouette. Maxi dresses are commonly cotton or polyester with diverse necklines, patterns, and colors.

To make you look taller, do not combine the dress with flat shoes or sandals; it is better to wear high heels to highlight an increase in your height. The flowing dress will also cover for your chubbiness.


3. A monochrome dress is ideal!

If you want to dress differently from top to bottom, choose dresses that have a monochromatic effect. This means that pick clothes that have similar colors or shades (such as blouse and pants). The combination will create an illusion of continuity that will make you look taller.

The objective here is to produce longer blocks of color so you seem taller and slimmer. If you want to wear a belt, choose the one with similar color or shade.


4. The Rule of Thirds applies to you

The Rule of Thirds in fashion is simply a matter of proportions in outfits. The rules suggest that you wear different clothes with a ratio of 1/3 to 2/3 (top and bottom body) or vice versa. But the shades or colors should be similar.

For example, if you wear a long blouse on the top and pants on the bottom, you can tuck-in the blouse to create a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. The ratio will make you look trimmer and taller.



1. Which dress is suitable for fat girls?

One of the best dresses to wear for fat girls is those A-Line or Empire style dresses. This type of dress will enhance your curves while covering the tummy, thighs, and butt.


2. What looks good with short fat legs?

When you are petite but have short and big legs, the best thing to do is focus on your top half. This way, you can shift their attention away from your legs. However, try to avoid tacky (such as stretchy leggings or jeans) materials on your bottom.


3. Should a short girl wear a long dress?

If you are a short girl with well-defined legs, one of the experts’ advice is to go wear a dress just below the knee.



So, there you are, girls! If you are chubby and short, you can still spice up your day by wearing the right dress for you. A height less than 5’4” for girls is considered short but there are more things to be proud of and not just your stature where you can wear the best outfit you desire.

The best to wear if you are short and chubby only shows that you can shine above the rest!

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