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Top 8 Best Shapewear For Fupa – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Sarah Keene

FUPA is slang which people use to refer to excess fat in a certain area. It is present between the upper part of the pubic bone between your hips. Fat upper pubic area or generally known as FUPA is very common in women.

It is mostly a postpartum issue caused due to pregnancy. After discussing the reasons, we will also tell you about several ways you can fix your FUPA. The most important thing you should start right away is wearing shapewear.

A lot of the best shapewear for FUPA is available in the market with great benefits. So, in this article, we will tell you about the 9 Best Shapewear for FUPA.

Top 3 Shapewear For FUPA

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper (Best Body shaper in Romper)

#1 – Editor’s Cho
4.5 stars

Nylon, Spandex

2. Shapewear Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Full Body Shaper Open Bust Waist Trainer Bodysuit

4.3 stars

Nylon, Spandex

3. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Singlet (Best Shapewear with Singlet)

4.3 stars

Nylon, Elastane

8 Best Shapewear For FUPA : Top Choices & Reviews 2022

1. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper (Best Body shaper in Romper)

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper allows you to pamper yourself. It also helps you in standing out of the crowd. This product helps you to control your body shape & tone it. It is effective in molding your body and giving it a perfect shape.

This romper is designed to push the extra bulging mass inwards and appear a smooth, toned body. It turns out to be the best shapewear for FUPA. The extra fat accumulation in and around FUPA is very embarrassing. Many times, you can’t wear your favorite output just because of the bulging part. So here are the FUPA hacks for girls. It makes you appear slimmer and young as ever.

Its shoulder plush wide strap ensures its fitting. It safely goes with any tight-fitting outfit. It allows hand washes at home. All these features mark it the best body shaper.

Its fabrics are 80% nylon and 20% elastane. This Spanx is available in all sizes. It is available in small to XX-large and 2 shades, Body Beige, and modern black. It is the best shapewear available online.


  • Comfortable fabric to carry all day long.
  • Its non-binding legs add to the comfort and flexibility of the wearer.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap.


  • The tight leg bans tend to roll backward.
  • The seams are not that flat.
  • Some users also complained about the crotch hook.


2. Shapewear Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Full Body Shaper Open Bust Waist Trainer Bodysuit

Shapewear Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Full Body Shaper Open Bust Waist Trainer Bodysuit

If you are tired of sloppy shapewear products and want to try an effective product, this is for you. The inclusion of 85% nylon and 15% spandex creates the dream shapewear for ultimate comfort. It does only one job, gives you a perfect figure and the results are always stunning.

The other thing that worries them most is carrying the suit. Well, the manufacturer did an amazing job with the design. The straps are easily adjustable and you have full control over fitting. How about using the bathroom with this full-body shapewear?

Probably this question is important and you are going to love the solution. Will you be happy if this suit had hooks to ease the bathroom process? Here you go as this full-body shapewear has the hooks. What else do you want?

Love handles will be gone with this shapewear because it provides firm control over the shape. There are so many customizations in the suit to offer only one thing, a perfect body shape. The curves are going to be visible now and get ready to embrace the attractiveness.


  • Easy to wear in daily life and makes the use of bathroom without removing the suit
  • Breathable material and mesh butt design to make you comfortableShapes the body in the most natural way



3. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Singlet (Best Shapewear with Singlet)

Shapewear by Maidenform is outstanding in terms of quality. This one also comes with Bra singlets that help in tightening the shape of women’s bodies. Singlet combined with the best shapewear is perfect for any woman. Perform every activity you’re your shapewear, including running, swimming, cycling, etc.

This is the Best Shapewear for FUPA, it comes with a firm control fabric to control belly fat. It is a cheaper alternative to Spanx which offers an equal amount of comfort. Like Spanx, this can also smoothen your tummy and keep it in control. It offers you all-around shaping support with an extensively targeted mid-section.

Therefore, this product is one of the Best Body Shaper due to its quality and perfect fit. In case you are facing issues like allergy or rashes at all. This shapewear will not create any unwanted reactions.


  • No-line wearing experience.
  • The fabric is smooth and silky.
  • Offers an un-constructive experience.


  • Not best for wearing short skirts.
  • Many users face rolling-up issues.


4. Irisnaya Women Waist Trainer Bodysuit Tummy Control Shapewear Slim Full Body Shaper Open Bust Corset Cincher

This women’s shapewear bodysuit corset comes with high-quality materials. It has 60% nylon and 40% spandex. It is highly lightweight, flexible, and skin-friendly. It gives a smoother curve and gives an attractive look. It’s the best shapewear for FUPA and the best teasing FUPA hack.

It’s available to fit a slim body and all sizes. It’s probably the best shapewear available online. You get high compression at the stomach and a perfect shape at the abdomen and the waist. It’s worn beneath any kind of clothing and gives a perfect desirable look. It holds stomach with extra accumulation tugged inwards. Provides coverage to extra storage and is safely breathable, sweat absorber.

This Spanx even relieves waist and back pain. This is the best shaper to bring one back to the wanted shape.


  • Adjustable hook to fit according to one’s comfort level.
  • The splice mesh cloth of the waist provides strong compression on the tummy
  • This romper comes with an adjustable and removable strap


  • No support for breasts.
  • The sizes are inaccurate.


5. SPANX Shapewear for Women, Tummy Control Power Shorts (Best for Large Sizes)

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

Spanx fits all the women wonderfully. It ensures the product offers the wearer an optimal fitting. One can go through the size chart to opt for the apt size for oneself. Such shapewear gives the perfect shape to the body adding to your confidence.

This tummy control shapewear shapes the stomach. The fabric is very comfortable to wear all day long. It fits the bottom exceptionally. There are certain areas we like to have extra control on and FUPA is one such area of our body. The extra bulging on that part is embarrassing for some. Tummy control shorts are the best FUPA hacks available in the Spanx store.

There are quite a few best shapewear for FUPA available in the market. You can safely club it with a Romper. For those who desire to put on a skin-hugging silhouette. This product serves as the best shapewear. It even brings your body back to size with continuous use.


  • Fitting from the tummy through the bottoms to the thighs makes it the best body shaper.
  • Its fabric is enduring.
  • It’s accompanied by a no-slip waistband which allows it to stay at its place all day long.


  • No support for the upper part.
  • No shoulder straps for extra support.


6. SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombians Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit (Best for Occasional dresses)

The Shaperx shapewear is best for women who want to keep their tummy in control. Shaperx offers much best shapewear that you can wear on any occasion. It allows you to roam around comfortably without any trouble. It comes with non-slip straps that ensure a decent grip.

The Shaperx Shapewear can be the perfect FUPA hacks for women. This shapewear will help women in looking slimmer and aiding them to look graceful. With this, the compression of the upper and lower body parts adjusts very comfortably. The designs are just right which provides you with a perfect fit that is not too tight.

This shapewear comes with an open bust design. What’s more, you also get a zipper for an easier wearing experience. It is one of the Best Body Shaper costumes that you can wear on any occasion. The zip-lock design helps you in making changes according to your circumstances.


  • Breathable material.
  • Easy to wear and take-off.
  • Straps provide additional support.


  • Leg opening tends to be wider.
  • The fabric placement is inappropriate.


7. Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt Lifter Tummy Control Panty Slim Waist Trainer(Best Shapewear for Working-out)

Body shapers help women in getting a proper balance for their bodies. It also helps in keeping a proper shape. The romper looks perfect on a woman with FUPA if she wears the best body shapers inside them. The Gotoly Women Body shaper is nothing less. It comes with a soft and silky material, that offers a breathable experience.

It is arguably the best shapewear which you can wear for social gatherings. With its super thin edges, the shapewear looks almost invisible from the outside.

It is the best body shaper for women who are facing postpartum FUPA. Mainly because it is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Super comfortable.
  • It’s easy to carry and feels weightless.
  • Additional boning for better curves.


  • Hard to wear back.
  • Seam positioning is not appropriate for some wearers.


8. Body Wrap Women’s Plus Size Full Figure the Catwalk High-Waist Panty

This product is perfect for you if you are looking for shapewear. The Body Wrap Panty style shapewear can hide your lower belly, thighs, and especially your FUPA. It will give your body a slimmer, younger, even, and sexier look.

The elasticity of shapewear is outstanding. It comes with a hard elastic that can create bumps in your tummy. This shapewear not only smoothens your belly area. But it also tightens your thighs to give you a perfect body shape. Most women like this shapewear because it is easy to wear. Also, because the material is very soft, it supports the back, and it’s even elastic. What’s more, it is not very hard to be uncomfortable and you can do anything wearing it.

This shapewear fits every curve in your body and gives you a natural slim look. It is so comfortable that you can wear it all day and you will not feel any discomfort. If you are a woman who likes to wear skinny jeans or dresses. But you cannot wear them because of your FUPA, then this shapewear will be your best choice.


  • No roll or bunch appears within the leg area.
  • Make you instantly slim without feeling too tight


  • Fabric grazes between two legs.
  • Might be tighter in size


What Causes A FUPA?

Although people generally consider FUPA as a postpartum effect. There are many other reasons for it. Below are some of the most common ones:

If you want to get rid of your FUPA, there is nothing better than using the best shapewear. Through this, you can get instant relief from that excess fat coming out of your sexy dress

  • Rapid Weight Change: Another great cause for FUPA is weight change. If you rapidly lose weight or gain weight all of a sudden. Then your body will not be able to cope with it and it can cause FUPA.
  • Excess Stress: You can also form a bunch of excess fat if you take excess stress. Yes, as we already mentioned in many places stress takes a toll on your body. So, it is best to avoid any type of stress.
  • Genetical Order: FUPA can also be a genetical lineage that occurs automatically. You can still fix it by using the best shapewear for FUPA.
  • Bloating: This act of excessive eating is very harmful to your body. Research suggests it can `even cause situations like FUPA.
  • Poor Diet: If you don’t have a proper diet, and end but eating whatever you get. You are probably in the bracket of consuming a poor diet. It can also lead to the formation of FUPA.

Best Shapewear for FUPA – Buyers Guide

If you are a fan of gorgeous dresses, but can’t wear them because of your chubby thigh and FUPA? Then Shapewear is your solution.

To look good in your favorite dress, you need the best shapewear for FUPA to be exact. But finding the best shapewear for you is a difficult task. If you are also someone who is struggling with a FUPA we have a solution for you. We are going to guide you to find the best shapewear for FUPA. Through this, you can look just the way you want to in any dress.

Before starting remember one thing. Only the best body shaper can fulfill your expectation, not all. So, this will be your ultimate guide to find the best body shaper. Let’s start.

Tip 1: Know your size first:

To be comfortable you have to choose the perfect size for your body shaper. Here are some guides to know your size.

  • If you are buying it for the first time, then you should buy it from a local shop. As they give the facility to try it before buying. Or you can use websites like Amazon that have return policies.
  • Some women think that under-sizing or size down from their actual size may make them look slimmer. But actually, it doesn’t. Under-sizing shapewear only causes you discomfort and uneven bodyline. So, pick your actual size,
  • Try to bring your dress to the shop so that you can try it with the shapewear once. This will ensure if it is perfect for your dress or not. There are plenty of various presents for almost every type of dress.
  • Don’t forget to sit or walk in it while trying.

Tip 2: Check its elasticity

After knowing your size, you have to know about the material present in that shapewear.

  • If you find the elastic present in the shapewear is very hard, then look out for another brand. Because very hard elastic can cause you uneven bodyline and hard to sit.
  • If you find the elastic is too loose then drop it. Because it doesn’t fulfill your expectations.

So, go for medium elastic shapewear in which you can be free to do anything.


Tip 3: Choose the perfect one according to your need

Before buying shapewear ask yourself why you need it. If you want a full-body toner, then go for a bodysuit. If you are a new mother and want to get your loose tummy in place. Then go for maternity shapewear, etc. find the right one for your needs.

What to Look for In Shapewear For FUPA?

If you are dealing with a FUPA problem shapewear is the instant cure. But we know how hard it is to find the best shapewear for FUPA. As there is a very large variety of shapewear in the market. But every shapewear is not for you. You only need the best shapewear for your FUPA that suits your body. Below are some key points that will help you in finding the best shapewear for FUPA.

1. Look for a Perfect Fit:

For finding the best shapewear, you must know about elastin present in shapewear. Your shapewear should be very stretchy that can perfectly fit every curve of your body. Especially the part between your butt and waist.

2. Should Not be too hard on your body:

The elastic should not be too hard, because hard elastic can wrap your FUPA very tightly. This will make it hard for you to breathe and eat comfortably.

3. Say no to loose Shapewear:

Make sure the elastic is not very loose, as it might not fit your curves. You can avoid this by trying your shapewear beforehand.

4. Find something that will keep you cool 

We know how hot it is to wear shapewear for a complete day. Sometimes it becomes so sweaty, that it is visible from outside the dress. So, look for cotton-based or lightweight shapewear. Consider something that will keep the outer surface dry.

How Do I Get Rid Of My FUPA?

If you want to get rid of your FUPA, there is nothing better than using the best shapewear. Through this, you can get instant relief from that excess fat coming out of your sexy dress.

How To Get Rid Of A Male FUPA?

Men can also get FUPA, as it can occur to any human being. Getting rid of a male FUPA is fairly simple yet very challenging. Below are some of the FUPA hacks that can help you lose that excess fat.

  • You can start by adding an exercise called forearm plank to your regime as it helps strengthen your core.
  • Exercises like leg raise, and bicycle crunches are also very beneficial. And you can couple it with roll-ups and superman pose.
  • Another good exercise to lose FUPA is burpees. You can also create a Cardio routine consisting of all these exercises.
  • Consider maintaining a proper diet that is free from bloatware.
  • Start avoiding foods with excessive fats.


1. How can I hide my lower belly pooch?

You can hide your belly pouch by using any of the listed best Shapewear for FUPA.

2. Do waist trainers work for FUPA?

Yes, waist trainers can be of great benefit for curing FUPA.

3. Does shapewear reduce belly fat?

Shapewear does reduce belly fat but over-time. If you use it with your regular exercise regime it will produce better results.

4. What is the best shapewear for a big tummy?

You can use any of the above best shapewear for FUPA for reducing big tummy.

5. How do I get rid of my FUPA?

You can get rid of your FUPA by exercising regularly and maintaining a strict diet. You can also use any of the above listed best shapewear for additional benefits.


These were some of the best Shapewear for FUPA. Even though all the products on our list are worth a try. If you are looking for shapewear that provides you with better value and benefits. Along with that it also provides you great FUPA hacks.

Then you should go with the Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper (Best Body shaper in Romper). It not only provides you with belly control. But it also offers additional benefits for reducing FUPA, you might even be able to wear a tight dress by hiding you belly fat!

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