The Ultimate Guide To Best Plus Size Jeans For Big Stomach

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Jeans are a popular addition to any wardrobe for their flexibility, warmth, and ability to fit many occasions. However, there are times when people with excessive belly fats struggle to find a pair of jeans that suit their body type.

This is even more critical in the case of women because most of the jeans that are made for them are slim fit. This means people with extra weight around the middle have to search harder for the perfect jeans for their bodies. There is hope. Several brands manufacture good plus-size women‘s jeans that can enhance curvy figures.

So, in this article, we will be highlighting some key points to note before buying plus size jeans for a big stomach. We will share tips for dressing the plus-size body and list some of the best jeans you can buy online.

Top 3 Plus Size Jeans For Big Stomach

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. WallFlower Women’s Juniors Luscious Curvy Stretch Denim Bootcut Jeans

#1 – Editor’s Choice
4.5 stars

Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

2. Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

4.4 stars

Cotton, Polyester, Lyocell, Elastane

3. Lee Women’s Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans

4.3 stars

Cotton, Polyester, Elastane

Best Plus Size Jeans For Big Stomach

Not every pair of jeans will flatter your body type, and you cannot be comfortable in every pair of jeans. However, there are many types of jeans available on the market for fat stomachs and chubbier women. Here we’re going to enlighten you about some options for plus-size body types.

According to your body:

If you are a chubby woman, then there are two possibilities.

1. The top or middle portion is heavy

If you have a heavy middle or top portion, you should try jeans with a broader waist area. They are not only slimming, but they can also enhance your shape if they taper towards the ankle. You could also wear your jeans with a longline strapless bra or a plus size shapewear designed to enhance a woman’s shape.

2. The bottom portion is heavy

If the lower portion of your tummy is heavy, you should try stretchable jeans. Consider going with jeans made of spandex or any stretchy fabric.

Now, here are the three best jeans options for you to style your body.

3. Bootcut Jean

These jeans are also called cowboy jeans. They are ideal for women who have more noticeable hips and thighs. They have a flare from the knee, but not as much as bell bottoms. They pull the eye away from the hips and thighs and even out your proportions.

4. Straight Leg Jeans

These jeans are also for women who have a larger hip area. These jeans are slightly narrower around the waistline and the ankle. Otherwise, the jeans are straight.

5. Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans are for those who have curvy calves and hips. Boyfriend jeans are mainly oversized and loose to downplay your wider body.

The relaxed fit makes these jeans a suitable category for you to consider wearing. They are comfortable and will compliment your physique.

Best Plus Size Jeans For Big Stomach – Complete Buyer’s Guide

There is an unending selection of jeans products available. All you have to do is wade through this ocean of products to find which ones are best for you. But why waste your time searching stores and online when we are here to help. We have done the research to help you to choose the perfect products. Below are some of the bests plus size jeans for a big stomach:

1. WallFlower Women’s Juniors Luscious Curvy Stretch Denim Bootcut Jeans

We are all familiar with the term “Old is Gold,” which perfectly fits the fashion industry. Many of the styles from the past have come back around with modern modifications. If you are a fashion-inspired person, you will know the value of vintage looks such as bootcut jeans. They add a trendy playfulness to your outfit, making it uniquely yours.

WallFlower women’s company will provide you with the best plus-size jeans. The product is imported and of excellent quality. The embroidered back pockets add a stylish flair, and the bootcut design makes them stand out. They are available in different colors, such as blue, black, etc. When you pair these bootcut jeans with boots or heels, they can help you complete a fun, trendy, or retro look. These jeans were created to enhance your curves.

The fabric is comprised of cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex fibers. The material is stretchable around the waist, creating a comfortable fit. The inseam of the jeans is about 32 inches.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Offers a vintage look.
  • It goes with many types of footwear.


  • Customers complained about stitching defects.
  • It might be bulky.


2. Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

Nowadays, women prefer to wear comfortable clothes, which is especially practical when working or running errands. Jeans can give you a fashionable look and the comfort necessary to carry out your everyday activities. Levi’s is one of the most recognizable brands of wearables that manufacture great jeans.

The Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny jeans are produced with fabric consisting of polyester, cotton, lyocell, and elastin. Therefore, these jeans have some stretch, which allows the material to mold to your curves. Being super skinny with a high waist and a zipper closure, they help to create a trim silhouette. This trendy addition to your wardrobe will enhance your figure by slimming and elongating your legs.

The jeans’ prices vary by size. They are available in several colors and even in fashionable distressed styles. You can pair them with boyfriend shirts or flouncy tops. Perfect for running around, going to sporting events or nights on the town.


  • The quality is superb.
  • Offers decent flexibility.


  • Fabric produces a lot of lint.
  • More like jeggings than jeans.


3. Lee Women’s Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans

Lee women’s jeans will not only provide you with a superior quality product, but they are also extremely comfortable. A versatile wardrobe staple that can go from the workplace to casual dining, they will help you complete your whole look. Lee women’s plus-size jeans will easily fit around your stomach.

The hidden zipper closure creates a sleek and appealing look, enhancing your figure. The jeans are mid-rise with straight legs, creating classic lines. They come with five pockets in the standard denim style.

Lee manufactures a wide variety of jeans in many different styles. The fabric of the jeans is made from cotton, polyester, and elastane. Their jeans are pretty stretchy, can fit snugly, and still allow for flexibility in movement. You can wash these jeans in the washing machine without damaging the fabric.

These jeans can be paired with casual tops or t-shirts. However, a blazer and heels can help to elevate the outfit for a more spruced-up look.


  • Comfortable
  • Available in a variety of lengths and shades


  • The material is thinner than average.


4. Lee Women’s Plus-Size Flex Motion Regular Fit Bootcut Jeans

Clothing is all about comfort and style. Having clothes flatter your figure does not mean they shouldn’t help you move freely throughout the day. So women tend to look for both comfort and style in their clothes. If you are looking for the best plus-size women’s jeans, the Lee Company is always a good place to look. Lee women’s will make sure that you will find the perfect jeans to fit your stomach. They manufacture their jeans with high-quality material creating a comfortable, well-fitting product.

The fabric of their flex motion regular fit bootcut jeans is all about the stretchable material. The result is a flexible waistband that can accommodate your body’s curves. The jeans’ fabric is made from cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex. They are mid-rise, available in many colors (including blue, black, and grey), and have five functional pockets.

The flare at the end of the jeans’ legs will add extra oomph to your outfit. You can wear these jeans regularly with boots, heels, flats, or sneakers because of their versatility. The price of the products varies with size.


  • Offers great quality.
  • Easy to wear.


  • A bit long.
  • Fabric is heavy.


5. Ellos Women’s Boyfriend Jeans

It’s safe to say that Ellos Women’s boyfriend jeans leave a lasting impression on women who put them on. These jeans are available in colors like blue sanded, black distressed, and white distressed, in several different sizes. They have both front and back pockets that are pretty deep. The back pockets can very easily hold a mobile phone or a wallet.

Conveniently, you can toss these jeans in the washing machine. They do not get torn in a heavy spin cycle.

These jeans are designed in Sweden and demonstrate Scandinavian artistry and way of life. With a focus on simplicity and attention to detail, they are fashionable and flexible. These jeans are made from half cotton and half Spandex materials.

These jeans are pretty versatile. Though they are boyfriend jeans with a relaxed fit, you can wear them in a business or sporty casual setting. Their comfortable feel and high waist make them one of the best plus-size women’s jeans. Their flexibility means you can rest assured that you will be comfortable all day long. They may be worn with any top and will never go out of style.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Fits rounded hips and stomach.


  • Gets looser while being worn (Solution=belt)
  • Take care when washing to avoid wear and tear.


6. Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Itty Bitty Boot Jeans

Finally! Can we say “Tummy Control!”? Not only do these jeans have “interior slimming power mesh panels”, but they also have a comfortable, flexible, elastic waistband. The sweetheart-shaped booty accentuates your assets for a confidence boost.

The no-gap stretchy waistband on these jeans mold to your waist and stay in place, so you can wear them without fear of them gaping. The Ab”solution® creates a slimmer silhouette in both the stomach and legs and flatters the body.

These jeans have a zipper fastening and the standard five pockets. One of the best plus-size women’s jeans around, the material is of fantastic quality. The fabric fibers include spandex (2%), polyester (25%), rayon (11%), and cotton (62%). There is also an ever-increasing demand for these jeans, which we don’t expect will stop any time soon. It has almost a full five stars review rating.


  • Good stretchability.
  • Great fit for different body shapes.


  • The fabric is not too long-lasting.
  • Not everyone loves the elastic waist.


7. Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Plus Size Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans

These jeans are designed with a contoured waistband. They are mid-rise and have a flattering fit and a slimming silhouette. Throughout the day, these Retro jeans will stay in place comfortably as they maintain tummy control.

They are very comfortable for women in the post-pregnancy period. These jeans have five pockets. The back pockets are adorned with embroidery and have the Wrangler logo patch.

Wrangler Retro jeans are a modern take on the classic Wrangler designs, combining the best of the past with the present. Made of a sturdy cotton-spandex blend, these jeans are built to last. Not only do they ensure an ideal fit, but they also allow for a greater range of motion in the abdomen, providing flexibility to the wearer. They are versatile and can be worn for different occasions, from lunch with friends to drinks with a date.


  • Perfect fit for daily use.
  • Decent material with a long-lasting life.


  • Constricting on thicker thighs.
  • The zipper is of low quality.


What Clothes To Wear If You Have A Big Stomach?

We usually wear clothes according to fashion and trends. But it isn’t always easy for plus-size women to find the right clothes that will look good. Chubby women face this problem every day. So here is a buyer’s guide for what you should wear if you have a big stomach. Here are my tips for you to look gorgeous in your clothes. So, let’s get into it.

1. Avoid wearing body fit

If you have a fat stomach or a chubby body, you must be strategic about wearing body-fitting clothes. These clothes can highlight your extra weight and make you look bulkier. If you opt for fitted jeans, go for loose or oversize tops to soften your silhouette and conceal stomach fat.

2. Go for high waist or mid-waist for the pants

Belly baring outfits are a trend now, but it may not be an attractive look for a chubby woman. Some plus-size women do have flat stomachs and can show off their navels. Others may find crop tops uncomfortable, especially while sitting and eating. I recommend that you go for a high waist or at least a mid-waist bottom. These will keep your extra weight away from public view, and you will feel more comfortable and confident.

3. Wear the perfect size

It is necessary to wear clothes that are your correct size if you want to look polished. Wearing clothes that are larger than your size can make you look frumpy and older than you are. Wearing clothes that are too small can accentuate any extra weight that you are carrying. So always take the time to find your perfect fit and wear perfectly sized garments.

4. Try to create a layer

Layering is a great way to hide the extra inches around your tummy as well as look stylish. Try to create layers on your outfit. Like, if you are wearing a t-shirt or light sweater, wear a blazer over it. It can be half or full length, depending on where the weight is that you would like to de-emphasize. But the color of the jacket should be different from your top.

5. Don’t wear horizontal patterns

If you have a significant middle portion, horizontal stripes and patterns are a terrible choice for you. To look great, you should try vertical stripes or patterns in your shirts.

6. Go for dark colors

Everyone likes bold and light colors. But if you want to hide your extra inches, you should go for darker colors. Consider choosing colors like black and dark blue. These hues will help you conceal your body’s excesses and give the illusion of greater slenderness.

These were some of the tips for looking your best when you have a pudgy tummy. It will also help you to make the best purchases from the available options. Just remember, confidence is key. Maintain good posture, wear a smile, and know that you can always use shapewear to look slimmer in your outfits.

How Do You Wear High Waisted Jeans Plus Size?

High-waisted plus-size jeans aren’t that tough to wear. However, if you have a lot of stomach fat, you may believe that you will feel confined wearing high-waisted garments. Wearing bodysuits or waist trainers can assist you with this. They will encircle any excess fat and make it easy to slide into your jeans.


1. What jeans to wear if you have a big stomach? 

If you have extra weight in your mid-section, consider wearing plus-size jeans. There are many options available, and you can choose any from among the ones suggested in this article.

2. What jeans look best in plus size? 

Compared to regular jeans, high-waisted ones appear better in larger sizes. If you’re looking for something to cover your stomach, this is a great option.

3. How can I hide my stomach in jeans? 

High-waisted plus-size jeans are a great way to conceal a muffin top. They allow you to hide your pooch by elongating your frame.

4. Do high-waisted jeans make you look thinner? 

Yes, they do make you look thinner! They can smooth out your muffin top, love handles, and any less desirable curves. The higher waist creates the illusion of longer, leaner legs, creating sleeker lines. You just have to ensure that you are wearing the right shape and fit of jeans for your body.

5. Where is the best place to buy plus-size jeans?

The best place to buy any type of Plus size jeans is They have a good selection, offer straightforward returns, and provide outstanding support to buyers.


The jeans mentioned in this article are some of the best plus-size jeans for a big stomach. All of them are worth a try. Our favorite would be the WallFlower Women’s Juniors Luscious Curvy Stretch Denim Bootcut Jeans if we had to pick.

Besides concealing excess fat, it’s easy to put on and really comfy. We hope the suggestions for dressing your curvy body and disguising belly fat will help you look polished and put together.

Plus size bodies are beautiful. In the same way, there are clothes to suit slimmer bodies; there are clothes to suit larger ones. We simply have to understand our body shape and what fits us best.

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