Best Jeans For Men With Big Thighs – The Most Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Regular exercise has numerous health benefits and aids in the development of body shape, but after you’ve spent hours in the gym working hard to achieve the body shape you’ve always desired, you’re faced with a new challenge: finding the best jeans for men with big thighs.

For men with big thighs, every pair of jeans is either too tight or uncomfortable around the thighs, or there is too much space around the waist of the denim and ankles. Finding the best jeans for men with big thighs can be difficult. We are here to help!

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Pair Of Jeans That Fits Well?

It’s not your fault that finding fashionable, slim jeans that fit your thighs is so hard, whether you have sporty thighs or naturally large thighs. Because shopping for jeans by fit is so uncomfortable, almost everyone, no matter how big their thighs are, has trouble finding pants that fit.

There are various reasons for this, including:

  • Each pair of denim jeans has its shape, but no one can tell you whether a particular pair of jeans will fit fat guys with big thighs perfectly. Because fit is subjective, it’s hard for a manufacturer to tell everyone how its trousers fit without interacting with each customer.
  • There are simply too many types of jeans to test. Denim jeans are made by countless different clothing brands. Going through them all to select the best jeans for you would take quite a long time.
  • Clothing from jeans brands is designed to fit the average buyer. The issue is that men with muscular builds and longer legs are less likely to be considered unlike the average buyer of a clothing manufacturer.

This is why, in this post, we’ll show you precisely which pair of jeans are perfect for men with large thighs, taking the worry out of picking a pair that fits.

Top 3 Jean for Men With Big Thighs

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Lee Men’s Performance Series Jeans

#1 – Editor’s Choice

4.7 stars

Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Spandex

2. Levi’s Men’s 513 Slim Straight Jean


4.6 stars

Cotton, Elastane

3. Gingtto Skinny Jeans for Men With Stretch Slim Fit


4.5 stars

Cotton, Elastane

The 9 Best Jean for Men With Big Thighs in 2022

1. Lee Men’s Performance Series Jeans

The Lee Men’s Extreme Motion Athletic Jean is perfect for the man on the go. This classic 5-pocket style was designed with comfort, durability, and mobility in mind, featuring high-performing stretch fabric and an extremely flexible waistband that flows with you for all-day comfort.

The inseam gusset, combined with a roomier fit through the thigh, gives the muscular built guy additional flexibility. This pair of jeans has a modern silhouette thanks to its fitted waist and tapered leg.

Lee’s devotion to uniqueness, fit, and quality, as well as its well-known pioneering attitude and unwavering optimism, has created lots of its brand admirers all over the world.


  • High performing stretch fabric
  • Flexible waistband


  • They fade easily


2. Levi’s Men’s 513 Slim Straight Jean

These jeans are guaranteed to become a favorite in your closet because of their comfort and durability. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans to add to your everyday wardrobe, look no further than these Levi’s 513 Slim Straight Jeans for men.

Stretch fabric is used in the design of these Levi’s 513 jeans, which provide extra comfort and mobility. Fits comfortably around the thigh area and below the waist, giving you a contemporary look that will catch your peer’s eye.

You can always count on Levi’s jeans to fit and feel amazing. The button fly, red tab, and other classic Levi’s details add to the appeal. The straight leg adds to the jeans’ appearance and comfort.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Sits well below the waist


  • They might not fit properly


3. Gingtto Skinny Jeans for Men With Stretch Slim Fit

These jeans have a slim fit design that accentuates your strong thighs while maintaining an air of masculinity.  The jeans are tight enough to show off your thighs, but not so much that you have trouble putting them on. The jeans have a stretchy material for maximum comfort and mobility.

These jeans are designed specifically for people who have larger than average thigh circumference. These super stretchy, extra durable black denim pants feature a zipper fly and button closure, classic five pocket styling, and tonal stitching.

If you’re concerned about the color fading quickly after multiple washes, don’t worry, these jeans will retain their color because they are made with high-quality materials.

These jeans come with a very affordable price tag. They are great to wear during any season of the year because they’re versatile enough that they go well with just about anything you want to pair them with. Whether it’s dress shoes, boots or sneakers, these jeans go well with any type of shoe.

If you want jeans that make your thighs look bigger but don’t sacrifice comfort, these jeans are the right choice for you! 


  • Exclusive inner leg design that allows your thighs room to breathe
  • Slim fit jeans with stretch material for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Machine washable


  • The jeans are not suitable for exceptionally tall people


4. Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jean

This pair of jeans is a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe and is a fantastic choice for guys who prefer to feel comfy in their pants. These Levi’s jeans for guys have a great fit and last a long time.

The Levi’s 599 Relaxed Straight sits well below the waist and offers additional space through the thigh to let men with large thighs move freely without feeling restricted.

Another great feature of these jeans is the five pockets, which provide storage for important items. A variety of washes and color combinations ensure that a pair matches your outfit and unique appearance.

It is crafted of 100% cotton and features a durable stretch denim structure for all-day comfort. Select washes are also available. Levi’s® is committed to water conservation, using water-less practices in 50% of their products, saving over 1.7 billion liters of water, and recycling 125 million liters. This pair will look great with your preferred sneakers.


  • Additional Space through the thigh
  • Pocket for keeping valuable items
  • Made entirely of cotton


  • Fading color of the Jean


5. Amazon Essentials Men’s Athletic-Fit Stretch Jean

These jeans are specifically designed to be worn by men with big thighs. The jeans have a roomier thigh area while still maintaining an attractive form-fitting appearance.

They feature stretch denim for maximum comfort and mobility, giving you the freedom of movement that you deserve when wearing jeans.

The jeans can flex freely without being too tight around your thighs. They are also equipped with a stretch waistband that is made of spandex, allowing you to have jeans that are just as comfortable as they are stylish.

These jeans come in an attractive light blue wash and feature three pockets on the front side along with two pockets on the backside for convenience.

These jeans also shrink to fit your body once they’re washed for the first time, ensuring that even if you buy jeans that don’t fit properly at first, after you wash them, they will fit like a glove.

If you want jeans that aren’t too tight around the thighs but still form-fitting and flattering, these jeans are the ones for you! 



  • Designed specifically to be worn by men with big thighs and legs that need more room than average jeans usually provide
  • Stretch jeans for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Flexible jeans that don’t sacrifice style or formality in order to be comfortable


  • The jeans may be too tight around the waist of people with bigger waists than average


6. Levi’s Men’s 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Jeans

Levi is one of the world’s most recognizable denim brands and a global fashion sensation, selling tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, and more. With a thin fit across the thigh and a slightly slimmer bootcut leg opening, the 527 Slim Bootcut is a modern take on bootcut jeans.

Clean, cool, and comfy, these Levi’s 527 bootcut jeans look great with any boot. A durable design that hangs just below your waist and a classic five-pocket layout to store your important belongings provide a style that completes any outfit. It is made up of 98% cotton and 1% elastane. Because of their comfort and durability, these jeans are sure to become a favorite in your closet.


  • Durable design
  • Classic five-pocket to store items


  • They come in irregular size


7. Lucky Brand Men’s 221 Original Straight-Leg Jean

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The classic jean from Lucky Brand Jeans is an essential addition to your casual, trendy style collection.

The 221 Original Straight-leg jean, which is perfectly straight from waist to ankle, is the ultimate everyday jean that feels awesome and worn for years. These jeans have a zipper fly and a classic 5-pocket styling.

The Lucky Brand Men’s 221 jeans are another great option for men who need a little more room in their hips and thighs.

These jeans have a slightly tapered leg, so if you want something in between a tapered and a straight fit, then this is a great option for you.


  • Straight leg fit
  • Zippered fly with button close


  • Irregular sizing


8. J.Crew Men’S 484 Stretch Slim Fit Jean

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The 484 is a slim fit for men who prefer tailored jeans over skinny jeans. This pair has stretch and is made from Kurabo fabric, which is a supplier to Japan’s first denim brand. It’s perfect for the guy who walks or enjoys biking everywhere.

They’re authentic denim but are also very soft and comfortable. If you didn’t think skinny jeans were for you before, this is the pair that will persuade you otherwise.

They have more room in the thigh area, as do most of the other jeans on our list, and a tapered leg that gives them a casual feel without looking loose. Slim across the hips and thighs with a narrow design these jeans sit below the waist.


  • Perfect stretch on the body
  • They are comfortable and durable


  • They are too soft


9. Diesel Straight-Cut Stretch Jeans

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

Many people believe these pants to be among the most comfortable pairs of jeans for men with big thighs, so they might be worth the money. Diesel straight-cut stretch jeans are known for their attention to detail when it comes to fit and quality and these are no exception.

When you wear these jeans, the denim will stretch with your thighs without getting too restrictive. The quality of this denim is outstanding, from the material to the sewing to every last detail.

If you’re on a budget, these might not be your first pick, but if you can afford them, it’s worth spending on at least one pair. You might find that they’re ideal for your thigh muscles.


  • Comfortable pair of jeans
  • They do not fade easily


  • Limited color options


Best Jeans For Men with Big Thighs – Buying Guide

If you’re a man with big thighs who loves to wear jeans, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t quite fit properly around your thigh and waist on several occasions. Check out the sections below to know what to look for if you’re seeking for the right pair of jeans. We’ve gone through how to measure a man’s waist size for jeans, as well as further information on different types of jeans that will fit well.


What to look for in jeans for men with big thighs?

When looking for the right pair of jeans for men with large thighs, it’s crucial to pay attention to a few details. You may believe you already know what to look for when choosing a pair, but if that were the case, why do you still battle to find a great fit and why don’t you have a perfect pair yet?

It takes more than just looking for jeans with a higher waist and wider leg openings to get the right pair. Let’s have a look at some criteria to consider.


The stretch

The most obvious attribute to look for when selecting a pair of jeans is increased stretch capacity. Quality jeans are comfortable because the designer uses the correct denim fabric and washing techniques to soften them. Stretchy jeans, on the other hand, keep the wearer comfortable due to their elastic properties. If you want super-comfy jeans, stretch denim could be the way to go.



The seat of a jean is the part that runs from one outseam to the other and covers your buttocks. The widest section of the jeans is normally about 8 inches below the waistline, but this might vary depending on the rise of the pants.


The fit

When you consider the type of jeans that are best for you, what comes to mind? Bootcut, Slim, or Straight Jeans  are likely to come to mind.

Instead, concentrate on the fit of the jeans and how comfortable they will make you feel while you wear them.

Jeans are frequently referred to be a second skin. And since we wear our jeans almost every day, they get a lot of wear and tear and you normally have to spend a lot of money to get into a good pair.

That’s why you will want them to fit well and show off your best attributes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for how jeans should fit, but the idea is to find a jean that matches your proportions and emphasizes your good sides.

The pairs of jeans we have recommended in the review are good options to get you there!


How to measure for jeans?

The simplest method to decide the size of the jeans is to use a measuring tape to measure another pair of jeans that fits well. The waist and the length of the trousers are the two main parameters used to measure jeans. The waist is measured from the upper corner of the waistband to the right – keep a record of the number, as this is the waist size taken from a pair of old jeans.

Then, from the inner seam to the bottom corner, measure the length of the jeans and write down the second number. If your first measurement is 32 and your second measurement is 30, you’ll need to buy a pair of 32/30 jeans.


How to measure your waist?

Begin by measuring the waist of your best-fitting denim by buttoning it up and placing it flat, front-side up, on a smooth surface with no folds or wrinkles. To remove any slack, pull the outside borders of the waistband outwards. Next, using a measuring tape, measure the waistband in a straight line from end to end and across in the center — ensure that the borders of the measurements you take does not extend beyond the waistband’s outside edges.


How to measure your inseam?

The length of the inseam is measured from the crotch seam down to the bottom hem. Remove any folds by spreading the jeans on a smooth and level surface after they’ve been buttoned up. Measure the inseam length from the inner thigh section of the crotch, where the back and front seams join, to the base of the ankle, keeping the outseam and not the inseam straight.


How to measure the rise of a jean?

The distance between the waistband and the crotch seam determines the rise of jeans. Two rise measures are obtained for the best fit: one in the front and one in the back. When purchasing jeans, knowing your rise measurement might help you get a comfortable fit.

Take a pair of jeans from your closet to begin. Pants that you’ve already worn will give you a better idea of your ideal size, including the rise of your pants. Stretch the jeans out flat and make sure they’re completely closed before measuring the distance between the waistband and the crotch seam with a tape measure. Repeat the same procedure for both the front and back rises to get both sides’ measurements.





1. What Jeans Should Guys With Big Thighs Wear?

Stretch jeans are lighter and more comfortable than conventional denim jeans because they are created with an elastic fabric. What does that mean? If you plan on wearing jeans during spring and summer months, stretch jeans will keep you cooler and more comfortable. They’re perfect for warmer days because of their low weight and thinness.

Straight-leg jeans are also good for guys with big thighs since they flatter a strong build and never go out of style. They match with any outfit and can be dressed up or down.


2. What Types of Jeans Are Best For Big Thighs?

These jeans are best for men with big thighs: Straight-cut jeans, casual-cut jeans and slim fit.

  • Straight-cut jeans: A straight cut covers the thighs while also balancing the leg proportions.
  • Casual-cut jeans: Boyfriend Jeans, often known as relaxed fit jeans, are both comfortable and flattering.
  • Slim fit (commonly referred to as tailored fit): is a more modern twist on the conventional jean style. The leg area is smaller than a regular fit, and the fabric curves in at the ankle to make it less baggy. This fit will help to enhance your shape and keep you looking trim if your shoulders are comparable in width to your waist.

These jeans provide man with huge thighs an attractive frame while still allowing for some breathing room throughout the thighs and legs. Your selection should, however, achieve a balance between convenience and fit.


3. Should Guys With Big Thighs Wear Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans will feel uncomfortably snug around your thighs in most of the skinny jeans available on the market, and you’ll fight to get them over your thighs. For muscular legs, finding well-fitting thin jeans will be difficult. Straight fit, slim fit, and athletic fit jeans are your best bets.

Furthermore, if your jeans fit your legs well, they will give you the same look as slim jeans. Note that one skinny jean did make it to our top list and they are one of the exceptions!


4. What Pants Look Good With Big Thighs?

Pants like Straight-cut trousers, Boot cut, and Wide-cut pants looks good with big thighs. A straight cut covers the thighs while also balancing the legs’ proportions.

Boot cut jeans have a slightly tapered thigh section that covers the thigh and gives a fitted appearance, but then spread from the knee to the hem, balancing out the shoulders.

While, wide-cut trousers are well-fitted on the thigh making them ideal for men with large thighs.


5. Do Baggy Jeans Look Good On Thick Thighs?

Baggy jeans are the most unattractive pants you can choose and are not a great option. They’ll make your butt look saggy and cover those muscles you worked tirelessly for.



You put in a lot of effort in the gym to get that thigh out. Take the effort to pick denim jeans that will allow you to show off your thighs a little.

Selecting pants that fit a more athletic physique might be difficult. Most of the time, we have trouble finding clothing that is spacious in the seat and thigh but still fits nicely across the hips and waist.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best jeans for men with big thighs in the market. You can go through the list and factors to consider when choosing perfect jeans for men. It may take a few tries to locate the perfect denim, but it will be well worth it once you do!

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