Best Bra With Clear Straps That Make You Look Gorgeous [Full Buying Guide]

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If you don’t want your bra straps to show, there is always a way: Wear a bra with clear straps!

Clear bra straps, also known as transparent or invisible bra straps, are becoming the haute couture in fashion nowadays.

But are you convinced of wearing a bra with clear straps or just wear a strapless bra?

This article will take you to the world of make-believe where you can use a bra with clear straps or switch them into a strapless one. But first, let us take you to some of the best bras with clear straps, with this detailed list plus reviews.


Top 3 Bras With Clear Straps

Recommended Products RATING MATERIAL

1. Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra with Transition Straps

#1 – Editor’s Choice

4.2 stars

Tactyl nylon, Spandex

2. Wingslove Women’s Strapless Full-Figure Bra with Underwire


4.1 stars

Nylon, Spandex

3. Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Strapless Bra (Sheer Quartz)


4 stars

Nylon, Spandex

7 Best Bras With Clear Straps – Reviews 2022

Note: Each product has a standard size chart in every link. You can base your size on this chart for a perfect fit.


1. Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra with Transition Straps

One of the best activewear bras for busy women is the Capezio Seamless Clear Back Bra with transition straps. This light to the feel double-layered bra for support has detachable clear back straps. The lingerie is 90% Tactyl nylon and just 10% spandex for a nice hug to the skin.

If you are more active in Zumba, ballroom dancing classes, and other dancing events, this sleek underwear with invisible straps is what you need. The ample elasticity creates enough skin hug that would provide a natural look on your chest. It has molded cups to add support to your breasts.

The underwear will keep you cool and dry during those busy days because of the dry-wicking performance of the fabric. This Capezio Bra with Transition Straps is ideal under leotards and other outerwear or shapewear.


  • The set includes nude and clear adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Supportive on average size boobs even during heavy dancing moves.
  • It is almost seamless with minimum darts and elasticity.
  • Provides modest appearance on boobs.
  • This is a type of bra with clear top & back plastic straps.


  • Comes only in Nude & Mocha colors.


2. Wingslove Women’s Strapless Full-Figure Bra with Underwire

If you want a multi-way contour plus-size bra, which you could wear in various styles, the WingsloveFull-Figure Bra might come in handy. This bra can be worn in different styles, like crisscross, strapless, halter, or one-shoulder, because of the detachable straps.

To keep this bra in place, it has an anti-slip silicone backing feature located around the top of the cups and along the band edge. You will be glad that the underwire is shaped to correspond to the outline of your breasts. The support is unlike any other bra.

The Wingslove Multi-way Bra is fascinating to wear. It holds your boobs gently because of its soft material and flexible fabric. The bra is 85% nylon and 15% spandex for a very intimate blend of materials.


  • It is a convertible bra you could wear on different occasions.
  • The push-up bra provides a natural shape to your boobs.
  • The underwire is contoured to the shape of the boobs.
  • Ideal for spaghetti strap or off-shoulder outerwears.
  • The bra enhances your cleavage.


  • The molded cups have no padding but still, provide support.


3. Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Strapless Bra (Sheer Quartz)

Plus-size women will find the Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Strapless Bra is the more intimate lingerie for them. The bra has detachable straps that can be converted in either crisscross, halter, traditional, or make it strapless in just minutes. Yes, it is not strapless because it comes with detachable straps, but you can wear it without them!

The underwear has five hooks and eyes closure (in three rows) at the back so you can adjust them when needed (if ever you shed or gain weight). It has an underwire with soft and lightly lined contour cups that can enhance cleavage.

The underwire won’t dig into your skin and the non-slip silicone keeps the bra in place. The Vanity Fair Strapless Bra is 80% nylon and 20% spandex for elasticity just enough for plus-size women.


  • The four-way versatility of this bra makes it a must in your wardrobe.
  • The thick wings shape and smooth bulges on the side and back.
  • The fabric has double-ply to add to its durability.
  • The center front has a lace design.


  • The smaller sizes have four hooks & eyes in three rows.
  • For hand washing only.


4. DOBREVA Women’s Strapless Push-up Bra Padded Underwire Multi-way Bra

Another multi-way bra on our list is the DOBREVA Strapless Push-up Bra with pads. This intimate underwear has push-up molded cups to give the illusion of firm boobs if your ‘girls’ are not well-endowed. The bra has a hidden but stable underwire that shapes your bust beautifully and provides moderate support.

The bra is 87% polyester and 13% spandex with seamless cups and breathable mesh wings. If you are dreaming of having a cleavage, this is the right bra for you, even if you are not gifted with an ample amount of flesh on the boobs.

The cups and wings have non-slip silicone grips embedded in the fabric for added support and security on your bust. The side wings mesh band is quite wider than ordinary lingerie, which gives you a more breathable feel.


  • The bra could be strapless, crisscross, halter, or classic straps.
  • If you are well-endowed, you can use the crisscross or classic straps.
  • Provides more options for dressing.
  • The mesh side wings have soft silicone bone.


  • Hand washing is preferable.


5. Natori Women’s Feathers Strapless Plunge Multi-Way Bra

A multi-way bra lets you dress up in different ways without finding another pair of brassiere. Just like the Natori Women’s Feathers Strapless Plunge Multi-Way Bra. This underwear is a combination of different materials. The mesh fabric is 84% nylon and 16% Lycra.

The lace is 90% nylon and 10% spandex while the cup lining is 100% polyester. The lace provides a more feminine look that surrounds the lower band up to the back wing. The back has three rows of hook & eye for closure and ease of wearing and adjustment.

The bra is equipped with non-slip rubber binding at the top hem while it has molded cups with wire to support your boobs. The wire is soft enough to bear the weight of your breasts and no way will it constrict them.


  • You can wear this brassier in more fashionable ways.
  • Pick the kind of style of wearing this bra depending on your dress.
  • Wear it with or without straps, like a bandeau bra.
  • Your bust will breathe more when you use this bra.


  • One of the most expensive bras on our list.
  • For hand washing only to protect the lace.


6. Invisible Clear Bra Straps Multiple Widths

LEE Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

We go now to some of the best and hottest clear bra straps in the market today. Just like this DivaInvisible Clear Bra Straps with multiple widths. All plastic bra straps in six different widths are fully adjustable and won’t harm your fabric and your skin.

The Diva clear bra straps are transparent so you don’t have to worry that they may show under clothing. You will look even sexier while a piece of your underwear blends with your skin. The thin (width and thickness-wise) straps will not plow through the skin because they are soft yet strong.

Even the buckles are strong and clear plastic that ranges in width between 6mm to 10mm. These solid plastic buckles can secure your boobs into your shoulders and back without hurting your body.


  • The straps are silky finish so they won’t hurt your skin.
  • Use them in classic, standard, or crisscross (for a racerback look) ways.
  • The buckles and clear plastic straps are hypoallergenic.


  • Not for washing, just wipe with sanitizer when cleaning.
  • The halter style is one long continuous strap and not in pair.


7. Vivisence Eve 1012 Underwired Push-up Bra Removable Silicone Straps Backless

If you want a simple yet so intimate and comfy brassiere, the Vivisence Backless Underwired Push-up Bra with removable silicone straps will do the trick. This bra is ideal for special day occasion wear, although it is designed for everyday use.

This magnificent bra is one of the best underwear to hide your nipples (in case they have an erection) because of the thicker push-up pockets on the pads. The brassiere is made in the EU and has size standards for various countries: such as France, Australia, the US, UK, and Spain.

The clear back lets you feel more comfortable when under office attire or any casual wear. You can lock the bra on the front, so it is easier to wear than back-fastening brassieres. The metal wire under the cups provides adequate lift on boobs.


  • The bra has clear, non-slip, and detachable silicone straps.
  • Also, it comes with removable inserts ideal for cocktail dresses.
  • The straps are indivisible under backless dresses and thin shirts.
  • The bra is 88% polyamide, 8% cotton, and 4% elastane.


  • Comes only in three colors: Beige, Black, and White.


What Is Clear Strap Bra?

Clear strap or invisible strap bras are the same as traditional bras. The only difference is the straps. Traditional brassieres usually have straps with the same material as the bra itself, which are visible when you wear tank tops, off-shoulder dresses, low-cut dresses, and other shoulder and back baring dresses.

Clear strap bras are undergarments that have transparent plastic as straps. If you wear a clear strap bra, the straps become invisible when you wear the clothing mentioned above. Moreover, today’s clear strap bras come with detachable straps, so you can wear them in various styles (such as halter, crisscross, cross back, one-shoulder, or even strapless).

One of the benefits of having a clear strap bra is that you can combine it with diverse kinds of dresses depending on the occasion.


Finding The Best Bra With Clear Straps – Buyers Guide


1. Find detachable straps.

Today’s clear straps bras come with detachable straps so you can wear them with any kind of dress or clothing. These types of bra commonly have built-in buckles in the upper cup. Make sure that the buckles are not bulky but smooth and small enough not to make bulges.


2. Anti-slip silicone backing to stay in place.

This modern feature of clear strap bras is what most women look for in a clear strap bra. The moment they wear one, there is a small possibility that the bra would slip out of place.


3. Does the bra have enough support?

If you ever choose to switch into a strapless bra, the underwear might roll down if you have big breasts. To avoid this, pick a brassiere with an underwire, so you are well-supported.


4. Find the best color for your lifestyle.

One of the main purposes of wearing clear strap bras is stealthy. Meaning, you don’t want to see others you are wearing one.

In this case, pick a bra color that blends with your skin tone or the one that matches the color of your dress (or at least the color that dominates the dress). When seen, it may not be too embarrassing but rather sexier.


What To Look At While Buying The Best Bra With Clear Straps?


1. Look for the best material.

For the best material in clear straps for a bra, choose the one that doesn’t stick to your skin, like the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This type of plastic is also transparent, oil and grease-resistant, elastic, and abrasion-free.

For the overall material quality of the bra itself, choose the one that breathes and has the stretch and strength to support your breasts, even if you go strapless.


2. Is it elastic enough?

The clear straps on a bra are not too elastic because they are made to be firm but soft. On the other hand, look for a bra that is elastic enough to support your boobs no matter what. The elasticity of a bra makes sure your boobs have minimal bounce when you move heavily.

A good bra with enough elasticity may contain 10% to 20% elastane (Spandex or Lycra). But you can go lower if you don’t need too much stretch.


3. Do the straps look invisible?

Wearing a bra with clear straps will give you more benefits than any other bra style. However, bras with clear straps are not really ‘invisible’, but rather blend with your skin color very well.


4. Is the price affordable?

Bras with clear straps are reusable and can be combined with other dresses (casual or formal wears alike) unlike brassieres with colored straps. Although this type of bra is quite costly compared to other comfort or bandeau bras, the diverse uses make them necessities.

So, pick the one that you think is just right for your budget without sacrificing quality.



1. How can I hide my bra straps?

If you don’t want your bra straps to show, the best to wear is a bra with clear straps. But when you don’t have this bra on hand and the need arises that you should hide your bra straps (especially if they have color), here are some life hacks!

  • Use a paper clip.

If you are wearing tank tops (racerback) while you don’t want the bra straps to show, get an ordinary paper clip, and use it to clip (or hook) the back straps jointly.

Here’s a video on how to hide bra straps with a paper clip fast (this time, it’s the front straps you want to hide):

  • Use a bra clip

If you are not a fan of bandeau bras, strapless bras, or sticker bras, there are other ways to hide those ‘pesky’ bra straps if you don’t want them to show. You can use a bra clip, which you can buy in your neighborhood store or online.


2. What is the best strapless bra for saggy breasts?

If your breasts sag, choose a strapless bra with underwire and cups that provide ample coverage with no spill over.


3. What are transparent bra straps?

Transparent bra straps are clear and see-through straps are mostly made of a thin film of clear plastic. When you use this type of strap, your skin will be visible making it appear that you are wearing a strapless bra.


4. Are clear bra straps tacky?

No, they are not. The clear straps look tacky but they are not supposed to be. While some old-fashioned women find clear straps on bras tacky, most young generation of ladies consider this a fashion statement, and a necessity.



So, if you don’t want to show your bra straps in public, better wear underwear with clear straps. But what do you think is the best bra with clear straps?

For us, it’s the Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra with Transition StrapsIt has a simple design and yet functions well. The backless removable silicone straps are ideal for both casual and formal wear while the push-up pockets are superb!


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