Slim vs. Straight Jeans For Men: Which Is the Best Style?

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Slim or straight jeans, anyone?

You must be wondering what style of jeans will fit your body type in this fashionable world where there are so many styles to choose from. But if you are going to choose between slim vs. straight jeans, what would you pick? What are the real differences between slim jeans and straight jeans?

These two styles and fits of jeans have lots in common, but they also have many differences. They also offer different looks once you wear them. But brands are using various fits to satisfy different buyers’ body shapes and preferences.

The different fits are the results of customers having the same waist size but different thigh size. In some instances, some buyers like tighter or looser fits.

Like the well-loved leggings, jeans are a crucial part of life for both men and women of today, no matter what their age. So, we decided to research to know which is the best style between slim vs. straight jeans. We hope you can relate to this, read on!

What Is A Slim Fit?

Slim fitSlim fit usually pertains to the seat width but some brands make it more complicated by calling this fit “skinny jeans”. Moreover, slim-fit pants are narrower in the seat than conventional jeans. In denim jeans, yes, they can be called “skinny jeans”, but other brands with different materials may not agree to this.

Additionally, slim-fit jeans have a snug fit in the legs. This type of pants has a small leg opening, usually between 9 to 20 inches in circumference, depending on the brand and size. Compared to regular jeans, the slim fit jeans contour or sculpt (like skinnies) to the shape of the wearer, but have a tighter fit.

The slim-fit have slight variations in different brands but they are more similar in shape, which is tapered down the legs and near the bottom. The similarities of these cuts to straight-fit jeans are also noticeable in various forms.

If you admire the slim-fit, we don’t wonder why. This style of jean allows you more freedom of movement while it corresponds to your figure that makes you more modern and fashionable. Some of the best examples of slim-fit jeans are Levi’s 511, 513, 522, and 603 series.


What Is A Straight Fit?

straight fitOn the other hand, the straight-fit jeans have slightly wider leg openings than slim-fit jeans. This style is more popular in men. The pants should not be confused with skinny jeans because the straight fit is narrower below the knee, but not so tight, and has a more relaxed fit.

Compared to skinny jeans, the straight fit has a slightly bigger leg opening. Another outstanding feature of the straight fit is that it has a knee measurement almost the same as that of the leg opening, so you won’t feel choke on your knees.

Moreover, more men prefer wearing this style because of the additional space present on the legs. As you can see and feel: the form-fitting construction of skinnies makes it more difficult for men to move and bend their legs.

The Levi’s 501, 504, 505, 514, and 541 series are just some of the best examples of straight-fit jeans.


Can Pants Be Slim, Straight, or Both?

Yes, jeans can be both slim and straight! Let us explain more about this.

Some recent studies about the differences between these two styles have given jean lovers more understanding of the things they wear. One study, although more on the rudimentary side, suggests that slim fit is 26% smaller on the leg opening compared to the straight fit.

Moreover, going from the upper part of the body to the bottom, the waist is one percent (1%) narrower in a slim fit than the straight cut. In the slim cut, the hips are four percent (4%) smaller than the straight style, while the thigh is six percent (6%) smaller than the straight.

In the last three body measurements (waist, hips, and thighs), the slight differences between the two cuts are barely noticeable. In this regard, some distinctions between the two fits may be considered minimal.

Additionally, the slim fit and straight fit can become interchangeable terms for some brands. By this, a jean can have any leg shape, while some straight fit has a tapered leg. It is what the Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Fit jeans are constructed. The ‘hybrid’ style (although not officially) can be called the ‘slim straight fit’.

The More Convincing Difference: Slim-fit vs. Straight Fit

The more obvious difference between slim and straight fits is the leg opening. As we have stated above, the slim fit has a 26% smaller leg opening than the straight fit. The more you know about their distinction, the more you will know the best fit for your body where you are more comfortable.

The slim straight fit jeans’ legs may fall between a straight fit and a slim fit, which creates a smoother feel for some wearers. Another notable distinction between the two fits is in the cut. The straight leg cut is a relief for those who have bigger knees because they can bend their legs smoothly without friction from the fabric.

On the other hand, the slim leg cut shows more body contour and shape both above and below the knee.

Furthermore, these jeans will be part of your everyday life, it is only proper that you invest a good sum of money on the things you are more relaxed and comfortable.


What To Buy: Slim Fit or Straight Fit?

When you are in doubt about what pair of jeans to buy, maybe we could help you with this part.

Slim-fit jeans show more of the contour of your waist and legs. If you are curvier on the front and back, the slim fit may not be comfortable for you. You see, this fit offers less room on these parts of your body, so the movement may be a little bit awkward.

Slim-fit is also a little tighter on the thigh, which might be more ideal if you want to highlight this area. Moreover, if you want to emphasize more on your curvy figure, the slim-fit jean is the best to buy.

Consequently, if you want more space on your knees, then, the straight fit is for you. Moreover, if you are more comfortable moving with ease on the pants’ seat and front, the straight fit will also provide these for you.

The straight fit works best for people who are always on the move and prefer tailored fit jeans with clean lines. Such activities, like climbing stairs at the office, do a lot of walking, getting in and out of a vehicle, frequently standing, and other tasks, the straight fit does it better!


5 Other Styles or Fits Of Jeans

There are several types of fits in modern jeans, aside from slim and straight fits. As we will focus on these two most controversial styles of jeans later, we will show you the other top five leading fits of pants for both men & women the world loves the most:

1. Loose Fit Jeans

If you want a baggy fit, the loose jeans might be your type. This type of cut offers an ample amount of fabric on the calves, knees, thighs, and hips. The crotch is also saggy which provides more room for movement. Most famous rappers (like Eminem) wear this kind of jeans.

2. Regular Fit Jeans

This fit is sometimes called the ‘traditional jeans’. The regular fit pants usually refer to the fit on the thighs and buttocks with a normal range of movement. The fit is neither tight nor loose, which is more ideal for average men’s body shape.

3. Relaxed Fit Jeans

The relaxed fit is the opposite of skinny jeans. The fit is ideal for men with big legs. Additionally, this fit has added fabric around the thighs and butt, but with a tighter fit on the waist and calves. The cut also features a longer rise than regular fit jeans.

4. Bootcut Fit Jeans

This style is for men with a muscular build who also happens to wear boots, sneakers, or other big shoes. In this cut, a subtle flare starts from the knees to the bottom. The leg opening’s moderate flare is not as large as bell-bottom pants but larger than skinny jeans.

Men’s Jeans Fit Guide for Different Body Types: 



If you are going to choose between slim vs. straight jeans, be sure that you are more comfortable with them. These two fits might have similarities, but their difference may spell the best fit for you.

Always remember that sizing differs from one brand to another, so it is better to consult the brand’s link if you are ordering online.


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