Top 7 Best Shapewear For Fupa (2021 Reviews)

best shapewear for fupa

FUPA is slang which people use to refer to excess fat in a certain area. It is present between the upper part of the pubic bone between your hips. Fat upper pubic area or generally known as FUPA is very common in women. It is mostly a postpartum issue caused due to pregnancy. After discussing the reasons, we will also tell …

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7 Best Shapewear For Love Handles and Still Feels Good (2021 Reviews)

Best Shapewear For Love Handles

Are you tired of looking at those love handles hanging on your hips? Most women find love handles annoying, especially when they are massive and obese-like. But wait! There are ways you can hide them instantly without sacrificing your health by going under the knife or taking medications. Our list below provides insights on the best shapewear to conceal love handles on …

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Best Shapewear for Plus-Size Women You Should Consider – 2021 Reviews

Best Shapewear for Plus-Size Women

Plus-size women are now more confident of their bodies. Do you know why? The proper shapewear can make wonders out of the ordinary. This shapewear makes well-endowed women more attractive and lovely by today’s standards. Like undies to enhance the butt or the underwear for pear-shaped women, the shapewear for plus-size women is like your second skin. If you want to buy shapewear: …

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Where Does The Fat Go When Corset Training? The Truth Behind it!

Where Does The Fat Go When Corset Training

Do you know where does the fat go when corset training? When you put on a corset, it may seem like the waist is getting slimmer. But the truth is the fat gets pushed in to give your body an hourglass shape. You can also adjust the strings or hooks to get the desired results. Wearing a corset doesn’t mean that …

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Best Shapewear For Muffin Top You Can Rely on/ Top-tier Reviews 2021


Do you want to get rid of your muffin top? If muffin top is troubling you for quite some time now, maybe it is time you pick shapewear that will eliminate this fat in an instant? A muffin top is a roll of fat that you can see above the top of a pair of tight-fitting and low-waist pants. There are other types …

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