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5 Best Longline Strapless Bra Plus-Sizes To Make You Look Slimmer in 2024

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Sarah Keene

Are you still searching for a strapless bra that you can wear on your big day or other memorable moments? If you are plus-size but want to wear underwear with formal wear, the longline strapless bra will not disappoint you.

Some women hate the restrictive nature of corsets or bustier that they want something more relaxing to wear. The longline strapless bra is a better alternative to keep you in style. It also gives more comfort from the breasts down.

We feature here five of the best longline strapless bras that offer more reasons you may want to wear them.

Top 3 Longline Strapless Bra Plus-Sizes

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Dominique Women’s Padded

#1 – Editor’s Choice

4 stars

Nylon, Cotton, Spandex

2. Women’s Lace Longline Corset – Full-Length Bridal Bra with Garters


4 stars

Nylon, Polyester, Spandex

3. Dominique Tayler Lace Backless and Strapless Corselet Bridal Bra


4 stars

Nylon, Polyester, Spandex

5 Best Longline Strapless Bras Plus-Size: Reviews 2022

1. Dominique Women’s Padded

If you want a non-lace longline strapless bra, try Dominique Women’s Padded satin bridal bustier. The brassiere fits a longer torso while being plus-size. The cup is not full (3/4 cup) so it will suit various types of necklines. The materials are quite impressive; the cup is 47% cotton, 38% nylon, and just 15% spandex.

The back part is 61% nylon, 20% cotton, and 19% spandex. Why the different materials? This lingerie also helps in shaping and flattering your figure. This undergarment does its job well in lifting your boobs without the irritating feel.

When it comes to supportive bras for plus-size ladies, this bra is a hit among women of weight. The cups have soft pads that hide the nipples even if you have thin outer clothing. This is great for any type of breast you have.


  • Also called torsolette, this longline bra reaches the hips.
  • The cups have a design that lifts and gives shape to the bust.
  • It has 12 rows of hooks and has a boning on the sides..
  • Ideal for tight-fitting outer clothes.


  • No enhancement of cleavage because it has no boning in the cups.
  • You need help from other people when wearing.


2. Women’s Lace Longline Corset – Full-Length Bridal Bra with Garters

What if you are getting married while being plus-size? No worries, Dominique’s Lace Longline Corset got you covered! This full-length bridal bra is gartered so you will not feel insecure during your happiest day. The lace is 100% nylon with a floral design, while the body is 100% polyester. The deep back is 69% nylon and 31% spandex for a comfortable fit and not a tight squeeze.

This Colette Longline Corset is from Dominique’s Bridal Collection but can be worn even under evening dresses or party gowns. Although the lingerie is strapless, it will not roll down because of the firm boning, and suits women with any type of torso.

The deep back band is not visible in bridal gowns (even in other dresses), so you will look stunning on your wedding dress! The lace design is soft, breathable, and gentle to the skin. If you are wondering that your belly might bulge, don’t worry! This torsolette also trims your tummy.


  • The bra is wearable as slimming underwear.
  • The strapless longline bra has seamless contour cups that support the breasts.
  • It is the supportive strapless bra that you longed for.
  • It has a removable garter (elastic) belt near the thigh.


  • Not for prolonged use in a single day.


3. Dominique Tayler Lace Backless and Strapless Corselet Bridal Bra

If you want a longline bra that has underwire support, the Dominique Tayler Lace Backless and Strapless Corselet Bridal Bra are not hard to find. It is not only the wired feature that makes this longline bra stand out; it also has breathable memory foam cups. This means that the cups mold to the shape of your boobs as they absorb the temperature of your body, creating a nice fit for you.

The Tayler is included in the Dominique Bridal Collection and a comfortable strapless bra that flatters your figure, unlike any other longline bras. The floral lace is 100% nylon while the body is 100% microfiber polyester that is soft and non-slipping. The lingerie has hooks and eyes closure in three rows at the back.

The bra design is conventional but with a modern twist, while the cups provide light shaping. The lingerie also has light boning and stabilizing wings to sculpt your figure.


  • The cup retains shape so any fold disappears once you wear the bra.
  • The longline bra is ideal for any evening wear.
  • The bra is hand-stitched so lace details are very intimate.
  • The memory foam cup is ideal for plus-size women.


  • For hand washing only with cool water.


4. Va Bien Women’s Lace Low Back Bustier

Another long-line strapless bra that fits best to your wedding dress if you are plus-size is the Va Bien Lace Low Back Bustier. The lightly contoured cups of Va Bien Bustier have full coverage but have a lower back design. It will not show under the gown and other fancy dresses. You can appreciate more of the lingerie’s materials.

The bustier body lace lining is 100% nylon, the inner cups are 100% polyester, while the back is 88% nylon and 12% spandex. The diverse materials create underwear that provides an impressive silhouette during the most memorable day and other unforgettable moments.

This longline strapless bra has seams in both front and back that offer an intimate shaping to your body. The lingerie comes with straps but you can convert it into a crisscross or halter. Moreover, the cups have three layers that provide complete bust support without adding pads.


  • The plunging sweetheart neckline supports the lightly contoured cups.
  • It has spiral boning that makes it more versatile.
  • The bra slims and supports the abdomen and tummy.
  • The fabrics are breathable even if they are diversified.


  • Not for machine washes.


5. Goddess Women’s Lace Bustier Bra #GD0689

You are plus-size and well-endowed on the bust, so what longline strapless bra will suit you the best? The Goddess Women’s Lace Bustier Bra might interest you. This bustier is 50% nylon and 50% spandex, so it will hug your body snugly but not in a tight squeeze. The lace design will let your body breathe despite the heavy concentration of elastic.

More plus-size women are wondering if this strapless longline bra can cause bulges and lumps. No worries the construction and design will not create fat rolls and bulges! The cups are also reliable in supporting any bust and body shape without irritating the skin.

The very low back design has hook and eye closure in two rows and seven columns, so you need somebody to help you out closing the gap. The bottom band support is two inches thick that prevents the bra from crumpling. It also helps in spreading out back fat.


  • The lingerie is convertible into a shoulder strap.
  • The longline bra provides extra support if you are well-endowed.
  • It provides full coverage on the mid-section and tummy.
  • The cups fit most plus-size women with ease.


  • Does not offer a lot of cleavages.


What Is A Longline Bra?

A longline bra is typically a kind of bra that has a band that extends longer down the body compared to a conventional bra. The band is the part of the bra that wraps around the torso. The longline bra can be worn both as outerwear (as a top, over a top, or top of a dress) or underwear (like corsets and bustier).

The longline bra, especially the strapless variety, offers more coverage and support than the standard bra. The modern version of this bra mostly comes in lace, sheer fabrics, polyester, and nylon in combination with spandex in higher concentrations.

Additionally, longline bras are similar to corsets (but more modern) and bustier. Some longline bras are longer than corsets and sometimes have a boning structure to make them stand on their own. Consequently, unlike corsets and bustier, the longline bras are available in busty, long, short, wide, or narrow.


Longline Strapless Bra Plus-Size Choices – Best Buying Guide

1. Do you have a short torso?

Long or short torsos, there is the right fit for your body. Nowadays, longline bras come in different lengths (from ½ to ¾ up to full length). The full length can extend over the hips. There are also longline bras that have a slightly larger band but end just a few inches below the boobs.

But whatever length you want for a longline bra, make sure that you are more comfortable with it. If not, you will end up just covering your bust and no ample support whatsoever!


2. Look for the coverage and support

Being plus-size will mostly mean busty and a lot of bulges in the body. So, look for a longline strapless bra that could provide you the support and coverage that you want. Just like the corselette, bustier, or torsolette that we featured and reviewed above, they are touted to do the job efficiently.


3. With or without boning

Most longline strapless bras come with a boning structure, others do not have. The firm boning is usually plastic that is stronger but soft. The boning can create a cinched waist shape that accentuates an hourglass figure.

Unlike old corsets that have steel or whalebone boning, the modern longline strapless bras boning is more comfortable yet slightly flexible.


4. Choose the right color

Most longline bras come in white, cream, or black colors simply because it is more popular among brides as an undergarment for a bridal gown. White and cream are the most in-demand hues as they easily blend with the skin tone.

If you plan to wear the longline bra as outerwear, black is most preferred, as this color blends well with any type of clothing.


Types Of Longline Bras

1. Plunge longline bras

The plunge longline bra comes in various shapes, materials, and sizes. Its features allow you to wear dresses with low-cut tops or low-hanging necklines. You can even look fuller and shapely wearing this longline bra.

Most plunge longlines have boning that enhances body-shaping and trimming. The boning is sometimes structured around the band and goes into the waist. Plunge longline bras mostly have firm materials that support the underbust and the muscles in the chest.


2. Bridal longline bras

Bridal longline bras are the most common long lines in the market and a more formal type of longline. This longline bra is flattering and comprised of breathable fabrics (such as lace, nylon, polyester, and spandex).

The combined fabrics give you more coverage, support, and sexiness because they have more elastic than the ordinary bra. The bridal longline also has a larger band. Because this type of longline is more restrictive, do not wear it for a prolonged time in a single day.


Things To Consider When Buying A Longline Bra

1. Type you prefer

Choose from the types of longline bras that you think are more appropriate for your needs. If you are going to be married soon, the bridal strapless longline bra suits you best.

On the other hand, the plunge longline strapless bra is wearable every day as underwear, as a top, or the top of a dress. Most of the plunge type comes with removable straps, so if you need them (straps) you can easily convert the underwear into one with straps.


2. Structure

You cannot trust all longline bras because some are restrictive while others are too loose to support you. Find a longline strapless bra that is just enough for your plus-size built. You can do it by checking your true size.

Longline bras are typically created rigid but soft enough to shape and lift your breasts in such a way that they will not appear awkward. Additionally, these bras have hook and eye closure in rows so you can adjust the fit.


3. Length of your torso

It is better to know if you have a long or short torso so you can pick the right longline bra for your body type. If you have a short torso, do not pick the full-length type because it may show under your clothes.


Read more: Are You Looking For The Best Long Torso Waist Trainer? Here’s How To Find It


Who Should Wear Longline Bras?

Longline bras are mostly customized for plus-size ladies that make them look more flattering despite their built. But as the lingerie takes its toll on the ingenuity of other manufacturers, it is now a universally flattering bra that fits all shapes and sizes.

Moreover, whether you are plus-size or petite, have big or small boobs, have a short or long torso, you can surely find the best longline bra for you. However, the long-line strapless bra is a necessity for the bride who will be donning a once-in-a-lifetime bridal gown.

This kind of bra is a silhouette-shaping that enhances the form-fitting appeal, which a bride must experience (especially if she is plus-size) under her fabulous bridal gown. Additionally, a longline bra trims the mid-section (especially the belly) on which all brides probably want to be during their wedding day.



1. What is the best longline bra?

It does depend on your needs. But longline bras of today are not only items of clothing (underwear that is!), they are also becoming more fashionable and structurally functional with style! Traditionally, longline bras were created to trim the waistline but now, they are designed to give comfort and support to the wearer.

In this regard, the best longline bra is the one that will protect and support your bust and also keep your midriff supported and trimmer.


2. What is the best strapless bra for saggy breasts?

If your breasts sag, wear a strapless pushup bra to counteract the gravity. The plunge longline bra is one of the best examples of counteracting the effect of gravity on the boobs. This type of longline is also the best match for deep neck clothing that keeps your breast closer together.


3. Should you go down a size in a strapless bra?

When buying a strapless bra, it is better to size down in the band and size up in the cup. It is because that the band will be the source of support and must fit snugly to keep the underwear and the breasts lifted.


4. Do longline bras more comfortable?

Longline bras are designed mainly to create an hourglass figure without being uncomfortable to the wearer. However, most of these bras have a higher concentration of elastics, which may be restrictive to some.

On the bright side, some longline bras have fabric that extends down the body and stays in place without adjusting the bra more frequently.



We find the Dominique Women’s Lace Longline Corset as an absolute reprieve in the hunt for the best longline strapless bra plus-size. This full-length bridal bra with garters has a soft but non-slipping lace in microfiber polyester that will not pinch or dig deeper into a plus-size body.

But the four remaining longline strapless bras above are all worth the try if you find them more comfortable and will easily fit your needs.

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