What’s The Difference Between Skinny Jeans And Ballerina Jeans?

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Sarah Keene

The difference between skinny jeans and ballerina jeans are very subtle. Skinny jeans is a style where most of us have come across, heard of or seen at some time in our lives.

The familiarity we have with skinny jeans may leave us scratching our heads when we hear the term ‘Ballerina Jeans’.

However,  even though you may never have come across ballerina jeans or anyone wearing them. It is fair to say then that ballerina jeans is a new trend that is emerging in the fashion world.  Is this a style we will all eventually embrace? Some of us may love the look of ballerina jeans and it may not be to others’ taste.

This article will look at the difference between skinny jeans and ballerina jeans and guide you into how to make your own ballerina jeans from the comfort of your home.


What Are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are tight, and they sculpt to the wearer’s figure. Wearing skinny jeans can also restrict how much your legs can move.

These jeans are usually worn in formal occasions and look great with heels. Skinny jeans are the slimmest at the ankle compared to other types of jeans hence the name ‘skinny jeans’.


What Are Ballerina Jeans?

Ballerina jeans is a new trend that is a combination of skinny jeans combined with a tulle skirt.There are two ways ballerina jeans can be worn.

If you have a mesh curtain, you can wear it over your jeans. Ballerina jeans can be worn by using hair nets and placing them at the bottom of your jeans.


So What’s The Difference Between Skinny Jeans And Ballerina Jeans?

The difference between skinny jeans and ballerina jeans is that with skinny jeans, you do not have a mesh skirt that you wear over it or on the legs of the jeans.

With ballerina jeans, you have a tulle skirt over the skinny jeans or at the legs of the jeans. Ballerina jeans are just skinny jeans with additional extras.


How To Make Trendy Ballerina Jeans DIY

To make trendy ballerina jeans DIY with items you have at home is simple. If you have an old mesh or see-through curtain, take it down and wrap it around your favorite pair of jeans.

Or find two old hair nets, cut them up to fit around your ankle and wear them at the bottom of your jeans. Look at the video bellow to get inspiration.

How To Get The Ballerina Feeling In Jeans

Many women may have dreamt of being a ballerina in their younger years and with these jeans, it brings that reality much closer. The ballerina jeans will make you feel like a ballerina.

You will need a nice pair of stretchy jeans to really achieve the ballerina look you are seeking. With skinny jeans and some creativity with common household items, it is a possibility to achieve the ballerina look.

Or why not opt for Jeggings like this one that combine the flexibility of a legging with the look of a jeans. You’ll be able to do all the ballerina moves you want with these! But if jeggings are not for you, you look for a brand new pair of jeans or you can even resuscitate an old jeans you already have in your wardrope.


What Do Ballerina Jeans Match With?

Ballerina jeans go great with a crop top, a plain T-shirt that is not too baggy and other tops that are tight enough.When it comes to shoes, there are plenty to choose from, but ballet flats are a great option for a trendy look, especially if you wear your jeans with a mesh skirt.



We can see that ballerina jeans are a trend that everyone can incorporate into their wardrobes relatively easily.

As the difference between skinny jeans and ballerina jeans is not a huge one, If you want to achieve a different look again, take off the mesh additions and you have your skinny jeans once again.


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