How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again : Everything You Should Know!

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A sticky bra lets you wear spaghetti-strap or strapless tops and dresses in style! This kind of bra sticks to your breasts so you do not need annoying straps that dig deeper into the skin. The sticky bra is becoming more popular today because of its ability to hold on to the skin gently and wear multiple times.

But do you know those sticky bras (also known as adhesive bras, backless bras, or stick-on bras) may lose their stickiness over time? Some women want to go braless even in big events or when they want to wear outer clothing that does not show bra straps.

Whatever sticky bra that comes your way: remember that they may lose their adhesiveness over time. Here we’ll look at how to make sticky bras sticky again so you can wear them several times, saving you a lot of money before they wear out.

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What Are Sticky Bras?

There are so many styles of outerwear that you can combine with stick-on bras. Some styles come with a clasp or drawstrings in the middle to add cleavage while lifting your breasts. Some are just a type of pasties that cover the nipples and so on.

But what are sticky bras and why are they so popular? Well, sticky bras come mostly in silicone material, while some are made of fabric (usually with elastics) used in conventional bras.

Dresses and tops with strapless or backless designs look terrific when worn with sticky bras. The bra’s convenient self-stick cups come invisibly when underneath flimsy or sheer clothing.

The silicone sticky bras are seamless and smooth in construction, while fabric models offer better support and a lifting effect. The adhesive is mostly a type of skin-friendly glue or fashionable tape that will not harm healthy skins.


What Are The Different Types of Sticky Bras?

Most fashion experts described a stick-on bra as a giant sticker that covers the breasts of women. Nevertheless, some of these bras are made of silicone, fabric, or a combination of both that stick in each breast (small or well-endowed). The adhesives in sticky bras are skin-friendly so they will not harm your body. Here are six of the most popular types of stick-on bras:

1. The Wired Cups

If you hate straps and bands but want fuller support and a wired feeling, a sticky bra with underwire cups is probably what you are looking for. However, it is not recommended for everyone because of the different boob shapes, gapping is possible.

2. The silicone classic bra

If you have smaller breasts while you do not concern much with lifting them, the silicone classic bra might be your lucky charm. It comes with soft silicone and different adhesive compared to fabric stick-on bras.

3. The push-up lift bra

The push-up lift sticky bra has thicker padding on the lower side of the cup to provide an extra boost on the breasts. The cups offer more coverage and lift.

4. The lifting bra

The lifting sticky bra comes with a clasp or drawstrings in the middle. For those looking for minimal coverage, a lift (by adjusting the wings), and cleavage; the lifting stick-on bra is more desirable.

5. The pasties

The adhesive pasty bra is a stick-on and skin-friendly silicone sticky bra. The pasties are mostly petal-shape that cover the nipples and lift the breasts without the constraints of ordinary bras.

The sticker-like bra is reusable and washable. It is best to wear under backless or strapless dresses, gowns, T-shirts, sports bras, swimsuits, or bralettes.

6. The plunge bra

The plunge sticky bra is similar to conventional bras. This stick-on bra usually has a U-shape plunge ideal for dresses with deep V-necklines. The adhesive is on the wings. The bra can lift and shape your breasts.


How Do You Clean A Sticky Backless Bra?

Some stick-on bras are disposable, meaning; you can only use them in limited times because the adhesives fade over time (especially those with inferior materials). However, most sticky bras are designed for multiple uses (around 50 to 80 times), depending on the amount of care you do to maintain their stickiness.

Most sticky bras are silicone while some are made of fabrics and elastics. Here are some of the steps in cleaning a sticky bra whatever material it is:

  • After every use, rinse the bra with warm water, while keeping the cups flat. Do not fold the cups.
  • Get a small amount of hand soap with warm water on your fingers and gently scrub the sticky side of the cups. Do not use strong laundry detergent as this may ruin the adhesive.
  • Scrubbing the cups gently with your fingers will eliminate the presence of sweat, oil, and other debris that clings to them. Use only your hands in washing the bra.
  • Rinse the bra cups in running water with your hands until the soap is gone. The bra will regain its adhesiveness once the oil, sweat, and dirt are washed off.
  • When rinsed: shake the bra with your hands until the water is a drain.
  • To dry the bra: put it on a dry, clean, flat, and dust-free surface. Let it air dry overnight. Do not dry it in the dryer because it might damage the bra by the rotating action of the machine.


1. Some don’ts when cleaning/washing sticky bras:

  • Do not soak the sticky bra in water for more than three minutes.
  • Do not use a sponge, brush, and your fingernails in scrubbing the sticky bra.
  • Do not machine wash the bra.
  • Do not scrub hard the bra with both hands to avoid depleting the adhesives


2. How to make adhesive bras sticky again?

Newly washed sticky bras in proper ways save their stickiness. Drying them in the right way extends the life of the bra. However, to make them stickier when wearing them the next day makes sure that your breasts are clean and dry.

Just like wearing the sticky bra on its first use, get rid of the natural oil (as well as lotion or fragrance) and moisture on your skin even after a bath. Also, ensure that your breasts are dried with a clean towel or cloth and free from dust (or powder) before wearing the adhesive bra.

However, if you want the sticky bra to stick again faster, there is an immediate solution to this problem: You can use double-sided tape (or boob tape) [5] to secure the areas of the cups where the adhesive lies.

The tape is usually cut from the roll so you only need a certain length. Moreover, the tape is useable in other clothing and parts of your body. The tape may help when you have the sticky bra for a long time while the stickiness decreases.


3. How to store sticky bras?

Sticky bras should be washed immediately after every use. If you recently purchased this type of bra, please watch the video below on how to wear and remove an adhesive bra:

The video shows the right way of wearing the stick-on bra and how to remove it after use. However, the host did not mention washing and drying the sticky bra first before storing it. As we have discussed above: the sticky bra should be washed after every use before storing it.

We also talked about how to wash and dry the backless bra above. Once the bra is dried, it is the only time that you will put the original plastic backing on the cups that comes with the brand new bra.

In addition, store the bra away from your fabric lingerie, towel, and other clothes or in a place where the sticky bra could accumulate dirt and lint.



So, if you are still wondering how to make sticky bras sticky again, this article should teach you how to do it. Additionally, you should know the other health effects of inferior materials made up of sticky bras.

Adhesive bras are not recommended for women with sensitive skin because they may cause rashes. Moreover, those who already have skin rashes or sunburn, and other wounds or scratches on the chest should not wear a sticky bra. Furthermore, the sticky bra should be worn not more than eight hours every day because of its adhesive property that may irritate skin with prolonged use.

But if you think you are okay with wearing the bra, it is the best to use if you do not want the squeezing feeling of ordinary bras. The sticky bra is best to wear under backless dresses, wedding gowns, coats & jackets, deep-V clothes, low-cut outfits, and more!

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