How to Make Small Boobs Look Bigger the Most Naturally and Comfortably?

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It’s normal and even common to want your breasts to look either smaller or bigger than they really are. So it’s not unusual to want to know how to make small boobs look bigger. Because getting breast-enhancing surgery or even trying hormone pills is not always the best or even a highly recommended approach.

Instead, what you can do is make sure you’re wearing the right bra. Many, many women around the world make it a point to pick the best bra styles to enhance the shape and size of their small breasts.

And if after experimenting with these you don’t get what you want, then other options like contouring the cleavage, wearing horizontal stripes, improving body posture, etc. can become a part of the solution.


Most Effective Way to Make Breasts Look Bigger – Wearing the Right Bra

Millions and millions of women all across the world have a hard time buying bras. So it’s only common to end up with the wrong bra sizes and styles for the natural shape of your breasts.  And the chances of this happening are even higher because not all bra manufacturing brands use the same standard measurements.

A well-fitted bra, no doubt, can really transform the appearance of your bosoms. After all, the undergarment is crafted for supporting your breasts. At the same time, a good bra even corrects body posture while also preventing shoulder and back pain.

So what are these “good” and “well-fitted” bras we’ve been talking about. When bra buying, you might want to cover this section for a better understanding. Particularly if you’re looking for a bra to make your small boobs appear to be larger!


Snug-Fitting Bras

Before buying bras, any bra, it makes sense to measure the size of your chest. This includes your bust and under-bust. And you should do this even if you know what your breast size is. Because just like your body weight and shape, the size and shape of your breasts also keep fluctuating.

So you have to make sure to purchase a snug-fitting bra for creating the illusion of larger breasts. Just wrap the measuring tape around your fullest bust region and then around the under-bust. The former gives you the cup size while the latter is the band size.


Soft-Seamed Bras

As opposed to contoured bras that tend to settle toward the bottom area of the cup, soft-seamed bras give small breasts a more natural shape.

As long as you’re making sure to get the right size, a soft-seamed bra works for both large and small breasts. They’re excellent alternatives to the impossible-to-come-across seamless version.


Underwire Bras

You think only women with sagging breasts go for underwire bras? Be it saggy breasts, wide-set breasts, or, in this case, small breasts, the underwire is a very useful addition. Because what the feature does is support and lift your chest in the most natural manner.

And the best part is that underwire bras are available in many styles. The most common ones are plunge bras, strapless bras, and demi bras.

Just keep in mind to select from a renowned brand. Otherwise, the underwire is only going to poke out and dig into the skin, thus paving the way for tons of discomfort during the day.


Push-Up Bras

No denying that the push-up effect pushes everything up, even when the breasts are smaller. Therefore, creating the illusion of bigger boobs. And how push-bras do this is their crescent structure pushes the breast tissue toward the center. So a more defined cleavage line appears. This explains why most bras that prevent side spillage as well are the push-up kind.

All you have to make sure of is that the push-up bra features stretchy cups as these mold better to the natural shape of your breasts.


Racerback Bras

Do you know that even regular bras can turn into the racerback style just with the help of a bra clip? Then there are bras with convertible straps as well. So are these any good? Yes, the racerback design gives your cleavage that extra boost to make your chest look bigger.


Avoid Wearing Worn-Out, Old Bras

Form the habit of checking the condition of your bras. When worn-out, a bra fails to hold the chest up, let alone support and shape it. It’s only natural for bras to lose their original elasticity, which comes from spandex, over time.

You can check simply by looking at yourself in the mirror. Put on the bra and see if the nipples are pointing southward. If yes, then it’s time to go bra shopping.


5 Different Strategies to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

Do Chest-Enhancing Exercises

No need to hit the gym for this one, you can perform these chest exercises at home. The thing about chest workout is that it shapes your pectoral muscles, thus making them look perky and lifted.

Working the upper pecs, in particular, transforms the size of breasts. Exercises such as dumbbell chest press and push-ups are the simplest and doable of all.


Wear Two Bras At Once

If one doesn’t do the job, then consider putting on two bras. This seems like a very interesting experiment to try when you have just too many bras lying around at home. You can layer one over the other, which is an easy fix for creating the illusion of bigger breasts.

The extra bra, no doubt, pushes your boobs upward and toward the center even more than the effect produced by wearing just one bra. But then make sure you’re comfortable.


Practice Good Posture

So how do go about practicing good posture? Firstly, a good posture can keep sagging breasts from looking so droopy all the time. It makes the chest look upright and perky, which is further enhanced by wearing the correct size and shape of bra.

Also, a good posture means your chest ligament, muscles, and tendons don’t have to work constantly for supporting the weight.

Here are some of the best ways to correct body posture.

  • Keep the head level
  • Stand up tall and straight
  • Hand down your arms naturally by your sides
  • Pull the tummy in
  • Placing your body weight mainly on the balls of the feet
  • Maintain shoulder-width distance between the feet
  • Pull back the shoulders

In short, don’t slouch and pay attention to how you stand and sit.

And this extends to when you’re exercising too. Many women don’t give much importance to wearing a sports bra at the time of working out. And this habit often leads to breast pain due to lack of adequate support, improper posture, etc. Sports bras are a must, especially for large breasts.


Make the Waist Look Smaller

Here’s another very effective way of making your boobs steal the thunder – make your waist section look smaller. But how?

A more permanent method is by doing stomach and core exercises at home. As for a more temporary i.e. easier fix, invest in shapewear. There are all kinds of body-shaping undergarments that make the abdominal region look slimmer.


Contour Your Cleavage

One of the most common strategies for sure, contouring the cleavage is very effective, even though time-consuming. Make sure you pick a cool tone since your body shadows have a naturally cool tone. Just blend the color into the cleavage area by lightly using circular-shaped strokes at the top. You can even do your collarbones for some extra attention.



Whatever you do, don’t forget that, ultimately, the goal is to feel beautiful and confident. We know it doesn’t come easy, especially if you want your body to look a certain way. At such times, what matters is to know that many women around the world struggle with accepting their small or large breasts. So it’s only a common concern among women.

But no other strategy feels better than wearing the right type and size of bra. Making your breasts look larger from smaller is a more achievable task than the other way around. But don’t place your boobs in a setting that does more harm than good. Because there’s no point enhancing the size of your bosoms when it’s making you feel uncomfortable all day long.

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