How To Fix Jeans Zipper At Home & Without Tools

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A Jeans zipper is the quick way to lock your denim. But no matter how durable these zippers are, they tend to break or go missing over time. It may happen due to tear & wear. But more frequently, machine washing and drying make the zipper more vulnerable to stress and rust.

It is too frustrating when the zipper on pants suddenly breaks in the middle of nowhere! The teeth may separate, or you will not be able to open or close the fly, no matter how hard you try.

This article will teach you how to fix jeans zippers in the comfort of your home using simple tools. Moreover, we will also give you some tips on what alternative you may use to repair those bad zippers without tools.

How Do You Fix A Jeans Zipper That Separates?

When you are wearing jeans and the zipper suddenly separates, what an embarrassing moment, indeed! But there are ways of fixing a zipper that separates. One of the causes of separating zippers is a damaged or malfunctioning slider (or puller). Here are the steps in repairing the slider:

1. Check the slider of the zipper of the jeans.

The first thing to do is to inspect the slider of the zipper. Frequently, when you pull the slider of your zipper, the sides would not come together. It is because the slider is mostly damaged or becomes wider on one side.

The slider takes more beating when you use it frequently, so it tends to get loose over time. The slider body is the one that holds the zipper teeth. Once one side of the body opens up a little bit, this will make the zipper fail.

2. Take a look at the rest of the zipper.

You can also check the teeth of the zipper. Stretch out the bent teeth carefully using needle-nose pliers. Most zipper teeth are of metal, so you can stretch them out when bent.

To complete your inspection, check the fabric of the zipper. If there are tears in the zipper tape (the fabric part of a zipper), repair them. However, if the zipper has plastic teeth, you can stretch them out using your fingers.

3. Reducing the size of the slider

Next, squeeze the opening of the slider body (top and bottom) using the pliers. But be careful when you compress because it might close the gap too small. It is better to sandwich the teeth with the zipper body that you want to squeeze to get a suitable fit. This way, it will make the opening of the slider body retains its original size.

4. Inspect the fixed zipper

After reshaping and fixing the slider, it is now time to inspect what you have done. Check the fixed zipper by moving the slider up and down. Ensure that the slider is smooth in bobbing. When the zipper is okay, it should open and close the teeth like before.

5. Lubricate the zipper

You can use zipper lubrication, like the Zipper Ease Lubricant, to smooth zipping and protect against water and moisture. Zipper Ease is ideal for metal zippers, especially wet suits, diving gear, and backpacks/bags.

How Do You Fix A Zipper on Jeans Without Replacing Them?

You can fix your jeans zipper if the slider is not aligning without removing the entire fastener. However, if the zipper is plastic, you cannot do anything about it except replacing it. This method is applicable only for metal zippers.

Unlike cutting jeans to make shorts, fixing a zipper without replacing it can be as easy as A-B-C. You will only need a pair of pliers and your hands. Here is how to do it:

  • Remove the stoppers (a U-shaped metal) at the top of the zipper using the pliers. There is another stopper at the bottom of the fastener. But you need to remove the opposing two on the top. The stoppers are small pieces of metal similar to the teeth.
  • After removing the top stops, place them in a safe spot because you will need them later. Without the top stops, you can easily remove the slider or puller at the end of the zipper. You can start fixing the teeth (tracks).
  • To fix the zipper tracks, start at the bottom, the opposite spot where you took off the puller. Plunge the zipper teeth alternately together using your hands and fingers. As you push the teeth alternately, press hard on the teeth to keep them in place and perfectly lined up.
  • Once the teeth are lined up, reinsert the slider gently on the top of the zipper. Ensure that the teeth are realigned. It is better to reinsert the slider one side at a time to have a balance movement.
  • Once the slider is reinserted and going up and down smoothly, you can now re-attach the top stops. Run the slider once again across the zipper tracks and check if it slides smoothly.


How Do I Get My Jeans’ Zipper Back On Track With Broken/Missing Teeth?

Do you know how to fix a zipper off the track? When your jeans zipper has broken or missing teeth, there are available replacements for them. Called the bottom stop, you can add it to the zipper track on-site without replacing the entire zipper. Here is how it goes:

  • Locate where the broken or missing teeth are on the fly. If the missing teeth are more than midway off the zipper, you can fix them. Better replace the broken teeth with bottom stops to have a smooth sliding of the fly. If the broken teeth are higher up on the fly, you have to replace the entire fastener.
  • Using a pair of pliers (some people use a wire cutter), remove the top stops as instructed above. After you unfasten the top stops, you can now remove the puller (or slide). Set them aside.
  • Using your fingers, close the zipper teeth starting from the bottom of the fly upwards. You can press the teeth gently until you arrived at the broken/missing parts.
  • Once you determine the broken teeth, put a bottom stop above them. The bottom stops have prongs that protrude to the back of the zipper fabric that locks them. Then, use the pliers in pressing the prongs on the backside of the fabric.
  • Next, re-install the zipper slide, and the top stops back into the zipper assembly. Ensure that the teeth are closed when you pull the slide up and down.

An awesome tip for you, boys & girls! Some of the zipper repair kits, like the Zipper Rescue Repair Kit or the Universal Zipper Repair Kit, and many others, are available online. You can find other interesting zipper repair kits below. Please keep on reading!

How to Fix A Zipper on Jeans Without Tools?

Did you experience a fashion emergency? Like your jeans zipper just gave off in front of a whole crowd? What an embarrassing feeling, isn’t it?

But there is a quick way of fixing your jeans zipper without using tools or supplies with minimal effort. Also, at a minimal cost!

Have you heard the FixnZip Zipper Slider Replacement? If you did, you will know that it is one of the best inventions of the 21st century. If you don’t, we will tell you something about it.

The FixnZip is not your usual zipper replacement kit. The device is a worldwide replacement zipper slider that you can use without sewing or tools. The product itself is a tool that you just install as a replacement for your old or new zipper slider or puller.

Here is how it works:

  • The FixnZip slider comes in various sizes to fit your jeans zipper size (come in Small, Medium, and Large).
  • It repairs broken zippers that have separated teeth or are half-done.
  • Useable on either closed or opened end zippers.
  • Works on both plastic and metal teeth zippers.

Moreover, the FixnZip is also used for almost anything with zippers. Like your backpack, tent, sleeping bags, snowsuit with a plastic zipper, children’s bag, and so much more applications.

For complete instructions on how to install the FixnZip slider, please watch this video:


Now you know the various ways on how to fix a jeans zipper without spending too much. It is more likely that you can save a lot of precious cash during this time of a pandemic.

Having a quick fix to everything that you use every day may not require professional skills; you only have to explore them! So, next time you have a broken jeans zipper, you can apply this knowledge, and make life more challenging. But fulfilling!

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