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15 Best Shorts For Thicker Thighs – Complete Buying Guide 2024

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Sarah Keene

When the temperature is sizzling, having comfortable shorts to wear is important to help you stay cool and looking glamorous. Shorts are versatile and can be styled to suit various events.

Whether you prefer them fitted or relaxed, shorts for thicker thighs offer style, the type of stretch you need, and leaves you feeling comfortable all day. You can also bid farewell to any awkward gaps between your back and waist area. Picking the right fabric and design with the suitable material and design will leave you looking and feeling amazing.

Top 3 Shorts For Thicker Thighs

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Lee Women’s Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Cargo Short

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.6 stars
Cotton, Spandex

2. Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Modern Collection 8″ Double Rolled Cuff Denim Short

4.5 stars
Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Spandex

3. BALEAF Women’s 5″ Athletic Shorts Quick-Dry Lightweight for Hiking, Workout, Running with Zipper Pocket U.P.F. 50+

4.3 stars
Polyester, Spandex

15 Best shorts for thicker thighs (2022 Reviews)

1. Lee Women’s Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Cargo Short

These cotton shorts will make you feel cool during the summer months. It is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex and is available in 6 different colors, which means you can change your style and look depending on your mood.

The shorts are not too short, but they are also not too long and are perfect to have you feeling comfortable and at relaxed.

The nicest part about these shorts is they come with a comfort flex waistband which will help adapt to your shape easily, making you feel so much more relaxed and ready to conquer the world. These shorts are sure to be the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


  • They are soft and comfy providing an ideal fitting.
  • They have a good length; you would not have to worry about them being too short or too long.
  • The length can be adjusted by rolling the hem up or down.
  • It lays nicely on your waist.


  • If ordering, choose a size larger than usually worn as they may not be true to your actual size.


2. Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Modern Collection 8″ Double Rolled Cuff Denim Short

These shorts have a slightly tighter fit at the thighs, and they will make you feel confident and bold as you take part in your daily activities.

They will also help you feel cool and light as they are 61% cotton, so they have a very light weight and will not make you feel too heavy.

They are slim-fit, which is fine for those who want to flaunt their luscious thick legs. They are mid-rise which means they sit beautifully on the waist and are ideal for casual days out and can be dressed up for an evening out.


  • These shorts feel comfortable and stretchy.
  • Not very long and not overly short. The perfect length to show a bit but not too much.
  • High quality material
  • These shorts can be rolled up or down to create a much shorter appearance if needed.


  • These can come out a bit smaller, therefore, if you require them to appear oversized, it may be best to go for a larger size.


3. BALEAF Women’s 5″ Athletic Shorts Quick-Dry Lightweight for Hiking, Workout, Running with Zipper Pocket U.P.F. 50+

These lightweight shorts are ultra-comfy shorts for those sporty days. These shorts are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Due to the material, they are extra stretchy and light, which is necessary for those who live an active lifestyle.

A really nice feature about these shorts are the deep pockets which means while you are taking part in any strenuous activity, your personal belongings will be tucked away safely. While other shorts can have relatively shallow pockets, these shorts certainly do not have this issue.

What is even better about these shorts is they have eight different colors for you to pick from, which means you can flaunt a different sporty look on a daily basis.


  • Really appealing
  • The fabric which operates as a Flex Motion allows movement but never gets loose on you.
  • The wide waistband is extra stretchy, so it doesn’t feel like it digs into your skin.


  • For larger bottomed ladies, more fabric could be added to the back.
  • I recommend you order a bigger size up as they can run on the smaller size.


4. Lee Women’s Flex Motion Plus Size Bermuda Short

These 98% cotton and 2% spandex shorts are a force not to be reckoned with. Not only are these shorts stunning to look at, but they also come with five different pockets, so you will never be lost with knowing where to place your items on those busy nights out.

These shorts are super stretchy as they have a flexible waistband which means you will feel ultra comfortable as they adapt to your unique shape.

These shorts are slightly longer, but the great thing is that you can cuff them up to make them shorter if you wish, therefore changing the look to work with your unique event. These shorts also come in 4 neutral tones to change up your style depending on how you feel.


  • These cute shorts feel comfortable.
  • Shorts adapt to your build with ease.
  • They have a soft (stretchy) feel to them.
  • They feel light.


  •  Recommended for women who have more of a  pear-shape but may not work for women with waists that are apple-shaped.


5. BALEAF Women’s Running Shorts

These shorts are another great pick as the designers have really thought about comfort and the way it feels due to the way they have thought about the various materials in different places.

The waistband is made from a 90% knitted fabric, which will ensure it gives you that stretchy feel, and the body of the shorts is made of 95% polyester, which gives the shorts a lightweight feel which would not have you feeling too weighed down. The material around the legs is not tight, which allows room for your thighs to breathe.

These shorts are pleasant to wear casually or with the right type of top for an evening out. There are nine unique colors to pick from, which means you can have one for nearly every month of the year. Who desires to wear their shorts in the winter months anyway?


  • These shorts are fashionable.
  • They offer adequate stretch and comfort to look and feel beautiful.


  • They appear to be slightly shorter than many shorts, but it is okay as they are really appealing.


6. Just My Size Women’s Plus-Size Stretch Jersey Bike Short

These 90% cotton shorts are on the tighter size and are perfect for cycling or various types of sporting activities. Because of the material, these shorts will not leave you feeling sweaty but cool and comfortable. The 10% spandex on these shorts, they give a nice stretchy feel which means they won’t restrict your movements and have you feeling super comfortable.

They, unfortunately, do not have any pockets, but who needs pockets when you are cycling? It depends on if you carry your essential items around with you during sports or not, but it’s nothing that a good bag can not solve.

The shorts, however, are a very good length as they are not too short or long.


  • Perfect for pear shapes
  • These are smooth and have the ideal amount of stretch.
  • The light fabric makes the sizzling temperature much more bearable.
  • Made with top quality material.


  • There are no pockets


7. ALLEGRACE Plus Size Denim Shorts

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

These stretchy denim shorts will have you feeling sexy, cool, and confident. The distressed detailed look in these shorts screams beachwear or even vacation.

These plus-size shorts will make you feel so comfortable because they are high-waisted and elasticated at the waist, which means they will adapt to your figure, making them superb for curvier ladies. If you want to wear them a bit longer, that is absolutely fine as well as you can easily adjust the hem.

They come in two shades of blue, which means you can wear one during the day and one in the evening. They have standard pockets, that are quite deep which means you can keep your essentials in them without needing to carry a bag with you for a quick walk to the beach.


  • These shorts do not dig around the waist aiding in your comfort.
  • Material is strong and holds up to multiple washings.
  • Comfortable, soft material used.


  • Only two colors to choose from.


8. Just My Size Women’s Plus Cotton Jersey Pull-On Shorts

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

These soft jersey shorts are made from 100% cotton making them the perfect shorts for those lazy days to lounge around the house or go for lovely evening walks.

They have maximum comfort and include a drawstring closure which means you can adapt it after any large meal. The pockets are nice and deep to ensure you can fit your essential items in there securely.

To provide extra comfort, these shorts are made with side slits so they provide additional flexibility. These shorts will also be great for any sporting activity because of the amount of flexibility they have which is great for any gym or sports lover. You have three colors to choose from, and they are a great addition to have in your wardrobe.


  • Made from the softest material.
  • Nice amount of stretch in the fabric.
  • Appealing especially for those who are plus sizes.
  • These shorts are amazingly comfortable and great for those who love being active.


  • Can not wear for evening wear


9. C9 Champion Women’s Knit Sport Short

These 100% polyester shorts are lightweight and comfortable for any sports enthusiast. They are low rise and are made of breathable material which will not leave your legs feeling sweaty. This is a bonus, especially if you enjoy being active during your day-to-day life. Picture yourself in these shorts, cycling, or at the gym.

The shorts come with two decent-sized pockets, which is excellent while cycling as it means you can place your keys or phone in them without worrying about them dropping out.

The elastic waist means that they adapt to your shape, making it the ideal shorts for those looking to look great and feel comfortable at the same time.


  • The fabric is lightweight and stretchy.
  • Nice cell phone-sized deep pockets
  • These shorts are not too tight around the legs and give a more sporty feel


  • You may not be able to wear these shorts for an evening out as they are more sporty day wear.


10. DIBAOLONG Yoga Shorts

These shorts provide ultra comfort for any yoga enthusiast. Even if you do not do any sports, these sports will be perfect to wear on a casual basis. They are made of 80% polyester, 4% spandex, and 16% cotton, which allows a soft, lightweight, and stretchy feel.

Flexibility is vital with activities like yoga, and these soft shorts can definitely compliment the movement as they will help prevent your legs from sweating and feeling sticky because of their breathable material.

They are long in length, nearly reaching the knee, and the legs are wide enough, which will not restrict your movements. The drawstring waistband complements these shorts allowing for that greater flexibility for unique shapes. The wow factor is that you can pick from 16 different colors, complementing your time at the gym on a daily basis.


  • Great stretch, especially for yoga enthusiasts.
  • Comfortable fit.


  • Slightly on the longer side, but that might be fine for some women.


11. Amazon Essentials Women’s French Terry Fleece Short

These shorts are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are perfect to lounge around with or wear casually for shopping. If you are feeling extra bold, they are also great to wear to the gyms as the flexible material means it will not restrict your workout.

The fleece-like material means that they will feel soft to the body aiding in your comfort. They are flexible and will adapt to your shape as the waist has a drawstring which means you can adjust it for your own personal style.

These shorts are pretty short, which is excellent for women who have the confidence to pull them off. They even come in 5 colors, so you can choose to change your look whenever you feel like it.


  • Comfortable material
  • Comfy and flattering to your curves due to the drawstring.


  • You are unable to adjust the length of the shorts.


12. Just My Size Women’s Plus Cotton Jersey Pull-On Shorts

These plus-size jersey shorts are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. They are 100% cotton which means your legs don’t feel sweaty after wearing these shorts for an extended period of time.

The drawstring means you can adapt them to suit your own shape, and they are stretchy and will not make you feel conscious after heavier meals as you can simply adjust them. They also include slits at the side which aids in your comfort even more by providing greater flexibility.

The roomy pockets means you can forget your bag in your house and take everything you need with you and feel secure that they will not drop out of your pocket. You can pick from three different colors and they can be worn all year round because of the material.


  • Luxurious stretchy material.
  • Adapts to your body shape.
  • Decent length
  • Soft to touch but durable material.


  • Limited range of colors to pick from.


13. ONLYSHE Women’s Casual Drawstring Pocketed Shorts Summer Loose Athletic Sports Short Pants

I just love these shorts due to their lightweight nature, and they come with a whopping 37 different styles to pick from. Wear them for a casual outing, or select another style for a luxurious dinner date.

These shorts will have you not only feeling superb but glamorous as well. The shorts are made from 60% polyester and 35% cotton, which means they will also help keep you cool, especially during the hotter months.

The closure, which is a drawstring, aids in the flexibility, ensuring that your activities are not restricted, and you can adapt the waist for days where you may feel a bit bloated. They include two side pockets and two pockets at the back, so ample places to store your essentials.


  • They have a good amount of stretch.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Perfect length.
  • Great feel (soft yet durable).


  • Too many styles to choose from, which may leave some confused and buying too much of them.


14. GRACE KARIN Women Bowknot Tie Waist Summer Casual Shorts with Pockets

These fashionable shorts are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes them the ideal lightweight, slightly stretchy shorts. Wear them for an evening out with the ladies or a romantic dinner. They will have you feeling and looking like a model.

They do come up as slightly shorter than the others, but the waist is extenuated by a glamorous bow which gives it a dressy look rather than a casual one. The high waist allows greater comfort and flexibility, and you can even remove the belt if you do not want to wear it on an informal basis which is a bonus.

Wear a pair of heels and a strappy top to complete the look. The best thing is you have 31 styles to pick from, so the possibility of achieving different looks is virtually endless.


  • These shorts provide a nice amount of stretch for your comfort.
  • Greater flexibility means they will adapt to your shape.
  • The material will feel soft on your skin.


  • The pockets may be too shallow, but that’s what bags are for on an evening out.


15. Blevonh Yoga Shorts

These shorts will be a favorite among the sports enthusiasts. These shorts are 90% polyester and 10% spandex making them lightweight for exercise and stretchy for flexibility.

A nice feature of these shorts is they come with one hidden side pocket, especially for your phone, so you can work out in peace knowing that your phone will be secure. The shorts are non-see-through, which is another area that will give you peace of mind at the gym.

If you are not an exercise person, these shorts are perfect to lounge around the house with for those lazy days, and they will not ride up, which helps prevent chafing. There are 15 styles to choose from to ensure you can wear a different pair every day of the week.


  • They have a good amount of stretch.
  • Excellent flexibility, especially for working out.
  • The softness of the material will leave your skin feeling great.


  • Not for evening wear but you can if you want, who is stopping you?


What Kind of Shorts Are Best For Thicker Thighs?

The best shorts for fat thighs are shorts that have side slits and are high waisted.

What you need to understand is that having big thighs is not a curse and will not prevent you from looking glamourous. For example, studies conducted recently have linked having thicker thighs to lowered blood pressure and having a longer life span.

The study insinuated that having bigger thighs help blood flow much freely. This demonstrates that it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to having larger thighs, and your thighs can be an actual blessing. What a bonus!

However, some shorts do help accentuate your look giving the appearance of slimmer, longer legs.

Should I Wear Tight Shorts or Looser Shorts if I Have Big Thighs? 

Some fashion gurus believe that wearing tight shorts may not be a flattering option for thicker thighed ladies. Some ladies prefer to have shorts that leave more room in their thigh area, making them feel more comfortable.

However, this doesn’t mean you can not wear tighter shorts as they can also look good on women with thick thighs. It is all dependent on the kind of look you are going for and if you are happy with figure-hugging shorts, go ahead and buy them.

Every woman is different and can either have pear-shapes or apple-shapes and what works and looks good on some may not look good on you. So try out different styles to see what looks best on you. You may even be surprised at what you might find out.

Remember, it is also how you style your shorts as well so get out your footwear, jewelry, and tops and experiment with the different looks you can create.

Benefits of Side Slits in Shorts 

Some shorts are detailed with slits at the side, but they are there for a reason. Having side slits on shorts allows them to have more movement to house your thicker thighs.

These are great when you do not want shorts that hug your thighs and drawing attention there. It allows your thighs to have more room, in turn making you feel more relaxed.

You may not even notice them on some shorts as they are created not to be seen but as a part of the design, which is beneficial as having them hidden means the look and style of the shorts will not be altered.

What Kind of Shorts Make Legs Look Thinner?

At the moment, just looking at any fashion magazine, you will see high-rise shorts on the majority of models.

High-rise shorts help to give a shape to your waistline, and the attention will be there rather than on your thighs. It gives your body the right type of balance and gives the illusion of your legs being longer and slimmer.

Are Biker Shorts Good For Thick Thighs?

Biker shorts are ideal for women who partake in sporting activities such as cycling. Usually, biker shorts are made of breathable material to help with sweat and, of course, are flexible.

Biker shorts, therefore, help to reduce heat absorption and can help with chaffing. These shorts are usually made with spandex or lycra.

Women with thick thighs may find that biker shorts may be too tight around their thighs, and many have opted to wear these shorts a few sizes larger to accommodate their thick thighs. This will mean that the biker shorts have a looser fit on the waist.

However, as mentioned previously, if tighter shorts are for you, then there is nothing wrong with this as well. As long as you feel comfortable, then that is all that really matters.

Therefore, the answer is yes, you can wear biker shorts if you have thick thighs, but some women may want to go for biker shorts that have a looser fit and, in that case, opt for purchasing a slightly bigger size.


Buying shorts for thick thighs does not have to be a complicated process. The key is to understand your shape and the cuts that flatter your body the most.

If you are ONLY looking for denim shorts for big thighs, click here to get more options. Or, if you have an old jeans that you no longer wear, put it to good use. Learn how to cut jeans into shorts and create your own pair of fashionable denim shorts!

So rounding up for the overall winner of the best shorts for thicker thighs goes to the Lee Women’s Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts These shorts are stylish, comfortable and really do flatter the more prominent thighed ladies. So why not spoil yourself and add this glorious pair to your wardrobe today.

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