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Best Rear Lifting Shapewear (Butt Enhancer without Surgery): Review & Buying Guide

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Hey ladies, who say you cannot lift your butt without going under the knife? We know how to do it. It’s just a matter of finding the best rear lifting shapewear.

Too many shapewear in the market claim they can do magic on your butt, but only a handful are effective, as we have found out.

Finding shapewear for a bigger bum entails less effort nowadays as we prepare a list that will make your search narrower. Butt lifter shapewear is today’s trend because it is cheap, effective, and will not jeopardize your health.

Take a quick look at our list of the best rear lifting shapewear before you buy one!


Recommended Products RATING
1. IUGA High-Waist Yoga Pants/Leggings with Pockets #1 – Editor’s Choice

4.6 stars

2. Leonisa Low Back Bodysuit Tummy Control Shapewear for Women with Butt Lifter


4.1 stars

3. Beilini Women’s High-Waist Thigh Shapewear Tummy Firm Control Lift Bum Shaper


4 stars

6 Best Rear Lifting Shapewear That Is Very Convenient – 2022 Reviews

Note: Each product has a standard size in the link and there are slight variations in measurement, it is advised that you consult the chart for your correct size. Also, if you want to know more about shapewear, click here.

1. IUGA High-Waist Yoga Pants/Leggings with Pockets

If you want a collection of Yoga pants or leggings for your daily workout, the IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants/Leggings is a smart choice. You see, these butt lifting leggings have more than 25 colors to choose from and are priced just right for budget-seeking women.

The pants are not only ideal for everyday exercise; they are also effective for tummy control, and the high-waist keeps your butt pulled-up, and in-place. Some of the most admired features of the running pants are the hidden pockets on the waistband and on each side.

The IUGA Pants are by Yogis for Yogis that perfectly shape your body while compressing fat as comfortable as wearing panties. The leggings have a 4-way stretch fabric that passed the squat test.


  • The leggings are for everyday use (home or outdoors).
  • Available in two-tone color-ways, such as black & light gray.
  • Stretches just enough to protect and lift the butt.
  • Not a see-through fabric even if you move too much.
  • The pocket on the waistband fits ATM cards, keys, etc.
  • The side pockets can carry a mobile phone without being bulky.
  • The Yoga leggings have a streamlined fit.
  • Available colors from black, gray, purple, to white.


  • Not advisable to wear when swimming.
  • Not ideal to wear for too long every day.


2. Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short for Women Butt Lifter

Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short for Women Butt Lifter

Leonisa had been shaping women of all ages and sizes for more than 60 years. The Leonisa Low Back Bodysuit Tummy Control Shapewear for Women with Butt Lifter is one of the company’s best sellers when it comes to body slimming.

This bodysuit is high-waist, so it not only lifts your butt but also a slim tummy without a hitch. The Colombia-based Leonisa is an epitome of Latino romantic lingerie that gives ladies the joy of intimate apparel.

If you want shapewear that lifts your bottoms, the Leonisa ultimate control should be on the top of your list. This shaping garment also comfortably controls the torso, thighs, and abdominal area. We do not wonder why so many women have intimate smiles on their lips!


  • Also, supports whole body firming fat and trimming love handles.
  • Uses SkinFuse technology creating a light but seamless material.
  • The underwear has no seams & invisible under outerwear.
  • It has removable & adjustable straps.
  • Covered butt cheeks style.
  • Panty lines do not show up.
  • Thoroughly defines your waistline.
  • It has a wide under-bust band with anti-slip elastic.
  • Material is 78% polyamide, 22% elastane (an ideal blend).


  • Not to be worn without outerwear.
  • Open-bust system, you need to wear a bra.
  • Not hand washable & ironing is forbidden.


3. Beilini Women’s High-Waist Thigh Shapewear Tummy Firm Control Lift Bum Shaper

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The Beilini Tummy Firm Control & Bum Lifter has no straps, unlike the Leonisa bodysuit. It is still effective in lifting your butt because it has a strong but soft elastic closure below the bust line.

If you want complete secrecy on what you are wearing underneath, this Beilini High-waist bodysuit is the smart choice. This full-body suit supports your body from below the boobs up to above the knee, so you can wear a blouse & skirt (or jeans) underneath without somebody noticing it.

This pull-up lingerie easily tightens the bottom and lifts the butt while supporting the thighs. Wearing this tight underwear will not roll down in the stomach, so it remains in place even if you move wildly during a dance.


  • Ideal for parties, weddings, exercise, & at work.
  • It compresses the entire mid-section to trim the tummy.
  • Perfect for denim & T-shirt.
  • Also, ideal for casual or formal wear.
  • Soft, breathable, undetectable, seamless, & lightweight.
  • The shapewear comes in two colors (Nude & Black).
  • Easy to wear, just pull up from feet.
  • A control panty that makes butt looks bigger but sexier.


  • Needs to wear a bra when wearing this shapewear.
  • Not machine washable. Also, do not bleach or iron.
  • Not advisable as a sleeping outfit.


4. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear/ Hi-Waist

Do you want shapewear that does not only lift your butt sexier but has multiple functions? You guess it right! The Nebility Butt Lifter is a high-waist bum lifter that remains invisible under your dress, blouse, jeans, and other outfits.

These shaping briefs not only lift your butt but also trim your tummy giving slimmer look almost instantly. Most post-partum women use this undergarment to keep excess fats from accumulating.

The Nebility Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper has a spiral steel bone to lock the lingerie below your bust line. The butt lifter is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial properties. Even if the fabric is elastic, the material keeps your skin breathes even during an intense workout.


  • Cannot be worn independently, must be layered with other outfits.
  • Enhances double tummy control while you are on a workout.
  • Multiple uses (such as at work, parties, workouts, weddings, etc.).
  • The elastic band is wrapped elegantly to avoid harming the skin.
  • It comes in two colors (beige & black) matching skin tone.
  • The pantywaist trainer lifts buttocks naturally.
  • The briefs have no padding, unlike other butt lifters.
  • The slim shaper fits any body type.


  • Not to use as outerwear.
  • For hand washing only.
  • Do not bleach or iron.


5. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Seamless Waist Trainer Hi-Waist

Nebility doesn’t let you down! It even lifts you up! This Body Shaper Panty makes your butt more visible while holding your tummy fats manageable! This Nebility Shapewear is one of the cheapest butt lifter lingerie that you could find in the market without sacrificing quality.

The High-Waist Nebility Butt Lifter curves you right by lifting bottoms shaping your butt like never before. This panty bum enhancer remains invisible under the dress, so you do not need to worry during heavy workouts or at work.

This butt lifter enlarges and enhances your booty. Wearing the Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear also boosts your personality. If you are tired of fake body shapers, think of this slimming panty as the best alternative.

The Nebility Store suggests that you could get the perfect fit by measuring the waistline one inch above the navel. Once you determined your measurement, consult the Size Chart Picture provided on their website. It works every time!


  • The control panty makes butts bigger while wearing it comfortably.
  • This shapewear is spandex blended with soft fabrics.
  • With a smooth, sexy, & seamless lace design.
  • One of the cheapest body shapers in the market.


  • Not to wear independently but always with an outer garment.
  • The lace design might show up if you wear too-short skirts.
  • The slimming butt lifter comes in limited two colors (black & beige).


6. SAYFUT Women Shapewear Butt Lifter Waist Cincher Boy Short Tummy Control Panty

Do you want a higher butt lift? Well, the SAYFUT Women Shapewear Butt Lifter is interesting to wear. This control panty is a waist cincher that also supports your back and the mid-section.

If you are suffering from mild back pain, this is it! You can wear this type of shapewear nursing an aching back, while it lifts your butt effectively. Unlike other bum lifters, the SAYFUT Butt Lifter has a circle opening on the back that naturally lifts your bottoms.

For those who are not comfortable wearing a full-body suit, there is always an alternative. This slimming panty is even cheaper than most shapewear on the market. So, if you are looking for cost-effective shapewear without hurting your budget, buy this waist cincher.


  • Made from polyester & spandex that is sweat-free.
  • High-waist design that controls fats firmly & a slim waistline.
  • Locks through a boning system that does not slip.
  • The panty is wearable with any type of clothes (casual or formal).
  • A perfect gift to women of any age (adult life).
  • Invisible when worn with outer garments.
  • No need to wear a panty underneath.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Do not tumble dry to avoid over-stretching the spandex.
  • The boner lock may wear due to prolonged use.


6 Basic Butt Lifter Styles

Best Shapewear for back fat

1. Panty style

The panty style offers complete butt cheeks coverage and provides tighter and more elastic fabric. It gathers a larger volume of your rear to shape the butt effectively.

2. Bodysuit style

This style also provides tummy, thighs, hips, and waist support aside from lifting your rear. This slimming lingerie has soft and easy to use straps that are adjustable.

3. Exposed Butt Cheeks Style

Aside from decreasing love handles, back bulges, & muffin tops, the exposed butt cheeks style helps to compress the butt up smoothly.

4. Covered Butt Cheeks Style

This style instantly lifts your behind, along with flattening the tummy, waist, and hips. It also improves back posture while minimizing backache.

5. Capri Style

If you have a chubby waist and want to lift your rear, the Capri style is an ideal choice. The Capri flattens undesirable fats in your waist while helping in trimming love handles and shapes the thighs.

6. Boxer Style

Like the exposed butt cheeks style, the Boxer has cutouts on the butt’s cheeks to lift the bum without a fabric counter-pressing. The waistband is soft elastic that stretches out above the navel.


Superlative Buying Guide For The Best Butt Lifter For Women

1. Choose your style

Pick the butt lifter style that will best define your lifestyle. Most butt lifters are not easy to hide, so when in public, choose the light one and the style that fits the occasion.

2. Look for the best material/comfort fit

Not all butt shapers are created equal, so they say. There is shapewear that is too tight and has rough edges and materials. Pick the one that is more comfortable on your skin.

3. Consider multiple uses

There are butt lifters that cannot be worn on other occasions, so it’s better that you select the one that will fit any event. Budget-conscious individuals may consider this.

4. Read more customer reviews

Customer reviews play a vital role in selecting the best product for you. It’s not a waste of time if you read some reviews to confirm a product’s popularity.


5 Mind-boggling Advantages of Rear Lifting Shapewear

  • Butt lifting shapewear is a cheaper and safer way of enhancing your bottom without the danger of invasive surgery.
  • Butt lifters provide instant bum shaping where you are comfortable. Although body shapers are not permanent compared to surgery, diet & exercise, and taking medications, you can do it every day.
  • Modern butt lifters do not contain silicone or foam padding, so you enhance your butt naturally.
  • Rear lifters work without the aid of other devices or fabric, so their use is not complicated.
  • A butt lifter may enhance your personality and good looks.


What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Butt Lifter

1. Quality & fit

Rear lifters are diversified shapewear lingerie that raises your butt and firms the muscle around it. But most shaping underwear nowadays has multiple uses (like tummy & hips control). Choose the one that has the premium quality and the right fit for you.

The right quality ranges from boost confidence when wearing one to the ideal elasticity that will not hurt your body.

2. Look for customized design

There is a better design that will satisfy your lifestyle, so look for the best rear lifter shapewear that defines your personality.

3. Look for the right color

Ladies prefer their shapewear hidden, so choose the one that will match your outer wear or your skin tone.

4. Pick the right material

There are six basic materials for butt lifters. These are Nylon, Spandex, Powernet, Lycra, Latex, and Polyamide. All of these are stretchable that returns to original length but differ in the strength of elasticity.

5. Is the price right?

Compared to butt augmentation surgery and other bum enhancing procedures, a butt lifter is cheaper and ready to use. Pick the best rear lifter you think is affordable but will not compromise quality.



1. Which brand of shapewear is the best?

Picking the best shapewear brand goes with the preference of every individual. Our list above is the result of intense research and foremost online reviews.

2. What is the best shapewear for belly fat?

A bodysuit style butt lifter can also trim belly fat, as well as the covered butt cheeks style.

3. What’s the best shapewear for back fat?

If you are more concerned about back fat, try any of these shapewear types: shaping bodysuit, slimming camisole, or the slimming tank-top.

4. Why does shapewear roll down?

When this happens, the most possible cause is that the underwear is not properly fitted around the rib cage. It could also mean that you choose a size too small for you, hence, the shapewear is stretched too tight.

5. Is rear lifting shapewear worth it?

No wonder, a butt lifter is worth every penny once you choose the perfect fit and the right style for you. But not everyone is worth using a butt lifter. You should have an ample amount of muscle or fat in your butt so there is something to lift.



Rear lifting shapewear is only recommended for those who have ample buttocks that need a lift. If you are not well-endowed like other women, you can consider other shapewear like a padded panty.

We find the IUGA High-Waist Yoga Pants/Leggings with Pockets very interesting to wear. It hides panty lines while lifting our bum effectively. This buttock lifter legging has a minimalist design but still satisfies our craving for butt lifting.

Moreover, we think that the price is more affordable and the functionality is diverse. This shapewear will not only enhance the bum but also controls the tummy, thighs, and belly.

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